Mobile Hair Salon Business Could Turn Out To Be The Best For You

Hair Salon BusinessIn modern times, more and more people spend a lot of money on cutting and styling their hair. Everyone, young and old, wants to look good. Now the question is, is venturing into offering hairdressing services profitable? In my opinion, it is gainful because I see a lot of opportunities in this industry. But how you do it determines whether you will succeed or not. When I thought about it, an idea of a mobile hair salon business came to my mind. And I want to share it with you in this blog post.

Why I think a mobile hair salon business is profitable

The fact that everyone wants to look good is a clear testimony that there is money in the hairdressing business. However, most hair salons I see in Uganda have permanent locations. Unfortunately, this business model limits many people who work with limited budgets to venture into it. And as an advocate of small home businesses, I thought of a model that would help people with limited capital.

The second reason is that, even if you have enough capital, venturing into a mobile hair salon business is a profitable business idea. Nowadays, people have limited time to move to beauty salons because of the so many work-related demands on them. It’s, therefore, good-thinking to target them from wherever they are. And such customers are ready to pay a reasonable amount of money provided your services are excellent.

A mobile hair salon business can also be an excellent way of extending your established beauty hair business. If you already have a salon, but operating in a permanent location, thinking about a mobile salon to expand your business is a fantastic idea.

What is a mobile hair salon business?

A mobile hair salon business is where the hairdresser moves to the customers’ locations to cut or style their hair.  These locations may include homes, workplaces, institutions, hotels, hospitals, hostels, etc. It can be a routine cutting and styling or on specific occasions like introduction ceremonies, weddings, graduations, and other events. The idea is that you target clients who find it hard to make a trip to a beauty salon in a permanent location.

If you reflect on this business model deeply, with the right mindset, you can start and build a fantastic business. And if you are already running a beauty salon and you are looking for a way to expand, thinking to start a mobile hair salon business is a fantastic idea.

What do you need to set up a mobile hair salon business?

Mobile Hair Salon AccessoriesOf course, every business has what it takes to start it. Even with a mobile hair salon business, you don’t just wake up one day and venture into it. You have to learn the essential skills required to operate it. You also have to plan effectively, procure the equipment and have a proper marketing strategy. Let’s us now look at the ABC of setting up a mobile salon business model.

1. The hairdressing skill

Hairdressing requires learning and hands-on training. As a caution, never attempt to venture into this business before getting the necessary skills. There is a lot of academic education involved for you to become conversant. As the first step, get to know your country’s minimum requirements for professional hairdressers.

Secondly, get an accredited cosmetology school to acquire formal learning. It’s advisable to learn the following hairdressing skills.

  • Haircutting
  • Hair colouring
  • Skincare skills
  • Manicure and pedicure skills
  • Massaging
  • Hairstyling skills
  • Makeup services
  • Facial care
  • Pertinent skills such as listening, customer care, salon management, time management, etc.

After acquiring formal learning, you have to consider getting hands-on training. You do this by undertaking an apprenticeship at an established salon. You will get trained by experienced hairdressers. But most importantly, you will learn new techniques and practice the ones you acquired from your cosmetology school. This service is, usually, not free.

2. Mobile salon business plan

Starting a business without a plan is like a blind man moving without a walking stick. He risks falling and getting injured. It’s, therefore, recommendable to take time to write down a business plan as one of the primary steps. If you cannot do it yourself, then get a conversant person to help you at a reasonable cost. In future, we shall develop simple business plan guidelines to help people learn how to do it by themselves.

3. Registering your mobile hair salon business

Register your business first before you begin any operation. You can choose the following business structures.

  • Sole proprietorship – This business structure does not legally separate its existence from its owner.
  • Partnership – This business operation is between two or more partners who share profits and management. The partners are legally responsible for the partnership’s debts and other obligations.
  • Private limited company – This business structure is limited either by shares or guarantee. It can be a single-member company or may consist of 1 to 100 members.

To register your mobile hair salon business in Uganda, you will have to go to the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB). You will need a business name with which you will operate your business.

4. Mobile salon business equipment

Mobile Hair Salon BusinessTo start a mobile hair salon business, you don’t need much start-up capital. But you have to acquire some essential equipment and materials to set off. To learn more about the various tools and accessories you will need for your mobile beauty salon, here is an exhaustive list and prices for the mobile salon equipment. As a tip, buy working tools that will enable you to compete favourably.

The list of items is long. But you can start small with a few essential mobile salon equipment and accessories. When you get finally established, you can consider acquiring a vehicle. A car, branded and equipped with necessary tools, will enable you to run your business conveniently and profitably. This consideration should be one of your business goals.

