How Important are Company Name Tags to your Business?

Dec 19, 2018 | Engraved Products

Company Name TagsYou’ve seen company name tags worn by employees in customer service businesses like supermarkets, restaurants, hotel and bars. Do you know their importance? Well, everyone can easily tell that they are a means of displaying the wearer’s name for others to see. But that’s not the only importance of making company name tags for your staff to wear. There are several other important reasons to use name badges in your business or at your workplace. Let us today discuss them one by one.

Here are 5 Important Reasons for Using Company Name Tags….

#1 – Personal identification

The most important reason for using company name tags is personal identification. In customer service businesses, clients find it easier to identify employees. For instance, when you go to businesses like supermarkets, you will always find many people. Those who go to do shopping mixed up with employees.

Many times, you find employees working in a supermarket wearing uniforms. This helps customers to identify them. But having your employees wearing company name tags as well helps customers to identify them by name and position. This helps them to know clearly who to contact in case of anything they need to know.

Secondly, in bigger companies, it is virtually difficult to know and remember every employee’s name. By wearing company name tags, old staff can easily recognize newer staff and vice versa. They easily get to know each other’s name and position as well.

#2 – Marketing and building recognition for your business

Company Name BadgeCompany name tags play a vital role of promoting your brand image. When you create your brand image, you have to look for ways to communicate it to your targeted customers. By so doing, you make them aware of it.  Wearing these company name tags is a great way of communicating your brand image to others. How do you do it?

When you are making your company name tags, make sure to incorporate your business logo on them. By just adding your company logo, you make it possible for every employee to be easily identified and associated to your company. This is a great opportunity for you to market yourself because a cost-free continuous advertising for your business.

Although name tags are usually worn in offices and retail settings, it’s unavoidable to move with them on as they go out for lunch or when they’re coming to work and going back home. As your employees continuously wear the company name tags, they communicate your business name and brand to the public.

#3 – Security reasons

Engraved Name TagsWhen your employees wear name tags, it’s easier for everyone to recognize them. It’s also easier to acknowledge them whether or not they belong to where they are.

In places like supermarkets, there are high chances of conmen taking advantage of the situation to defraud clients as they pose as staff in your business. But if everyone in your business has a name tag, such cases are minimized if not dealt with completely.

Secondly, name tags help you to know who and what your employees are. This is possible if you add a position or department where they work. Employees crossing over to departments where you don’t expect them to be may pose a great risk to your business. By having name tags, it’s easy to follow up on them.

#4 – Help to break the ice

Company name tags enable customers and visitors to know who they are exactly working with. This helps them to easily start a conversation with the employees. When customers or visitors have something to ask, they go to a known person by name and position. They can also refer to them by their name.

#5 – Make employees accountable

Name tags make employees become accountable. When they wear them at their workplace, they also accept responsibility for their actions.


Company name tags have a significant benefit to your business. Everyone at your workplace can communicate more efficiently by knowing each other’s names. Customers and visitors are more comfortable working with people they know well. Name tags also help to promote your brand image whenever they’re worn.

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