Brother Pre-inked Stamps Are Unbeatable In Quality. Assured!

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brother pre-inked stamps

Brother Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps

Brother pre-inked stamps are stamps where you fill ink in the rubber die. To produce an impression, you gently press it. No pressing hard like it is with most self-inking rubber stamps. The ink passes through the letters/design you put on the rubber to produce a beautiful impression on paper.

These stamps are one of the newest brands in Uganda. Very few people know them and have used them. But those who have tried them out have fallen in love with them. They like them because of their unbeatable quality impressions.

Brother pre-inked stamps are relatively small, simple, very clean and easy to use. Their impressions are crystal clear and dry very fast. As soon as you stamp, they dry.

Features of Brother Pre-inked Stamps

Brother pre-inked stamps are in 11 different sizes, ranging from the smallest of 12 mm by 12 mm to the biggest of 40 mm by 90 mm. They come in 4 different colours: black, blue, red and blue. They have durable rubber surfaces and beautifully designed white ID labels. Each stamp has a cover to protect the rubber from getting dirty or damaged.

Benefits of Using Brother Rubber Stamps


Brother pre-inked stamps are next to none in producing quality impressions. Even the tiniest image or text will appear so bright. It’s one of the primary reasons why people love them. They are the best stamps for logos and detailed designs.


They are so versatile because you can put on them any design and any font style you like. Besides, they can accommodate more information than self-inking stamps. Think of any design, you will put it on these stamps, and it comes out clearly.


Brother rubber stamps are durable. You only have to handle them well by following the advice given to you by the supplier.  You can make so many impressions without refilling. For example, some clients bought these Brother pre-inked stamps over four years ago and have never refilled them. As long as you maintain it well, you will enjoy using it.


If you are looking for stamps that are so difficult for people to forge, then consider using Brother pre-inked stamps. They are forgery-proof. You can use watermarks of logos to make your rubber stamp forge-proof. Secondly, most logos will come out as a photo, which makes it hard to copy. Additionally, you can add your unique specifications to make them hard for anyone to forge.

No accessories

These Brother stamps do not have any accessories like ink pads. The only thing you buy is the refill ink, and this takes a reasonable period to get finished.


Most people are not comfortable with big stamps. And most self-inking rubber stamps are generally big-sized. But Brother pre-inked stamps are comparatively small. Besides, they are so portable.

Cons of Brother Rubber Stamps

Though these stamps are perfect, they also have some disadvantages. Some of the reasons as to why some people may not use them include the following:

Lack of Adjustable Date

They do not come with an adjustable date, which most stamp users want. But if the functionality for which you need the stamp does not require having the date, using Brother Stamps is the best option.

High Price

Secondly, Brother rubber stamps are more expensive than self-inking stamps. Their ink is also costly, although it lasts longer.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for quality stamps that are commensurate with the image of your business, consider buying Brother Pre-inked Stamps. They are durable, forge-proof, clean, portable and versatile. In Uganda, they are currently available only at Goleza Designers Limited.

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