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brick making business

Venturing into a low-cost home business is one of the ways of growing the economy in Uganda. The majority of Ugandans find it hard to start a business because they claim not to be having enough capital. Yes, if you intend to start a business in hired premises around Kampala city or anywhere else in Uganda, you will have to spend a lot of money. Unfortunately, few Ugandans have the opportunity to access business start-up capital.

There are numerous ups and downs in the Ugandan economy. Many businesses are collapsing day after day. The Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) is implementing new policies to improve the efficiency of its operations. Rent for commercial space, license fees, and income taxes are exorbitant. Every day, employees in the formal sector lose their jobs. Youth unemployment is at an all-time high. As a result, starting a medium-to-big business is hard for most people. And turning to low-cost home businesses could be one of the solutions.

Generally, most Ugandans desire business ventures that provide quick and significant returns on investment. However, such opportunities are rare. We, therefore, have to change our mindset to start low-cost home businesses. These are businesses started from home, which can eventually be grown into big enterprises. Home businesses require little or no money at all to establish. They are easy to sustain since their operational costs are minimal. For instance, there is no hiring of business space and transport costs are much lower. You may also not pay for trading licenses.

Most people in countries like China are involved in small, low-cost home businesses. They work from home to manufacture various goods that they sell in other countries. Surprisingly, they have a sizable market in Uganda. Ugandans could also produce these items from the comfort of their own homes.

Challenges With Low-cost Home Businesses

There is one big challenge with home business owners: marketing. To succeed, one has to market. Secondly, one should establish oneself as having the best products or services. As you start your business, you must have a marketing plan. I highly recommend that one of your marketing strategies is creating a website for your business.

Which Low-cost Home Business Can You Venture Into in Uganda?

Most people ask this question. The options for a low-cost home business are overwhelming. But you need to identify the most suitable type of venture based on your knowledge, skills, ability, background and potential. We have identified a few businesses from which you may select the best low-cost home business for you. If you cannot find one, search around you to identify any other business venture that you can start. Our list includes the following:

#1. Gardening Business


Flower Garden

Gardening is a low-cost home business any Ugandan can afford. Food is a basic need for all people. With improved gardening methods, one can grow edible crops for sale on even a tiny plot of land. For people living in urban areas, gardening is very profitable because the demand for fresh, organic, and clean foods is high.

In Uganda, many inspirational gardeners have made a fortune. These gardeners have demonstration gardens where people can learn about effective gardening techniques. Visit them to learn how to grow crops in tins, sacks, and bottles. You will also learn from them how to turn garbage into manure, harvest rainwater for use in dry seasons, and use a small space for farming.

#2. Hairdressing Business

Hairdressing is a profitable low-cost home business in Uganda. Ladies spend handsomely on their hair. Young men also want to look trendy. If you have the necessary training, skill and good hands-on experience, you can begin to cut or style their hair to change their images. If your home is in a good business location, turn one room into a business space to do your business. You can also move to their homes on appointments to style their hair.

#3. Fish Farming

Simple Fish Pond Construction

Simple Fish Pond Construction

Fish farming is a low-cost home business with high-profit margins. It can be grown in artificial ponds and tanks. With a few materials readily available locally, you can make a pond, fill it with fresh water, and begin rearing fish. Start selling in the neighbourhood and markets around you to earn money. You will need training and experience to do this business.

#4. Chicken Rearing

Many Ugandans in urban areas have embraced the chicken rearing business because chicken and eggs are in high demand, especially if they are of good quality. Look around for high-breed chicken to start rearing. Local chicken is preferred most by Ugandans.

#5. Winemaking

Winemaking is one of the low-cost home businesses you can consider. Although grapes are the most popular, you can make wine from many other fruits. Do your research on how to produce quality wine from your home. There are many fruits from which you can make wine, and the market for it is available in Uganda.

#6. Professional Services

There are various low-cost home businesses in which professionals can engage themselves. If you are skilled at anything, think about turning it into something you can do at home. Consultancy services are on-demand in various fields.

#7. Blogging

Blogging offers a variety of low-cost home business opportunities. Many bloggers worldwide earn a sizable amount of money. Bloggers earn commission from marketing affiliate products on their sites. It requires continuous writing to provide freshness to your blog. You will need a computer, internet connection, blogging and online marketing skills.

#8. Making Crafts


Craft Making Business

Craft making in Uganda is profitable. You can make crafts from many free materials around you. If you know how to make crafts for the local and international market, you would better start now. Look for the market. You will earn a lot of money. I know a group of young women who started a CBO to empower fellow women in eastern Uganda. The CBO has empowered many women to make crafts which they sell to over 16 European countries. These countries buy handicrafts to support those women to improve their living standards. In the end, the CBO earns money to sustain its programmes.

#9. Graphic Design

Graphic design is in high demand in print media. You can design logos, brochures, images, packaging, business cards and advertisements for small businesses, individuals and companies.

#10. Food Processing

Food processing offers many low-cost business opportunities. You can process several foods to sell in the neighbourhood with simple processing equipment.

#11. Beekeeping

You can venture into a beekeeping business if you live in an area with enough vegetation. Beekeeping is a low-cost home business that you can start in Uganda with just a few local beehives and some beekeeping knowledge. Individuals and health food stores are interested in honey and wax.

