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  1. Am really happy for this,thank you for the advice. I really appreciate. Am inquiring, ok I’ve several plans of businesses i.e. starting up a bar, bakery, poultry but I have lacked space where I can put up any of these. At first I began with chapati stoll, but it didn’t become successful because of the location. I have capital of at least 1.5m. Please advise me on what I should do among those ideas and also what to do in order to get a place where to operate from. Thank you so much 0782502888 that’s my WhatsApp number. Please add me to your group. Thank you.

    • Thank you Peruth for your comment. I see that you have very good ideas and your challenge is to turn them into what you want. You also mention the challenge of lack of space and good location. It’s good you know this.

      Picking from your assertions, I can see that probably your challenges are beyond finding space and a good location. The first thing you should do is to focus on one idea. You need to make a niche discovery. Secondly, you should develop a business plan as it’s very risky to swim in the waters you don’t know how deep they are. The plan is a very good tool because it will help you to make research deeply on your business idea, to quantify the kind of input (capital) you will need and guide you on how you will go about your business. In the business plan, things like marketing methods you will use to promote your business and location are captured. If you find making a business plan difficult, seek support from people who know. Hope this information will help you. You can also get in touch for support at Whatsapp number +256772327373.

  2. Thank you Goleza, you’re doing a great Job and I’ve liked it.
    For me I like baking but I don’t have a good experience. They don’t come out good and going for baking classes has become hard because of finances. Is there any advice?

    • There are like three ways through which you can learn. You can get knowledge formally in school. You can also get someone experienced to mentor you. Or you can educate yourself through getting books and read them to get knowledge. The internet is also a good resource for learning.

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  4. Thanks so much Mr. I would like you to advice me on which business I can start with 1 million if I want my business to be around Makerere University or Kikoni or Wandegeya.

    Please don’t hesitate to add me to your whatsapp group. My No. is +256782759998. Thanks

    • Most people ask me the same question. However, starting a business is not all about thinking about money first. When I thought of starting an engraving business, I first discovered what it takes to do it. I therefore started by having an idea. Basing on the idea I had in my mind, I researched on it and discovered that I needed the following:

      1. Graphic designing skill – So I bought a software and started learning. Nobody taught me, but I taught myself. I am a self-taught graphic designer. And the graphic designing I wanted was tailored to the kind of business I had in mind.

      2. Website – I discovered that I had to market my business using modern marketing methods. And having a website was so crucial for me. But because I didn’t have the money to spend on having a webmaster doing it for me, I resorted to learning web designing. It’s a great skill that is doing for me a lot of things.

      3 – Marketing – To sell my products, I needed a marketing strategy. And one of the marketing strategies I use is online marketing. So I had to learn it by myself.

      4 – Laser engraving machine and other related tools – You can see that the tools we use in the business came last. I bought them gradually one by one and the last tools that we invested in are laser engraver and rotary engraver. They cost us too much money. Over 15,000 dollars each.

      Get it right from me now. If I started by looking at the 15,000 dollars first, I wouldn’t start this business because I didn’t have the money. But I put my mind on the business idea for which I developed a business plan and got to know what I needed to start it. After having a business plan, I started working towards achieving it step by step but not all at once.

      To go back to your question, what is your business idea? This should come from you basing on your skills, knowledge, potential and abilities. Don’t ask people which business you will do with 1 million shillings. It will not work. And this is not what I did. If you trust me in what I am telling you, sit down and look at the environment surrounding you, which problems can you solve for the people? These will give you some kind of idea on which you will build your business. Solving people’s problems is where the money is. Look at the skills you have, the knowledge you have, your potential and your abilities. What can you do? Please let me know so that I will then help you to come up with a business plan which you will use to develop your business idea into a real business. You can whatsapp using +256772327373. Thanks for all your questions.

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  6. Thanks alot. This is good info. May God bless you for this work.

    I Love writing and I would like to know how can I start blogging? How much do i need to start? And where do i pay up to start blogging. Thanks once again.

    • Thank you first of all for your appreciation.
      It’s good to hear that you love to blog. You only need to set it up with a WordPress platform. If you have a static website you can also integrate a blog to communicate to your audience on a regular basis.

      Setting it up requires you to have a domain name registered at about 11 dollars for a year. Then you will need to pay for hosting it on a server to be visible on the internet at about 100 dollars a year.

      If you need further support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  7. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.Your message is very helpful to the youth of today.

    • Thanks indeed for your appreciation. Through this blog, we are committed to share what we think is useful information about business, marketing and personal development to help as many people (especially the youth) to become successful in life. The information we provide is free and we really welcome any person with the need to be supported in the area of personal development, as long as it’s within our knowledge and ability. Thanks once again.

