A Small Business Website Does Great – Did You Know?

Aug 16, 2020 | Business Marketing | 2 comments

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I have said several times that if you don’t have a business website for your small business, it is hard to compete favourably. We are living in changing times. The advent of smartphones has enabled us to access the internet quickly. When people want something, they go to Google to search for it. But if you don’t have a substantial online presence, they cannot find you to transact business with you.

Having a business website isn’t as difficult as many people think. You can set it up by yourself if you’re keen. But you can also hire someone more technical to create one for you. The costs involved are minimal compared to the benefits you will enjoy over a long time. Marketing using the internet is one of the zero budget marketing techniques for your small business.

Learn from our Experience Before We Built This Business Website

Before we built this website, we used to look for customers by going directly to their workplaces. We used to move with brochures, business cards and flyers as our marketing tools, and we were spending a lot of money on printing them.

Additionally, we tried out newspaper classified adverts and business directories. This kind of marketing was expensive but did not bear good results. That’s what we discovered after some time.

By moving to workplaces, we used to meet both interested and disinterested people. Over 90% were not passionate about our products. They could see us as an inconvenience to them during working hours. As a result, they never wanted us to see the decision-makers who could probably give us business.

The above revelation is a brief history of our previous marketing experience without a business website. And I believe this is what you and many other people could be going through if you don’t have one. You, therefore, need to think about building a sustainable marketing strategy by establishing your online presence.

What We Are Now With a Business Website in Existence

design websites

Design Websites

After establishing this business website, we no longer have to look for new customers by moving to their workplaces. They instead find us from the comfort of their homes and offices because of our growing online visibility in our business field. And these are serious customers. So over 80% of the new clients we receive are from the internet. The 20% is through referrals from people we have done business with to their satisfaction.

What Have We Benefited from Having a Business Website?

There is a lot we have benefited so far from our business website. And if you commit yourself to creating one, you will enjoy the following benefits:

♠ Getting customers – most of the new customers are from the internet. It’s possible because we have a website we use for online marketing.

♠ Providing necessary information people might need – prospective customers can quickly access all they want to know about our business, e.g., business hours, contacts, types of products and services.

♠ Establishing a sounding customer support system – through the website, we educate our customers on using our products and services. As a result, people don’t engage us physically to waste our valuable time.

♠ Winning customers’ trust – through our business website, we have exposed our knowledge and skills that have eventually helped us win their trust. People always want to deal with experts. And by providing helpful information, we have become more famous and popular, hence attracting customers.

♠ Storing information – our business website keeps a perfect record of all the info we post from time to time. Anyone can retrieve it instantly in any part of the world.

How Do You Create a Business Website?

Web Designing Benefits

Web Designing Benefits

Establishing a business website, as already mentioned, is not hard. You can set it up by yourself. And if you’re determined and have the time to learn and build your website, we have a comprehensive guide on how you can create a website and become a blogger. Read it exhaustively to start working on your website-building project.

If you find yourself unable to do it yourself, you can hire someone knowledgeable to help you. At Goleza Designers, we can help you build a formidable website.

The success of your website will depend partly on your ability to update it with helpful information about your business. You, therefore, have to integrate a blog as your marketing tool. Add new information consistently. Set yourself a schedule for posting new content, like two blog posts a week (for example, one on Wednesday and the second on Sunday). 

Final Thought

The success of any business depends on the owner’s effort to market it. Creating a business website is one of the most rewarding marketing techniques. If you manage it yourself, you will spend almost nothing in terms of money, but you will benefit from it for many years.     

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      It’s not hard as long as you get to know the ABC of doing business online. What do you want to import and where?


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