Exam Success Cards: Discover Best Cards for Good Luck Exam Wishes!

Sep 22, 2016 | Engraved Products | 2 comments

exam success cards

Success Cards

Goleza laser-cut exam success cards are one of the most unique and attractive cards in Uganda. Digitally printed cards are everywhere on the market. But if you want to surprise your daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, friends, colleagues, boyfriend or girlfriend with lovely exam success wishes on a unique card, laser-cut exam success cards have a high perceived value because of their uniqueness and beauty.

How We Create our Exam Success Cards

We make our exam success cards from quality paper, which we cut with unique designs and texts. These cards don’t feature any ink as the main design element like in other printed cards. We cut everything: graphics and texts. We just put together papers in different colours to create appealing designs and words.

Our exam success cards have a standard measurement of 12 cm by 18 cm. But we can make bigger sizes depending on the clients’ needs. They are custom-made with the texts of your choice. We have a wide selection of designs from which you can pick. Alternatively, you can also come with your graphic design, and we turn it into one that we can cut from paper.

laser-cut exam success card designs

Exam Success Card Designs

Why Send Good Luck Messages for the Exams?

It’s a question for which everyone has an answer. It’s quite evident that we always want to wish our children, friends, colleagues and lovers good luck in an exam. Besides, it’s a way of encouraging them with motivational messages as they prepare themselves for the exam. You’ve all been to school. You already know the situation of someone who is buckling under the pressure of an examination. And this is probably your child, friend, colleague or lover. They need something sweet on a card to motivate and calm them as they prepare for the exam.

Doesn’t It Suffice to Send a Phone Text Message or Post It on Facebook?

Well, most people opt for that because it’s the most inexpensive and easiest way of conveying messages nowadays. But if you factor in touching other people’s nerves, phone text messages are still lacking. Secondly, people do not attach a lot of value to messages posted on Facebook. First of all, they are for everyone that is in your social network to share. Secondly, as soon as you read them, that’s all.

But if you want to be personable and to give a memorable message, using laser-cut exam success cards makes a big difference. It takes a heart and a big heart for you to think about giving someone a personalised card. Apart from spending money to buy it, it takes time and creativity to think about it. Laser-cut exam success cards have a high perceived value.  Besides, the person who receives the success card, in most cases, keeps it because it’s valuable.

Do you have someone having an exam coming up soon? Show them that you, indeed, care by sending them good luck wishes. Messages you send using laser-cut exam success cards have a high perceived value. Making your order is as easy as making a phone call and making your payment by mobile money if you are in Uganda. Alternatively, you can pop in our office to make your order. We shall craft for you a beautiful card that your daughter, son, friend, colleague, girlfriend, or boyfriend will remember you forever.

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  1. mukasa joseph

    wea are u found.?

    • Goleza

      We are located at Equatorial Shopping Mall, Shop 607. Our contacts are also found on our website and on every article we post. Thank you



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