#12. Web Design

Web design is a low-cost home business for people skilled in creating good websites. Several companies want to establish a presence on the internet. Use your skills to design high-quality websites from the comfort of your own home.

#13. Cleaning Services

Offering cleaning services is considered a low-cost home business anyone can start. You only need cleaning materials and knowledge on what to do to clean house roofs, gutters and carpets in homes. Once you establish yourself, they will call you to offer the service at some good money.

#14. Water Business

Water is a basic need that one cannot do away with in life. In Uganda, there are many places without a constant supply of water. Selling water to people around you is a low-cost home business. You can start by harvesting rainwater into a big tank, which you can then sell during the dry season.

#15. Toilet Business

If you live where there are many people, think about offering toilet services to them at a cost. People with this kind of business earn a lot of money every day. The toilet business is a low-cost home business with minimal operational costs.

#16. Tents/Chairs for Events

Around you, people make events like weddings, parties, funeral rites, etc. Invest some little money in buying chairs and tents for hire to start your business.

#17. Mobile Money Dealer

Sending money by mobile phone is a big low-cost business in which more people are getting involved. If you live in a busy place, you can earn a good amount of money every day by offering the service to people.

#18. Referral Service

Offering referral services is a low-cost home business with the potential to grow. You can match people to their required services. Yes. You could offer services like house rentals, babysitting, plumbing, painting, cleaning, etc.

car washing

Car Washing Business

#19. Car Washing

Car washing requires very little start-up capital and many people tend to overlook this profitable low-cost home business. But if your home is near a stream of water where you can get water at no cost, you can try it. You can also harvest rainwater into a large underground tank to begin washing cars in your neighbourhood.

#20. Compound Maintenance

Compound maintenance offers several low-cost business opportunities. You can either maintain lawn or flower gardens in compounds. Alternatively, you can also establish yourself as a hedge cutter. Just make your proposals to various people. You will always get jobs throughout the year.

#21. Coffee Business

Starting a coffee shop near offices and busy areas could be profitable. Learn how to prepare different types of coffee and accompaniments. Affordable quality services are vital to success.

#22. Grasshoppers/Aunts Business

Grasshoppers and white aunts are a delicacy in Uganda, especially in central Uganda. This business is seasonal. But if you stock enough to take you through the rest of the year, you can make good money. You will need to learn how to keep them for a longer time.

#23. Dog Training Business

Insecurity is on the rise, particularly in urban areas. Hiring security guards for homes is expensive. Even with the existence of paid security guards, cases of thugs collaborating with them to rob are common. Most people are now resorting to using trained dogs to guard their homes.

#24. Milk Business

Milk is consumed every day by many people. With little start-up capital, you can consider delivering milk to homes, schools and offices in your locality. Use your creativity to produce other related products like ghee and yoghurt to sell to them.

#25. Painting Business

Painting is another low-cost home business. If you are a skilled painter, consider venturing into the painting business. Market yourself to homes, schools, businesses etc., as the best painter. You need to offer quality services to get jobs regularly.

#26. Masonry Work Business

People need quality masonry work. Offering high-quality masonry work is one of the low-cost home business ideas one can consider developing. You only need a few tools, building skills and being a reliable person. Market yourself in the neighbourhood as the best mason. You will surely get money.

#27. Motorbike Repairer

Motorbikes are everywhere in Uganda. They are a popular means of transport nowadays. If you are near a busy place and can repair bikes, you could start a motorbike repairing business. Consider selling spare parts too.

furniture making


#28. Furniture Business

If you know how to make furniture, consider opening a workshop at your home. Get orders to make quality custom-made furniture. Select a particular niche with a good market, for example, furniture for children, multi-purpose furniture, coffee tables, etc. Be innovative and make quality furniture to attract your customers.

#29. Plumbing Business

Plumbing is a low-cost home business. The demand for plumbing services in urban areas is high. You only need the desired professional skill and a few tools to get jobs done. Establish yourself as a good plumber. You will get clients.

#30. General Repair Services

Many people have generators, mowers, flat irons, fridges etc. If you are good at repairing such items, consider turning your skill into a profitable business you can do from your home. Get the word out to all people in your locality. The jobs are available if you offer quality services.

#31. Daycare Centre

Most busy parents in urban areas prefer to keep their children in a safe environment with people who can care for them during the day. If you enjoy working with children and understand what it takes to run a daycare, it could be a profitable business, depending on where you live.

#32. Catering Services

In Uganda, catering services are in high demand. People are ever making parties, weddings and other occasions. They prefer outsourcing the service because it is cost-effective. If you have the skill, why not start this low-cost home business. Promote it to neighbours, friends, relatives and other acquaintances. Offer quality services, you will get many orders.

catering services

Catering Business

#33. Personal Chef

If you are a good chef, offering yourself for hire to prepare meals is a great low-cost home business. Some well-to-do people need such services in Kampala.

#34. Freelance Writing

Full-time freelance writing is a profitable low-cost home business from which has people earn a living. As a freelance writer, you belong to no specific company. But you act as a small business.

