Use Debossing Stamps to Create Permanent Designs on Leather

Aug 24, 2020 | Engraved Products | 4 comments

debossing stamp impression

Debossed Stamp Impression

Providing solutions to people’s problems is one of our strengths in engraving. Today, I would like to share with you how you can create designs on leather with debossing stamps.

What Are Leather Debossing Stamps?

debossing stamps

Debossing Stamp

Before we dive in, let’s understand what debossing stamps are. The term “debossing” refers to a process of creating a depressing effect on the material. For you to create this permanent recessed effect on leather, you need to have a stamp.

At Goleza Designers, we cut the leather debossing stamps from either acrylic or MDF. We always prefer using acrylic because it’s long-lasting and it creates crystal clear designs.

The preparation of the artwork is the most crucial step.  We make the stamp with the design raised off the background so that it creates a depression on the leather.

Who Needs These Leather Embossing Stamps?

laser engraved leather debossing stamps

Debossed Stamp Impression on Leather

Businesses involved in the production of items like shoes, wallets, belts, bags, hats and jackets from leather many times want to brand their products. Others want to provide the leather with unique designs. Debossing stamps are also used by people in the soap making industry.

How Do You Use Debossing Stamps on Leather?



Now that you have your leather debossing stamp from Goleza Designers, all that you have to do is to test it physically. To create an excellent debossing effect on your leather, you need to, first of all, have clamps that help to press the stamp into the leather firmly. Two to four clamps will suffice.

Get two woodblocks so that you use them to protect our materials from any damage from the clamps. They also help to disperse the pressure evenly.

Clamped Acrylic Stamp

Application of Clamps

To produce excellent results, you will have to soak first the leather in water to soften it. Press the stamp on the leather and put the two items between the blocks.

With your clamps, apply the pressure for a sustained period of time ( one or two hours will do the trick). Then release the clamps. That’s all. You will get amazed by the eye-catching results.

Final Thought

If you have been looking for a way to brand the leather products you make, we have a permanent solution for you. With debossing stamps, you will be able to reprint any designs and text on leather permanently. Just get in touch with us!

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  1. Frankie Hamilton

    Thank you. Your tutorial is very easy to follow, as I am new to cricut and not conversant with the horrors of jpeg, svg and png it has been fabulous to have instructions that are so detailed and explained in easy to understand language. I am now following you so that I can learn more.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you.

      • Basemera

        How much does this stamp go for?

        • Charles Kiyimba

          Get in touch on WhatsApp 0772327373 for prices


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