Stamp Designs – How To Make Your Rubber Stamp Design Unique!

Jul 10, 2016 | Engraved Products | 2 comments

round stamp designs

Round Stamp Designs

Stamp designs are many. Your imagination can only limit you. But when it comes to making a stamp for one’s office, most people only consider the shape of the rubber stamp which is always rectangular, round, square, oval or triangular. You shouldn’t limit yourself to the stamp shape. Consider other aspects like layout, font type, frame design and other features to make your stamp unique in design.

Surprisingly, many people disregard the importance of the design of their stamps.  As long as they mention the stamp shape preference and provide the details of the rubber stamp to the stamp maker, that’s all. They pay less attention to the stamp designs beyond the shape.

But Did You Know the Secret Behind Stamp Designs?

Let me reveal this to you. A stamp is a small thing that plays an essential role in your business brand. Branding is wide. And I wouldn’t want to talk about it now. But suffice it to say that that stamp you are making should rhyme with your brand. It should be commensurate with the image of your brand. It’s vital in your business or your organisation.

Secondly, uniqueness is essential. One of the reasons why many businesses fail within the first five years of operation is offering products and services that are not unique.  I say this to make you understand the importance of uniqueness in whatever you do. As you make stamps for your business, think about unique stamp designs that are commensurate with your business image to stand out from the crowd.

Thirdly, forgery and brand theft/nearness are rampant nowadays. One way to protect against such practices is to come up with your unique stamp designs.

Some organisations pay special attention to the shape, colour of ink, font style and designs. They make sure that they order their stamps centrally for consistency. They want to stick to their brand. Yes, they do it right. Thumbs up!

oval stamp designs

Oval Stamp Designs

How Can You Make your Stamp Designs Unique?

In this article, I am thrilled to share this fun knowledge on how to make your rubber stamp unique. If you follow the following steps, you will have a stamp that stands out from the crowd. You will be taking action ahead to protect your rubber stamp from forgery. Follow these steps to come up with your unique stamp designs!

First, What Stamp Shape Do You Prefer?

What do you want the shape of your stamp to be? By stamp shape, I mean the form of the impression when you stamp on a paper. Generally, stamp shapes are oval, rectangular, round, square and triangular. Select a stamp shape that rhymes with your brand image. Once selected, it’s a good practice to stick to the same stamp shape for all your stamp needs in the organisation/ business.

Secondly, Make a Research on Various Rubber Stamp Designs!

Think beyond the stamp shape. Look for different designs to select one that not only pleases you but will make you stand out. For instance, if your preference on the stamp shape is round/circular, what unique stamp designs can you integrate into your stamp to make it pleasant and unique? Consider the text designs, the stamp frame and the layout as well. By unique text, I am referring mainly to the font style.

You can do your research online. Alternatively, you can ask the rubber stamp makers to show you the different stamp designs they have on your shape selection.

Remember that while some designs may look right, they may not be applicable in your organisation or business. You need a stamp design that matches your brand. That’s very important.

Thirdly, Get a Stamp Designer Not a Mere Stamp Maker to Design Your Stamp!

This aspect is exciting. Most people who make stamps are just stamp makers. They make rubber stamps with the same design. It’s why you may find similar stamp designs in every office and every company you visit. The only difference is in the content of the stamp. But as far as font style, stamp frame and layout are concerned, you see nothing different. There is no uniqueness. That’s what stamp makers do.

But stamp designers come up with different designs. Sometimes, you find them with different stamp design templates. Additionally, they keep coming up with new ones. They design to improve their service delivery but not just make stamps for the sake of earning money. They provide you with a service that is value for your money. Always make your stamps with a stamp designer BUT NOT with a mere stamp maker.

square stamp designs

Square Stamp Designs

Fourthly, Select the Best Stamp Type for your Design! Pre-inked or Self-inking?

Pre-inked or self-inking stamp, which one will give you the best results? From experience, pre-inked rubber stamps are perfect for giving you unique stamp designs. But if your preference is with self-inking rubber stamps, you may be limited with some stamp designs. Find out the stamp type that will give you the best results? A professional and knowledgeable stamp maker should be able to advise you on this.

Lastly, Select the Colour of the Ink for Your Stamp

Having your unique design involves making a selection of the ink. As you choose the colour of your rubber stamp, make sure it rhymes with the colours of your brand.

In conclusion, let me point out again that stamp designs reflect the brand image of your organisation or business. A stamp that is unique in design helps you to brand yourself well. It protects you against forgery. Always think uniqueness as you make your business stamps. Consider having unique stamp designs that stand out from the crowd!

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