#35. Window Cleaning

If you start a window cleaning business in Kampala, you could get contracts to clean windows. It could turn out to be a profitable business with few operational costs.

#36. Interior Designing

Interior design service could turn out to be a lucrative low-cost home business. There is an increasing number of able people in Uganda who need these services. Get the word out to the people. If you know what you are doing, they will contract you to offer the service to them.

#37. TV / Radio/Phone Repairing Business

Many people have a TV, a radio and a Smartphone. But getting them repaired is hard. If you are skilled, it could be a good business opportunity.

#38. Sewing Business

Many stay-at-home ladies have a skill in sewing. If you are skilled in sewing, you could consider starting a home sewing business. It’s such a profitable business most Ugandan overlook. There are countless sewing business ideas you can venture into to make money from your school.

For instance, you can venture into pattern making, wedding dress designing, uniform maker, costume designing, bed cover designer, dressmaking, soft toy designing, custom kids clothes, custom cups/hats and embroidery business. You can also become an instructor and teach others tailoring skills. You can think about many other sewing ideas and establish yourself as an expert to make money.

#39. Lunch Delivery Services

This low-cost home business is ideal for people living near offices. Make your survey to know your competitors, the market, the type of food needed and what clients are willing to pay. Quality and timely delivery are a prerequisite to your success.

garbage collection

Garbage Collection Business

#40. Garbage Collection

People in urban places in Uganda have a problem with rubbish. Garbage collection is a low-cost business to manage. You can collect waste in the neighbourhood by moving from house to house with a wheelbarrow and some containers. Bring it home with you and sort it out. Make compost manure and begin selling it to people for an additional income. You can also use it in your garden to grow crops for sale.

#41. Toner Cartridge Recycling

Refilling cartridges with new ink is a profitable, low-cost home business. Look for offices, homes and businesses where you can offer quick delivery of recycled cartridges.

#42. Translation Services

If you know French, German, Spanish, Chinese, English or any other international language, translation service is a great low-cost home business you can offer.

#43. Internet Marketing Consultancy

If you have internet marketing skills, you could help business owners to market their businesses online. You can do this by promoting their businesses for them or by empowering them on how to do it at a cost.

#44. IT Consulting Services

Most people or businesses cannot hire full-time IT specialists. If you start offering the services, you will receive jobs from individuals, businesses and organisations.

#45. Baking Business

Baking is a low-cost, high-profit home business. Cakes, pastries, cookies, and cupcakes are all are in high demand. People prefer those that are fresh and homemade.

#46. Medicinal Herbs Farming

Ugandans believe so much in using local herbs to cure various diseases. There is also a growing number of herbalists in Uganda. However, they get herbal medicines from the forests and jungles. With the rampant deforestation, most medicinal herbs are disappearing slowly by slowly. Research the most needed herbs and cultivate them at home. Herbalists will buy them right from your home.

#47. Mobile Bar-Tending Business

A mobile bar-tending business is a comparatively low-cost home business one can start. It is not common in Uganda. But mobile bar-tending is like a traditional bar business. The only difference is that the bartender does not work at one location. He provides services at local events, parties, weddings, etc., throughout the year. To start a mobile bar-tending business, you will need to invest in your stock and bar. Have a catchy, fun name for your business.

public speaking

Public Speaking Business

#48. Public Speaking Business

The public speaking industry provides a wide range of low-cost home business opportunities. You can speak at weddings, introduction ceremonies, and many other special occasions if you have the ability. To persuade people, you must establish yourself as the best speaker. A website can be an effective marketing tool.

#49. Brick Making

brick making business

Brick Making Business

People everywhere nowadays are building. They need building materials. Bricks are some of the building materials one uses to construct a house. You can start this profitable low-cost home business with a cheap manual brick making machine.

#50. Tree Planting

Consider planting trees such as pine and eucalyptus if you have enough land. Tree seedlings are inexpensive. Planting can be done gradually, season after season. After a while, you should be able to sell the trees as poles, firewood, or timber.

Final Thought

As previously stated, this is not an exhaustive list of low-cost home business ideas. Its sole purpose is to encourage people to start small home-based businesses. If you know of any other low-cost home businesses that we have not mentioned, please share them in the comments section.

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  1. Maganda Buluhan

    Thanks a lot Mr Charles, I have opted to start with chicken rearing and I will be contacting you for more ideas

    • Charles Kiyimba

      It’s a good idea, Buluhan. I will be glad to hear from you about your progress. Good luck!

      • Ivan

        Thank you so much for this peace.
        It’s eye opening and very brief.

        • Charles Kiyimba

          You’re welcome

  2. David Kalibbala

    Dear Mr.Kiyimba Charles,

    Thank you for this valuable information. It is truly remarkable

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thanks for your appreciation

    • Kyeyune Stephen

      Dear Mr. Kiyimba Charles,
      Thanks a lot for this helpful information. For me I have started with harvesting rain water with a plan to do gardening and fish farming. However, like how can it cost me to start a fish farming venture?

      • Charles Kiyimba

        Thanks, Stephen. It’s good you want to start fish farming/gardening and you have already started harvesting water. Harvesting water is a step forward in your project. What you have to do is to break your plan into manageable bits with which you can work and achieve until you finally get what you need.

