Engraved Name Tags – Where to Buy Quality Name Badges in Uganda

May 28, 2017 | Engraved Products | 2 comments

Engraved Name Tags

Name Tag Shapes

Engraved name tags, also known as name badges, are an excellent way for displaying your name and position as well. In customer service businesses like restaurants, hotels or bars, when employees wear name tags, it’s easy for customers to identify them.

In Uganda, professional employees in public-facing organisations such as banks and universities, wearing uniforms with engraved name tags help in identifying them. In schools, prefects wear them still to identify students with leadership roles like prefects and class monitors. Additionally, they are such an excellent identification tool at corporate gatherings.

Most Ugandans use printed name tags. But engraved name tags, if you get a skilled engraver, are the best. The engraving is permanent and lasts longer than the printed paper tags. However, not all laser engravers in Uganda offer quality engraved name tags.  The majority do not mind about quality. Surprisingly, most customers settle for substandard or inadequate quality tags because they don’t know where to find professional name tag makers.

At Goleza Designers Limited, we mind the quality of the tags we make for our customers. We always perform our work to the best of our knowledge and ability. Our engraved name tags are durable, scratch-resistant and economical. There is no chance of rubbing off over time the information engraved onto the material of the name tag. They stand out. We intentionally make them promote your brand identity.

It’s indisputable that the quality of our engraving is next to none. We engrave the most detailed logos and photographs as well at a price lower than that of most of our competitors. There is, therefore, no reason why you settle for poorly-made name badges when we can provide you with a 5-star independently rated service.

Need Custom Sizes and Shapes for your Engraved Name Tags?

Our standard size is 7cm by 2.5cm. But if you need a custom size, we have no problem making it for you. With our advanced laser cutting system, we can make almost anything.

We offer ten different standard shapes, which are unique in style. Most makers of engraved name tags in Uganda limit themselves to the simple rectangular shape with sharp corners because they can’t offer a variety of them. But at Goleza Designers Ltd, you have a wide selection of the kind of name tag shape you want for your tags. Even when you come with your custom shape, we can cut it for you with ease at no extra cost.

Which Name Tag Materials Do We Use?

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic Sheets

We make our engraved name tags from three types of materials: acrylic, metal and wood. Acrylic is mostly the used material for engraved name tags in Uganda because it is relatively cheaper than other materials. It comes in various colours from which you can make your colour selection for your tags. You can, therefore, have your name badges engraved from coloured acrylic with a wide range of colour paint finishes to make them more visible, unique and appealing to everyone. Acrylic engraved name tags are the cheapest.

Alumamark Name Tag Blanks

Alumamark Name Tag Blanks

Metal is another material with superb results that we use to produce engraved name tags. We use mainly AlumaMark metal, which comes in different colours such as gold, silver, red, blue, orange, green and others. This material engraves black and is so good for name tags with detailed engraving and photographs. The only downside of it is that it’s an expensive material. But it’s a wonderful material if you want to build your corporate branding with high quality engraved name tags.

Wooden Name Tag Blanks

Wooden Name Tag Blanks

Wood is also a wonderful material for making different name tags because it maintains its natural look and feel. It’s good for name badges with detailed engraving and photographs. Tags from wood are unique and stand out. It’s, therefore, a perfect material for your tags if you intend to build your brand identity with them.


Do you need engraved name tags? Ordering them is easy. Just come personally to our shop with your details. Select the material, the name tag shape and the type of fasteners or clips you want. We shall immediately do the work within the agreed time.

For people who find it hard to come personally to our shop, there is the option of using the internet or even WhatsApp. Here, you will still provide us with the information for your tags by email or WhatsApp. You will also make a material selection and fasteners for your name tags. We shall create sample designs and share them with you. Upon your approval, we make them and send them to you by courier services. You can make payment through the bank or mobile money transfer.

Additionally, we always cut samples for our clients at a small charge. If you need them, you can always tell us, and we make them for you. For any other information about our engraved name tags, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our business contacts. Alternatively, you can reach us using this WhatsApp number – +256-772-327373.

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      How does it look like? And which material is is it made out of? Please let us know to ascertain whether we can replicate it



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