Make your Custom Christmas Cards Order Early, or else You Forget!

Custom Christmas CardsAs we get into the 2018 Christmas season, one of the things you may think about is buying Christmas cards to give to your friends. Our custom Christmas cards are a perfect gift to your loved ones during the festive season. They’re unique with a personal touch. Secondly, we make them with the right own Christmas card messages for your festive celebrations.

We usually make these custom Christmas cards on order. Unlike other card sellers, who stock digitally printed Christmas cards in large quantities, we make ours when we receive your order. It is because we want to give a custom touch with the design of your Christmas cards. We also want to have on them your personalised messages. With personalised cards, we always want to allow ample time for us to produce them. We, therefore, appeal to our potential clients to make their orders early enough to avoid disappointment.

Cost of our custom Christmas cards

Lettered Christmas Card DesignThe cost of the custom Christmas cards we make depends on the kind of material used. We use two types of materials: paper and wood.

Wood Christmas cards are understandably costly because wood is an expensive material these days. The cost of making wooden cards ranges from UGX 25,000/= to UGX 35,000/= depending on the card size.

As for paper custom Christmas cards, the cost varies based on the number of Christmas cards you need. If you need ONE card, we charge UGX 10,000/= because the cost of making one card is higher in terms of time. But if you’re buying five Christmas cards and above, the price for each card goes down. For instance, a pack of 5 cards goes at UGX 20,000/=.

Large orders (100 cards and above) attract very appealing discounts, and the bigger your order is, the less you pay for a single card. For example, the unit cost on orders of 1,000 Christmas cards and above goes down to UGX 1,500/=.

Ordering is easy. No time wastage!

Daddy Mummy Christmas CardWe know that most people nowadays are busier than a few years ago. With the ever-increasing demands at your workplace and home, there is limited time available for you to spend on shopping. Since the internet came to simplify our lives, we also make use of it to make your ordering process easy.


Once you approve, we then begin to produce your custom Christmas cards upon receipt of your partial payment on the entire job. Many times, it takes less than a week to finish an order of about 1,000 Christmas cards. Small orders of one to 10 cards, the turnaround time is in most cases 1 to 2 days.


Finally, let me wind up by asking you to celebrate the festive season with our laser-cut custom Christmas cards. Make your order now to allow enough making time! Good discounts are available for early birds.

We have ringing bells Christmas cards, palm tree Christmas cards and much more. What laser-cut custom Christmas card design do you need?

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