    • Aijuka Leticia

      thanks sir for sharing this important information ,it has opened my mind that depending on salary only is not wise

      • Kisekka Ronald Keizer

        Thanks for the sharing Sir. Looking forward to see that you also share some small jobs that use simple machinery

  3. rodgers turyahabwe

    I really appreciated the work done by Mr Charles Kiyimba, but I also wanted to start a grocery of about 1 million so I need your help, sir.

  4. Kalibbala Fredrick

    Hey, I’m Fredrick, I’m un Masaka,
    I have a desire of selling well-prepared firewood plus poles in all categories but I’m stuck with the exact place I should locate. The places are rare here in Masaka I mean those where there’s business.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      You may have to do some bit of research

      • Muyanjamoreen

        Hello, my name is Maureen, and I’ve looked for jobs and literally failed to secure one, yet I have a son. I’m living in a small single room in Bunga and looking for something to do in areas that don’t require capital because I don’t have it. I can do laundry services, cook, make daddies, but I don’t know how to find clients. Please help me out with guidelines. Thank you.

        • Charles Kiyimba

          Thank you for your comment. Getting customers is challenging to many businesses. But you need to research the best marketing method suitable for your business. Try to read this article for more information, “”

      • Alvin ❤️

        Hey .. thanks for the information
        But is it possible to produce exercise books with approximately 6m?

        • Charles Kiyimba

          It’s always good to write a business plan because that’s when you will get to know the resources you need to start your business.

          • gloria mary

            Have found this resourceful

  5. Jackson

    Good ideas, thanks a lot.
    I’m venturing into beekeeping but the challenges are too much. My request is how can I get a grant to boost my project.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      You may have to make research both online or offline.

  6. Nabukenya Rehema

    Hello, really appreciate your advice. I just relocated to Mubende and I’m a mobile money attendant, it’s now
    3 months I haven’t found a place to work from and also the places are paid yearly, which I can’t afford now. Plz, need your advice 0759122574.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thanks for your question. Please get in touch on WhatsApp +25677327373

    • irimaso gerald

      You can use that money to start a home-based business, good enough you are in Mubende with a variety of agro products, buy them process them from home then brand them start supplying. e.g mixing different types of flour to make a single brand, a case in point is(cassava, soya, yellow corns, pumpkin seeds can make a single product,
      also consult and share with others. Don’t be selfish.engage youself in networking. Whatsapp 0705056122

    • Hamidah lubega

      Hello, I”m currently located in Teso Soroti. I have one acre of land and I want to start tree planting but I have no clue. Thank you.

      • Charles Kiyimba

        Thank you Hamidah for your comment. What would you wish to know as far as tree planting is concerned?

    • Tabula

      Hi, please. How did you get those agent lines? Thanks, conmen are very many. And how much did it cost you?

  7. agasha akia

    Thank you, Charles, I’m really happy to meet you can you help me and give me a guide on the business I can start while I am in town that costs Shs 300,000. I do have a job but what am earning is not enough for me.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      It’s understandable. But I don’t have all the ideas with their estimations of the start-up capital. Secondly, I don’t know your ability and skills which are also capital into any business you start. It’s why it’s important to generate your idea, basing on what you know and develop a business plan to implement it. But all the businesses I mentioned in this article require little monetary capital but a lot on the side of social and human capital.

      For instance, with less than Shs 300,000, you can start a winemaking business from fruits like pineapples, mangoes, guavas and much more. What you need to have is the how-to knowledge and how to market the products. I will talk about this idea in one of my subsequent articles.

      • Kemigisha Bridget

        Hello Charles, thank you for this very insightful article… I am very desperate to start a business but the problem is I work in a very deep village. I have thought to choose one amongst baking, sewing, cleaning services and buying a Boda Boda. Your advice will be very much appreciated. My Whatsapp number is 0777344936. Thank you again.

        • Charles Kiyimba

          I will get in touch with you using WhatsApp. But you can as well contact me on 0772327373. It’s always online.

    • Janet joanita

      Hi am Janet, l know how to make chapatti, mandazi so can l start a business. How much will l be starting with?

      • Charles Kiyimba

        Thank you Joanita for your question. However, it’s difficult to give you a quick question about how much money you need to start your mandazi business. The best way, I always advise people to do, is to build your idea with a business plan. When you come up with a plan, of course, all such questions will be answered.

  8. Duncan

    Thank you so much for your deep incite for various businesses one can take up as a youth, the article was really helpful.

    I would like you to help me and advise me on how to draft a business plan. I have a small business of selling crafts

    • Duncan

      If you don’t mind you can get in touch with me on my whats-app number +256755035466

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you, too, for your appreciation. I will get in touch with you for the assistance you want

      • Nasuuna shamim

        Thank you for this article bro,I was planning to do some small gardening on my piece of land but I didn’t have the courage to start….this article has really motivated me next month am starting..thanks
        once again.

        • Charles Kiyimba

          Thanks, Shamim. I will be grateful to know that you started and you are progressing well. Best wishes

        • Erina

          Thanks for your business ideas. I would like to start a good produce business advise me on how to start.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you for your appreciation. I will get in touch with you for assistance.

