Corporate Seals – Where the Educated Get Ignorantly Cheated in Uganda

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Corporate Seals

Corporate Seal Sizes

Corporate seals are popularly known as company seals in Uganda. They derive the name “company seals” probably because it’s mostly companies, which use them mostly. But they also have other names like embossing seals, embossers and others. I prefer calling them embossing seals because they produce an embossed effect (raised impression) on documents.

Most people confuse corporate seals with self-inking or pre-inked rubber stamps. But the two are different. Corporate seals are devices you use to create a raised imprint on a document.  You can physically feel the impression they make when you pass your fingers on the paper. On the other hand, rubber stamps are devices where you apply ink to an image, pattern or text on a piece of rubber you have cut and mounted on it to create an impression on paper.

In Uganda, it’s mostly companies and law firms that use corporate seals. And any company can adopt a company seal on essential documents to show that the papers are certified by, and agreed upon by the Board of Directors of the company.

However, when it comes to buying these corporate seals, most companies and law firms fall prey to seal makers with unfair business practices. What perturbs me most is the fact that it’s usually the educated Ugandans in the law firms and registered companies, who get cheated. It’s why I have come up with this post to help you so that these unethical and dishonest seal makers don’t deceive you again.

How Do Dishonest Seal Makers Cheat Customers in Uganda When Buying Corporate Seals?

Seal makers use various tricks and illegal business practices to cheat customers. And these are mostly people who disguise themselves as engravers. These move from office to office with samples, looking for a business in Kampala.  They have no business and are only middlemen whose ultimate aim is to make money. They cheat customers using the following methods.

Corporate Seal Die Materials

Company Seal Die Materials

#1 – Using Fake Materials for Making Seal Dies

Most seal makers don’t use the right materials for making corporate seals. And 99% of the seal buyers don’t know the recommended die material for making seals, which is DELRIN. It’s durable and produces an excellent impression for years. But instead of using Delrin, most seal makers use transparent or white-coloured ACRYLIC. Acrylic is a type of plastic material that is so commonly used in the engraving industry to make signage. It’s difficult for people to differentiate Delrin from white acrylic.

If someone uses Acrylic instead of Delrin, he cheats you in two ways:

First, he cheats you on the money you pay if he sells you the corporate seals at the same price as the one who uses Delrin (right material) to cut the dies. He makes abnormal profits because the price for a Delrin is 80% higher than that of an Acrylic die.

Secondly, if he reduces the price below the market seal price to attract you, he still cheats you by giving you a fake seal die, which you have to replace after a short time. And by so doing, you spend more money on the same seal. Acrylic seal dies wear and tear so fast.

#2 – Inflating the Price of Corporate Seals

There are two types of corporate seals: handheld and desk seals. Handheld seals, commonly referred to as pocket seals, have a small case for keeping them after using them. Stamp makers cheat customers this way. Just read on!

With Shiny, which is the most prevalent brand on the Ugandan market, pocket seals are of two types. There are ES and EM. In Uganda, you will find ES black in colour and EM in silver colour. The EM pocket seal costs slightly more than the ES pocket seal because it’s more durable. What one does is charge you the price of the silver pocket seal but instead gives you the black pocket seal. You lose money and get a non-durable seal.

And as for desk seals, there are two types: the ED Desk Seal and EH Desk Seal. The ED Desk Seal is standard, and the EH Desk Seal is a Heavy Duty Seal. Most people do not differentiate them. What one does is still charge you the price of a heavy-duty desk seal but give you a small desk seal. They both look alike only that one is relatively bigger and heavier than the other.


What should you do to avoid unscrupulous sellers of corporate seals?

It’s simple. When you want an embossing seal for your company or law firm, always use recognised seal makers. It’s what we always advise people to do. Avoid buying from people who come to your offices as salesmen. Refrain from buying from seal makers you find along the streets. Go to established engraving businesses with the right materials and ethical business practices.

At Goleza Designers Ltd, you can always make orders for your corporate seals from the comfort of your office or home if you have limited time. We shall help you to deal with us directly and avoid being cheated by middlemen. You send us the details you want to appear on your seal and the type of seal you want. Is it a pocket seal or desk seal? For those who don’t know, we genuinely provide all the related information, including prices.

You can send your inquiries by either email or WhatsApp. When we receive orders, we make sample designs and share them with our clients. Upon their approval and making a deposit either by cash or mobile money, we then make the seal and even deliver. We deliver to our clients countrywide at a minimal courier charge.

Get quality corporate seals for your business from professional engravers and business partners with integrity and ethical business practices. Our WhatsApp Mobile No. is +256-772-327373. But you can also contact us through our business contacts.

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