5. Marketing your business

Having an effective marketing strategy is a primary element of business success. You have to build a reasonable customer base through various proven promotional methods. And I would like to list down some of the ideas from which you can select the most suitable and applicable ones for your mobile hair salon business.

  • Success in hairdressing relies on returning customers and referrals. Always give a pleasant look to the new customers you get so that they keep returning the next time they need your service.

What do you have to do to give a pleasant experience to your clients? First, make sure you keep up-to-date with the latest hairstyles. To achieve that, you have to look out for new fashions.

Secondly, learn how to communicate effectively with your clients. You should speak to them politely. Listen to them so that you can meet their satisfaction.

Thirdly, maintain good personal hygiene to attract people. Make sure that the tools you use like aprons are clean.Mobile salon Manicure

  • Create a website for your business. Have a sustainable plan to refresh it regularly with new content. Use it to get new customers and to make appointments online. Make sure that you work towards having your salon’s website to the top position of Google Search Result.
  • Create a Facebook page. With your business page, try once in a while to run a Facebook advert to get new customers. You can also consider other social media networks like Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Become a little bit creative. Like you create a salon tour video and share it on your page.

What else?

  • Use door hanger marketing to get new customers. It’s an effective marketing method.
  • Set up an email newsletter for your salon. As you build your customer base, make sure you keep a record of your clients’ contacts like telephone numbers and email addresses because they help to promote new products and services.
  • Think about physical visibility on the streets. It’s one of the most effective marketing ideas for your business. Make everyone who sees you become a prospective customer. For instance, your vehicle is an advertising tool you can make the best out it.
  • Make your employees the best marketers for your mobile hair salon business. Think deeply about how you would like to promote your business. Consider how what they wear and how they communicate to be some of your promotional strategies.
  • Think offering gifts. Promoting your business with free stuff is so effective. I don’t necessarily mean monetary rewards, but other kinds of presents. For instance, when you style the hair of one of your loyal customers, consider offering an add-on free service to her daughter as well. It makes sense and keeps her coming back for your service.
  • Think to ask your existing customers for referrals. If you offer an excellent service, obviously you will have satisfied customers. Take advantage of it and ask them to refer to you some of the people they know.
  • What else? Think big! There are many promotional ideas you can think about to succeed in your mobile hair salon business.
Which customers should you target?

Before starting your mobile hair salon business, you will have to carry out a feasibility study and market survey to discover those who will benefit from your services. As already said, you will get individuals from all walks of life. You can consider getting your targeted customers from the following sources.

  • Households
  • Business people
  • Schools
  • Hostels
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • People in the corporate world
  • Events like weddings, graduations, introduction ceremonies, etc.

A mobile hair salon business is profitable. What you need to do is to think smart and outside the box to tap the available opportunities out there. Fortunately, most Ugandans have not yet thought about it. If you venture into it now, you stand chances of making good money.

Have you found this blog post beneficial? Please leave a comment to tell us how you have benefited from it. Good luck!

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


  1. Lucas bond

    Am Lucas, thx for that guidance am looking forward to start a mobile salon

  2. Tugume Johnan

    Thank you very much
    Am looking forward to venturing in hair cutting business
    I have gained a lot from here more especially when it comes to marketing

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you for your appreciation. I will be glad to see you starting and committing yourself to succeed in the business.

  3. Lydia

    Am Zlyn a lady and a seamstress but I’ve always wanted to apply my art skills somewhere besides sewing. Here comes mobile haircutting. Its a good deal for me. Thanks so much, my dear.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you for your appreciation

  4. John Muyobo

    Thank you for the insights. I’m hoping to venture into it.

    • Charles Kiyimba

      We shall be grateful to get your feedback about your progress once you start.

  5. Mucunguzi Evaresto

    Wonderful message and educative

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you for your appreciation

    • Nivin Kosta

      How much capital do I need to venture into this kind of business

      • Charles Kiyimba

        Nobody should ever deceive you that you need this amount of capital to start a business. First of all, business capital does not only mean monetary funds as most people think. It also means human and social capital. So capital is anything you use for productive purposes. I cannot quantify it for you. Besides, you will be going wrong for someone to tell you that you need 1,000,000/= to start a business. Supposing you have it and it doesn’t take you anywhere, do you blame him?

        I have always emphasized and given examples that the best way to tackle business, in modern times, is to start with a business plan. Make a business plan. It will help you to know all the issues related to the kind of business you want to do, including how much money you need to do it. Another important thing is that it will help you to begin. You can begin slowly following your plan and find yourself moving bigger strides. Don’t think you will wake up one day to harvest a lot of money from a business you didn’t stake and take time to build. It’s like you cannot have a nice shade in your home of a tree you have never bothered to plant and wait for it to grow. So think to make a plan first, think to take action by starting slowly following your plan and build your business every day. That’s my advice to you



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