    • Sarah Kirabo

      Thank you very much for this. It has greatly impacted a positive change in my life m and am looking forward to start up my own small bussiness for now

      • Charles Kiyimba

        I will be grateful to hear that you started with burning enthusiasm and consistent focused-mind to succeed. Thank you.

      • Okello Patrick Ocen

        Help with the possible marketing methods for agricultural products like grains, it has already failed me twice. Thanks for your endeavors Charles

      • BlessingTash

        Hi Charles, thank you so much for the ideas.
        I already see what I like and would want to do but capital is a problem

        Is it a good idea to borrow money for starting a business??

        • Charles Kiyimba

          It would be a good idea if you have a business plan or if you already have a running business and you are sure of what you are doing. But for a startup by someone with no experience, it might be difficult to repay the loan. That’s something to take note of.

  9. Mutenyo Connie

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us I really appreciate. However, I would like you to kindly shed a light on how I can market a web hosting service and the products tagged to it.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you, Connie, for your comment. One of the proven ways of marketing your business online is blogging. Of course, there are other effective online marketing methods but when you produce good content on your business, you get people to know you as they search the internet looking for information. However, it doesn’t bring results overnight. You have to do it for some good time and consistently.

      I have checked your website and found it good. One thing you need to work on is to improve the loading speed because slow loading speeds chase away would-be customers. Thanks once again for your comment and for reading our content.

    • Namugera Julius

      Thanks, Charles for the insight, I’m Julius a medical laboratory technician but I can help institutional medical students with doing for them research projects, and I can do inspirational speaking. How can I get more opportunities for both and online opportunities

      • Charles Kiyimba

        If I am not mistaken, I think you want to know how to market your skills. Yes, the marketing strategy you adopt for your business matters a lot. In modern times, having a website for your business is a good idea if you get to know how to market your business online using proven marketing techniques.

      • Timothy

        It’s a nice piece of ideas, thanks, Charles.
        I want to register a business /company name under which I can run my small business. Can you help me on the processing?

    • Immy shades

      Tell me, please, which business I can start with 100,000 Ugandan shillings

      • Charles Kiyimba

        Most people ask me similar questions hoping that I have the cost estimations for all businesses at hand. Incidentally, when it comes to the actual amount of money needed, it’s prudent to establish it by developing a business plan. And the business idea should come from you based on your knowledge, ability and skills. What I suggest for you is intended to open your mind. You can select from the list your own idea and build it to turn it into a real business.


    Thank you, Charles, I would want to start Professional services (taxes- PAYE, Income tax, and Customs). However, I am not good at marketing. I feel if I started offering professional services I would make extra income but I am bad at marketing. Kindly advise me on how well I can start. Thank you so much.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Not knowing which marketing strategy will be effective for a particular type of business is one of the reasons why some small businesses fail. They jump from one failed marketing method to another. The reason is that they do not take time to do research before they start their businesses. What I would advise you to do is to make a business plan first. It will give a clear roadmap of what to do and how to go about it. One of the marketing strategies I would recommend is online marketing. But you need to have a website and committedly invest a lot of time to lean. In the long run, it pays you off.

  11. musana charles

    Hello, Mr Kiyimba I am also called Charles. I am currently struggling to sustain a family business I single-handedly bankrolled using my little savings way back in 2017. The biggest challenge at the moment is poor record-keeping, marketing and the apparent lack of project plan/vision by the day to day managers/operators of the business notwithstanding the failure to draw a line between the investment/business and the family. How can I overcome these challenges without having to hurt anyone of my family members? How do I streamline the business to achieve my desired goals?

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you, Charles, for your comment. I can see that you’re in a total dilemma. You want the business to prosper but you don’t want to annoy your family members despite their failure to manage it well. I feel good that you already know the challenges and what I would urge you to do is to tackle them seriously. Many people start businesses and leave them to their relatives to manage. Running a business to success necessitates hands-on involvement especially when you’re starting it. When it comes to employing people to work with you, irrespective of their relationship with you, you should always focus on having people with skills and heart for your business. Your relatives may not have the skills (the how-to) though you expect them to be achieving your business goals. If not, they may not be having the heart for your business and simply want to eat from it because it’s their relative’s business. But business doesn’t need that. So either cut them out of your business or help them to learn. The onus is now on you to actually find a way of doing it.

      • Mike

        Hello Charles My name is Mike a professional electrical technician with a very good experience in house installations and designing. But I would love to extend my services to online customers both in installations and sales of all kinds of electrical stuff. How best can I market my business?

        • Charles Kiyimba

          Thank you, Mike, for your question and for being one of our readers. In modern times, if you want to reach more customers, you need to consider establishing your business online by creating a website.

  12. Nabende Moses

    Thanks for enlightening us on the different opportunities. I currently wanna run a sewing machine business, any startup tip you can advise me? I will be grateful.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      It’s an excellent business idea. I will advise you to make a business plan first. The plan will help you to know how to go about your business and the amount of money needed to start it.

  13. Baganizi Nicholas

    Thank you for all this message… I want to know which kind of small business I can start in Kisoro with very little money

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you Nicholas for getting in touch with us. The business you want to start will depend largely on your ability to discover yourself and to make research. Do not wait for someone to tell you the kind of business you can do because they also don’t know you skills, abilities. Please read this article to get more insights on how to start a thriving business.

