A Wooden Exam Success Card Speaks a Thousand Words

Oct 28, 2018 | Engraved Products | 2 comments

Wooden Exam Success Card

Wooden Exam Success Card With a Photo

Laser Engraving Photos

In Uganda and many other countries, October and November are months in which students in candidate classes sit their final exams. During this period, everyone with a child, relative or friend in a candidate class considers wishing them good luck. But have you ever thought about sending good luck wishes on a wooden exam success card? You may not have thought about it. Maybe it’s easier for you to buy a paper card from a nearby shop because it’s readily available. Ordering for a custom card probably takes much of your time, which you may not be having. With limited time, many people would take that option. Contrary to that, ordering for a custom wooden exam success card makes a very big difference. In a post I wrote on exam success cards, my focus was mainly on cards that we make from paper. Surely, most of the clients we get for exam success cards buy laser-cut paper cards because they’re the ones they’re used to and are also cheaper. They don’t know that we can as well make them from wood. If you have been following this blog for a while, you could have read about our postcard engraved keepsake. In this post, I mentioned several ways in which you can use the engraved keepsake to send messages. Another way is by using it as a wooden exam success card to wish someone good luck as they sit their examinations.

Why Send Good Luck Wishes on a Wooden Exam Success Card?

Postcard Engraved Keepsake

You could be wondering why one would choose a wooden exam success card and not a paper card.  Maybe you didn’t know that the former is much more valuable than the latter. Most people attach more value to a wooden success card than a paper card. Secondly, a wooden exam success card is an engraved keepsake. A keepsake is a small present that you give to someone so that they remember you. Although it’s a card whose main purpose is to wish good luck to someone during exams, it is so hard for one to discard it even after exams. One will always keep it. And each time they look at it, they remember you. Thirdly, it’s a thoughtful kind of card. One takes time to think about what to put on it because it’s a custom success card with personalized messages. It’s not like the usual success cards you find in shops with already typed messages. You take time thinking about the words and the accompanying graphics you want to deliver a sincere message. Fourthly, a wooden exam success card looks beautiful and appealing to everyone. Most people will not pass without taking time to appreciate it because it pleases them and, most importantly, it’s unique. Last but not least, a wooden success card comes with a simple stand. This table stand is so useful because it enables you to easily display your card.

Tips on What to Put on your Wooden Exam Success Card

When it comes to what to engrave on your card, you can only be limited by your imagination. And this is where you need to become creative a bit so that you really specially package your message to remain memorable in the mind of the receiver. We are lucky because we receive very resourceful customers, who feed us with new ideas. What you will usually need to see on your card is the text message. A message that really speaks out your best good luck wishes to your child, relative or friend during exams. You can choose to compose that message by yourself or look for it elsewhere i.e. from the internet.

Engraving Photos

Good Photo for Engraving

Apart from the message, you will also need some nice graphics to package your message. These graphics can be flowers or any other images. An engraved photo of the person you intend to send your good luck message to makes a very big difference. But for the photo to come out nicely, it has to be good. Find out some of the tips on engraving photos! You will learn what constitutes a good photo for engraving. Another important element you should think about is the sender of the message. The receiver of your wooden exam success card should know the sender. It’s so important. You can be alone. But you can also be several persons, like an entire family sending good luck wishes to another family member with one card. If it’s like that, it’s prudent to mention the names of the family members.


I wish to tell you again that a wooden exam success card is a unique and attractive card with which you can effectively send good luck messages to your child, relative or friend. It pleases everyone and has a high perceived value. Next time you want to give someone a success card, think about giving them a wooden exam success card. Will you?

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