  8. Thank you for the motivating words. If I want to start up a printing, photocopy and typesetting business, what is required of me and if I am to use second hand machines how much capital do i need. Is 1 million able to start up anything?

    • Thanks Harriet for your question and appreciation. Starting a printing, photocopying and typesetting business requires you to first study what you actually need and how much you can put in terms of money, skill, knowledge and others. Many times it’s deceptive to first look at starting a business in terms of money, which most people regard as capital. Capital isn’t only money. It’s much more than that. I therefore advise you to sit down to develop a business plan first. That’s when you will ascertain whether the money you have in mind or at hand can take you through. If you have a need in how to develop a business plan, you can get in touch with us to help you out. Thanks once again for your appreciation.

  9. Individuals like you are well and truly a blessing to we the youth and the country as a whole..thank you for your words of wisdom…if possible I’d like to stay in touch through Whatsapp as I may need further enlightenment as regards starting up my own small business…Whatsapp No. is 0787123271..again thank you…

    • Thank you Patrick. It has been a pleasure to have your motivating words. I will get in touch with you through the Whatsapp No. you have provided for support if needed.

  10. Thanks for your brave enlightenment, but I will still want to speak privately with you based on my personal plans over starting business in Uganda…..this is my number pls add me up on WhatsApp +971526189129 thanks.

    • Thank you Eze for your appreciation. I will definitely get in touch with through your WhatsApp number.

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  12. I would like to thank you for your advices especially for we the youth. I would like to seek advice from you. I have managed to get 500,000/- from hawking and have been struggling with KCCA. I have been arrested several times. What I am asking is what business can I start with that amount because I am tired of being chased by KCCA. I will be very glad to see your reply.
    Thank you

    • Thank you Nakyere for being our follower and for your question. You say you have Shs 500,000 and you’re looking for a business to do, having got tired of being chased on the streets of Kampala by KCCA. Indeed, it’s so disappointing. You risk losing all your goods, money and getting imprisoned. The best is to look for what to do and do it legally.

      I believe by the time you asked, you already read the list of the small businesses. If you didn’t find one, then you need to do some bit of research. With Shs 500,000/= you can truthfully start a small business. It doesn’t have to be big money. But it depends on the idea you have.

      I would suggest for you a business but it’s not possible. I can only advise to discover yourself. What are you able to do basing on the knowledge and skills you have, in addition to your ability. What are you passionate about? In other words, what do you love? Passion is the driving force in everything we do.

      For instance, I am a self-made graphic designer. I have passion in designing. With my skills in graphic designing, I am able to design and turn images into real objects, which people need in life with the help of some tools. I design awards, cards, bags and offer engraving and cutting services.

      Having a viable business idea is key to success in any business. Most people think of money first. Like you’re looking at the money first. You think the money will give you the business idea. No. That’s not how it works. Begin with having an idea, then money will come last. If you begin with money, you will suffocate some of the good ideas you may want to build.

      For instance, I know a young man whose business idea was to deliver foodstuffs to people’s homes. He realised that most people in the working class have limited time yet they need and are able to buy quality foodstuffs like matooke, beans, groundnuts, potatoes and the like. He sold the idea to a few selected families in his target group. He started taking the foodstuffs directly to their homes and they pay him when they get money. He now has about 200 homes he supplies with foodstuffs. He makes money.

      You can also get a good idea and build it slowly with the money you have. It should come from you. However, the biggest mistake most Ugandans do is to start a business without a business plan. When you get a good idea, sit down and develop a plan to guide you. If you just jump into doing it without a plan, you may blow all your Shs 500,000/=. If you have challenges in doing a plan, seek for support.

  13. Thanks for the information but I would like to ask that I have 2 acres of land, is it possible to start a goat project?

    • Micheal, first of all, I would like to thank you for your appreciation of the information here. You want to start a goat project on a 2-acre land, right? I would say yes. I have seen people rearing goats even on a piece of land as small as 0.25 acres of land.

      With your goat rearing idea, what I would advise you to do is to make some research on modern profitable ways of rearing goats. Get the skills needed to become successful in this business. If there are skills you don’t have, put in some time and money (if applicable) to acquire them.

      Most importantly, develop a plan. Never do business without having created a plan for your business. If you do it, you will be blindly getting into it and the chances of succeeding are minimal. If you don’t know how to come up with a plan, learn or get someone to help you. We can help you come up with one. Read further here why a business plan is necessary.

      I am looking forward to hearing from you one day that you managed to start and grow a goat rearing business. Goats have market here in Uganda, and you don’t go wrong venturing into that business. Thanks once again for your appreciation and for being our reader.

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