      • wakooli Bosco

        Thanks a billion my dear brother for lighting and opening up the closed minds of the the young people. Once again, Thanks a trillion.

        • Charles Kiyimba

          Thank you, Bosco, for your appreciation.

      • Turyahwerwa Solomon

        Hello Charles, I am Solomon.
        How can I become a blogger?
        Secondly, how can I create a website?

    • Shallon Naturinda

      Thanks a lot for this important information. God bless.
      Pliz help me know how to formulate a business plan. Thanks.
      My watsup number is 0783868859

      • Charles Kiyimba

        Thanks too Shallon for your appreciation. I will look forward to supporting you. Let me reorganise myself and get to you through your Whatsapp.

    • Ronald

      Hello Nicholas, my advice would be that take off time and identify that service you find very challenging to come by. Try doing a little research to find out how many people in the area are facing the same challenge. That will be your magical trick into a thriving business in your home area.

  14. Patience

    Thanks for the ideas you have shared above, it’s real helpful to us the youth,it has helped me a lot and now I know where to start from, thank you.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you Patience for your appreciation. It’s good to hear from you that you have been helped through the information provided here.

  15. Ssempebwa jannat namutebi

    Thanks for the nice work done. However my problem may be poor skills of work. I rear chicken for eggs with my husband however but it’s hard for me to maintain it. We take out money unnecessary for home use, any time, anywhere. It has been poor management I can see. Secondly I tried baking daddies in the end I don’t see profits. All I do is from home. Help me to achieve goals in those aspects and also join me on your group. My No. 0772667271 – Jannat

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you Jannat for your appreciation. First, I will apologize for not having any group relating to our business. What we have is this website and if you have something to say, we have our contacts through which you can get directly in touch with us for help. Please feel free to do that for we shall always be supportive because it’s the reason for sharing the information we provide on this site.

      Secondly, I have seen your concerns: poor work skills, poor management, inability to get profits. You are not alone. What happens to you also happen to many others. Running a business successfully is not easy in Uganda. But if you get to know a few things and do them well, you can always get profits.

      As I have always said, it’s prudent and beneficial to start any business with a plan. If you’re already doing business and you don’t have a plan yet, then it’s so crucial that you create one. That’s when you will get to know where you are going and how you will reach there. If you need to know more in this aspect, we have written quite several supportive articles on business planning. We also have articles on business success and business skills. Please find time to read what you find useful to help you out of this hindrance.

      You’re in business to make profits. But for you to make profits, you need to market your products. Before even you start marketing, you need to research on the very product you want to offer to customers. Does it meet their needs and will they buy it? What is unique about it that will make it a product they will like. Please read this article on what targeted customers buy to understand more what I mean. Also read this article the benefits of having unique products.

      You may have a good product, but if you don’t market it you will never make money out of it. So it’s important to learn different marketing strategies and select those you find most effective and affordable for the kind of business you’re doing. We provide helpful information on marketing methods. Please read it to learn and where you feel you need more support, do not hesitate to get in touch.

      Finally, managing a business is wide. But you say that you take away money unnecessarily for home use. It’s good you already know the problem. What I would recommend for you to do is to begin keeping records. There is know way you will know that you’re making profits or not if you don’t keep records. Keeping records will enable you to know how much money you make, whether your business is growing or not and to make you more focused. If you need support in this, we can help you.

      Thank you once again for raising your concerns and sharing them with us. We do hope that our response to your issues will be helpful. Hopefully, we shall get to hear positive results from you again.

  16. Akampurira peruth

    Am really happy for this,thank you for the advice. I really appreciate. Am inquiring, ok I’ve several plans of businesses i.e. starting up a bar, bakery, poultry but I have lacked space where I can put up any of these. At first I began with chapati stoll, but it didn’t become successful because of the location. I have capital of at least 1.5m. Please advise me on what I should do among those ideas and also what to do in order to get a place where to operate from. Thank you so much 0782502888 that’s my WhatsApp number. Please add me to your group. Thank you.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you Peruth for your comment. I see that you have very good ideas and your challenge is to turn them into what you want. You also mention the challenge of lack of space and good location. It’s good you know this.

      Picking from your assertions, I can see that probably your challenges are beyond finding space and a good location. The first thing you should do is to focus on one idea. You need to make a niche discovery. Secondly, you should develop a business plan as it’s very risky to swim in the waters you don’t know how deep they are. The plan is a very good tool because it will help you to make research deeply on your business idea, to quantify the kind of input (capital) you will need and guide you on how you will go about your business. In the business plan, things like marketing methods you will use to promote your business and location are captured. If you find making a business plan difficult, seek support from people who know. Hope this information will help you. You can also get in touch for support at Whatsapp number +256772327373.

  17. Pascal

    Am soon starting my own business basing on the above interesting ideas

    • Goleza

      Thanks for your appreciation

    • Phionah

      I am humbled to have read the information on this site…
      Its inspirational. Keep it up.

      • Charles Kiyimba

        Thank you Phionah for your appreciation



    • Goleza

      Thanks for your appreciation

  19. katusiime Charity

    Thank you Goleza, you’re doing a great Job and I’ve liked it.
    For me I like baking but I don’t have a good experience. They don’t come out good and going for baking classes has become hard because of finances. Is there any advice?

