Message Rubber Stamps – We’ve a Solution to Your Message Stamp Needs in Uganda

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Message Rubber Stamps

Message Rubber Stamps

Message rubbers stamps are stamps that are custom-made with different types of messages intended for various uses. Businesspeople, government workers and professionals use them on numerous documents like invoices, receipts, bills, emails etc. In Uganda, it’s not uncommon to find message rubber stamps with words engraved on them like “PAID”, “COPY CERTIFIED”, “RECEIVED”, “CONFIDENTIAL” and the like. Message rubber stamps are also used by private businesses and individuals to fulfil various needs.

Why Should You Use Message Rubber Stamps?

♦  To save time and energy

People who use message rubber stamps save a lot of time. They also preserve their physical strength. Imagine if you are a banker, and you have to manually write a message like “PAID” on every paper, how much time would you take to do it on 500 of them? It’s a lot of time. Besides, it’s a difficult task that takes a lot of energy for nothing.

When you use message rubber stamps, you spend less time and increase your service delivery speed. Secondly, you become more efficient and effective because you do more work in the shortest time without making mistakes.

♦  To brand your stationery

In Uganda, some organisations and businesses use message rubber stamps that bear a company logo and address for branding purposes. For instance, instead of printing customised envelopes, you can instead choose to use a message stamp to brand blank envelopes with the logo, name and address of your company. It also enables you to save the money you would spend to print customised envelopes.

♦  To pass information to others

The favourite message stamps are confidential, copy, paid, received, faxed, posted, approved, emailed, cancelled, urgent and much more. People use them to communicate that they have accomplished performing a particular act. For instance, a person affixes a TRUE COPY CERTIFIED message stamp on a document to convey the message that he/she has certified it as a real copy of the original.

 ♦  To verify the quality of a product

Quality message rubber stamps serve the purpose of communicating to people that the product meets the quality standards. Usually, it’s governments that give this quality certification.

♦  To put control measures

Government institutions, NGOs and private businesses use message stamps for carrying out control measures. For instance, in one of the organisations where I worked, the accountant had to affix a PAID rubber stamp to every receipt for two purposes.

First, to convey the message that he had paid out money for the product or service indicated on the receipt. Secondly, to ensure that no fraudulent person used the same receipt to claim money again.

6 Reasons Why We Should Make your Message Rubber Stamps

Most stamp sellers have stock message stamps. These are ready-made stamps featuring various messages that people frequently use. The advantage of such rubber stamps is that you find them ready to use. But at Goleza Designers Ltd, we make every stamp on order. And people love our custom-made stamps for the following reasons:

#1 – Quality designs

We have the best stamp designs that are unique and not common on the Ugandan market. We can add special effects, which make the stamp impressions appealing and forge-proof.

#2 – Short turnaround times

We make every stamp within less than 20 minutes without charging you more. We do not make our clients wait because we value their time.  Whether the order is big or small, we accomplish it within the agreed time frame.

#3 – Quality stamp impressions

Those who have used our stamps are our witnesses. We don’t just cut rubber stamps, but we produce them with high-quality stamp impressions. You get a crisp, clean imprint each time you use them. That’s one of the guarantees we give to our clients.

Besides, our customers have the option of selecting any font type of their preference. They can also integrate into their stamps any images they like. Whatever you want to put on your rubber stamp, we can produce it.

#4 – After-sale services

We don’t only stop at selling stamps to our clients, but we also make a follow-up to ensure quality service delivery. If you find a problem with our rubber stamp, we rectify it at our cost. We don’t charge you more money.

 #5 – Quality stamp brand names

We have two trusted stamp brands: Brother pre-inked stamps and Shiny Self-inking stamps. No matter which brand you choose, we produce every rubber stamp correctly to last for years.

Why Do Schools Specifically Love Us

When it comes to making message rubber stamps for school, we beat most of our competitors. We are so creative in this area. With our background experience in teaching, we know what motivates pupils or students. We have particular messages stamps designs, which teachers in kindergartens, primary and secondary school use to reward their pupils/students.

We have unique message rubber stamps for excelling students. And we also have messages targeting weak students to motivate them.


If you need a stamp, we are at your disposal to help meet all your message stamp needs. We make high-quality stamps with crisp, clear impressions. You can choose from heavy-duty rubber stamps to pocket stamps as per your tastes and preferences. We offer several different stamp sizes and colours so that you can make the right stamp selection that meets your needs. We provide our customers with the solution to their problems as far as message rubber stamps are concerned.

Do you have any questions about message rubber stamps? Please use the comment section below to ask your question.



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  1. Kabanda Deogratias

    Do you also make stamps for lundary bar soap and at what cost.

    • Goleza

      We haven’t been making, but we can cut the material you can use to stamp on soap


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