    • Goleza

      There are like three ways through which you can learn. You can get knowledge formally in school. You can also get someone experienced to mentor you. Or you can educate yourself through getting books and read them to get knowledge. The internet is also a good resource for learning.

  20. Obed Byamaka

    Thanks so much Mr. I would like you to advice me on which business I can start with 1 million if I want my business to be around Makerere University or Kikoni or Wandegeya.

    Please don’t hesitate to add me to your whatsapp group. My No. is +256782759998. Thanks

    • Goleza

      Most people ask me the same question. However, starting a business is not all about thinking about money first. When I thought of starting an engraving business, I first discovered what it takes to do it. I therefore started by having an idea. Basing on the idea I had in my mind, I researched on it and discovered that I needed the following:

      1. Graphic designing skill – So I bought a software and started learning. Nobody taught me, but I taught myself. I am a self-taught graphic designer. And the graphic designing I wanted was tailored to the kind of business I had in mind.

      2. Website – I discovered that I had to market my business using modern marketing methods. And having a website was so crucial for me. But because I didn’t have the money to spend on having a webmaster doing it for me, I resorted to learning web designing. It’s a great skill that is doing for me a lot of things.

      3 – Marketing – To sell my products, I needed a marketing strategy. And one of the marketing strategies I use is online marketing. So I had to learn it by myself.

      4 – Laser engraving machine and other related tools – You can see that the tools we use in the business came last. I bought them gradually one by one and the last tools that we invested in are laser engraver and rotary engraver. They cost us too much money. Over 15,000 dollars each.

      Get it right from me now. If I started by looking at the 15,000 dollars first, I wouldn’t start this business because I didn’t have the money. But I put my mind on the business idea for which I developed a business plan and got to know what I needed to start it. After having a business plan, I started working towards achieving it step by step but not all at once.

      To go back to your question, what is your business idea? This should come from you basing on your skills, knowledge, potential and abilities. Don’t ask people which business you will do with 1 million shillings. It will not work. And this is not what I did. If you trust me in what I am telling you, sit down and look at the environment surrounding you, which problems can you solve for the people? These will give you some kind of idea on which you will build your business. Solving people’s problems is where the money is. Look at the skills you have, the knowledge you have, your potential and your abilities. What can you do? Please let me know so that I will then help you to come up with a business plan which you will use to develop your business idea into a real business. You can whatsapp using +256772327373. Thanks for all your questions.

    • Kato Dungu

      I have a medical centre business I started now two years. It gives me about 4.5 -5 millions a month (total income. I did not do a business plan while I was starting it. But now now am seeing it started falling in income it genarates . What could be the problem. Another thing is I have two business ideas one is wine making and food processing. But I don’t know which one to take and how to do them,and whether there is a market for them

  21. Ngaruka

    Am into this 100%

  22. Debbie

    Thanks alot. This is good info. May God bless you for this work.

    I Love writing and I would like to know how can I start blogging? How much do i need to start? And where do i pay up to start blogging. Thanks once again.

    • Goleza

      Thank you first of all for your appreciation.
      It’s good to hear that you love to blog. You only need to set it up with a WordPress platform. If you have a static website you can also integrate a blog to communicate to your audience on a regular basis.

      Setting it up requires you to have a domain name registered at about 11 dollars for a year. Then you will need to pay for hosting it on a server to be visible on the internet at about 100 dollars a year.

      If you need further support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  23. Onyango David

    Thank you so much for your wonderful service.Your message is very helpful to the youth of today.

    • Goleza

      Thanks indeed for your appreciation. Through this blog, we are committed to share what we think is useful information about business, marketing and personal development to help as many people (especially the youth) to become successful in life. The information we provide is free and we really welcome any person with the need to be supported in the area of personal development, as long as it’s within our knowledge and ability. Thanks once again.

  24. Harriet N.

    Thank you for the motivating words. If I want to start up a printing, photocopy and typesetting business, what is required of me and if I am to use second hand machines how much capital do i need. Is 1 million able to start up anything?

    • Goleza

      Thanks Harriet for your question and appreciation. Starting a printing, photocopying and typesetting business requires you to first study what you actually need and how much you can put in terms of money, skill, knowledge and others. Many times it’s deceptive to first look at starting a business in terms of money, which most people regard as capital. Capital isn’t only money. It’s much more than that. I therefore advise you to sit down to develop a business plan first. That’s when you will ascertain whether the money you have in mind or at hand can take you through. If you have a need in how to develop a business plan, you can get in touch with us to help you out. Thanks once again for your appreciation.

  25. Patrick Ojangole

    Individuals like you are well and truly a blessing to we the youth and the country as a whole..thank you for your words of wisdom…if possible I’d like to stay in touch through Whatsapp as I may need further enlightenment as regards starting up my own small business…Whatsapp No. is 0787123271..again thank you…

    • Goleza

      Thank you Patrick. It has been a pleasure to have your motivating words. I will get in touch with you through the Whatsapp No. you have provided for support if needed.

      • Adellah

        Thanks to you mister….I would like to grow flowers for sell but I wonder how I will market this to my Adellah katete mbarara city. WhatsApp me on 0753394884

        • Charles Kiyimba

          I will get in touch with you. But you can as well contact me on 0772327373. It’s always online.

  26. Eze henry

    Thanks for your brave enlightenment, but I will still want to speak privately with you based on my personal plans over starting business in Uganda…..this is my number pls add me up on WhatsApp +971526189129 thanks.

    • Goleza

      Thank you Eze for your appreciation. I will definitely get in touch with through your WhatsApp number.

  27. kim wet

    well thanks guys

  28. Nakyere

    I would like to thank you for your advices especially for we the youth. I would like to seek advice from you. I have managed to get 500,000/- from hawking and have been struggling with KCCA. I have been arrested several times. What I am asking is what business can I start with that amount because I am tired of being chased by KCCA. I will be very glad to see your reply.
    Thank you

    • Goleza

      Thank you Nakyere for being our follower and for your question. You say you have Shs 500,000 and you’re looking for a business to do, having got tired of being chased on the streets of Kampala by KCCA. Indeed, it’s so disappointing. You risk losing all your goods, money and getting imprisoned. The best is to look for what to do and do it legally.

      I believe by the time you asked, you already read the list of the small businesses. If you didn’t find one, then you need to do some bit of research. With Shs 500,000/= you can truthfully start a small business. It doesn’t have to be big money. But it depends on the idea you have.

      I would suggest for you a business but it’s not possible. I can only advise to discover yourself. What are you able to do basing on the knowledge and skills you have, in addition to your ability. What are you passionate about? In other words, what do you love? Passion is the driving force in everything we do.

      For instance, I am a self-made graphic designer. I have passion in designing. With my skills in graphic designing, I am able to design and turn images into real objects, which people need in life with the help of some tools. I design awards, cards, bags and offer engraving and cutting services.

      Having a viable business idea is key to success in any business. Most people think of money first. Like you’re looking at the money first. You think the money will give you the business idea. No. That’s not how it works. Begin with having an idea, then money will come last. If you begin with money, you will suffocate some of the good ideas you may want to build.

      For instance, I know a young man whose business idea was to deliver foodstuffs to people’s homes. He realised that most people in the working class have limited time yet they need and are able to buy quality foodstuffs like matooke, beans, groundnuts, potatoes and the like. He sold the idea to a few selected families in his target group. He started taking the foodstuffs directly to their homes and they pay him when they get money. He now has about 200 homes he supplies with foodstuffs. He makes money.

      You can also get a good idea and build it slowly with the money you have. It should come from you. However, the biggest mistake most Ugandans do is to start a business without a business plan. When you get a good idea, sit down and develop a plan to guide you. If you just jump into doing it without a plan, you may blow all your Shs 500,000/=. If you have challenges in doing a plan, seek for support.

  29. Gwaymbadde Michael

    The information is help full for the youth

  30. Gwaymbadde Michael

    Thanks for the information but I would like to ask that I have 2 acres of land, is it possible to start a goat project?

    • Goleza

      Micheal, first of all, I would like to thank you for your appreciation of the information here. You want to start a goat project on a 2-acre land, right? I would say yes. I have seen people rearing goats even on a piece of land as small as 0.25 acres of land.

      With your goat rearing idea, what I would advise you to do is to make some research on modern profitable ways of rearing goats. Get the skills needed to become successful in this business. If there are skills you don’t have, put in some time and money (if applicable) to acquire them.

      Most importantly, develop a plan. Never do business without having created a plan for your business. If you do it, you will be blindly getting into it and the chances of succeeding are minimal. If you don’t know how to come up with a plan, learn or get someone to help you. We can help you come up with one. Read further here why a business plan is necessary.

      I am looking forward to hearing from you one day that you managed to start and grow a goat rearing business. Goats have market here in Uganda, and you don’t go wrong venturing into that business. Thanks once again for your appreciation and for being our reader.

      • Grace

        Hello, can I start a small boutique business in my rented apartment in Kampala & market it online too? Is that allowed by landlords? And do I have to register the business or not necessary? Your response will be appreciated.

        • Charles Kiyimba

          Thank you, Grace, for your question. So you have a dream of starting a small boutique. And you want to know if you can do it from your rented apartment. First, you need to ascertain whether your location is suitable for the kind of business you have in mind. You will have to do research to get this useful information. From the little knowledge I know about a boutique, it needs a place where there are people who will buy from you (market). And the location should give the shoppers a pleasant environment to make them want to come back.

          As regards registering the business, yes, you should do it if you plan to build a healthy business. You can register it as a sole proprietorship.

          The idea of marketing it online is so pretty. In modern times, a business without a website loses many opportunities. But you will have to consider essential the kind of website to build. In my opinion, a boutique requires an e-commerce website so that you can sell your stuff online. This type of website is not cheap to build.

          All in all, you do your research first and I recommend that you settle down to write a business plan as a starting point. With it, you dig deeper to know so many things that will help you to succeed with your business idea.

          • Paul Nymweya

            Hi, thanks for this insightful platform. I have been a marketer in in Kenya for a tracking company to safeguard assets against theft. I have rich experience someone to link up with me we share the business idea.


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