Ringing Bells Christmas Cards – Add Personal Touches To Truly Customize Them!

Nov 25, 2016 | Engraved Products | 0 comments

ringing bells Christmas Cards

Ringing Bells Christmas cards do not have bells ringing. We named them so just because they have images of ringing bells. Each card has five bells of different designs and sizes. We engraved the bells to give a white colour mix, thus adding beauty and uniqueness to the card. You get the impression of the bells when you look at them physically.

You rarely find better invitation cards in Uganda than our laser-cut ringing bells Christmas cards, from the uniqueness of the design to the beauty of the cards. Furthermore, our clients love our products because of the quality of our services.

How Do We Make These Ringing Bells Christmas Cards?

We created these unique Christmas cards for people who want something special. They are unique in design and in the way we produce them. We cut them from high-quality card paper using a laser engraving machine. After engraving and cutting them, we manually glue the paper pieces together.

We engrave and cut all our cards because we focus on uniqueness for every product we produce. We do not print using a digital printer. Everything you see is engraved, be it graphics or texts. Secondly, we consider our customers’ tastes and preferences to be essential. That’s why all the cards we produce are customisable.

How Can You Customise Your Ringing Bells Christmas Cards?

The main card design, which comprises bells, is standard and does not change. We can help you customise these cards in four ways.

  • First, you can change the colour of the paper. Just select card papers of any colour combination you like provided the colours you choose to reveal a white background when engraved.
  • Secondly, you can change the graphics inside the card. There are designs on the left-hand side intended to add beauty to the card.
  • We can put for you any images of your preference.
  • Thirdly, you can change the message. The Christmas message is customisable to suit your needs. Additionally, you may personalise it with names.
  • Lastly, you can change the card size. The standard size is 14 by 20cm. This size is what most people prefer. But you can have your size for your cards.

However, the price of these ringing bells Christmas cards depends on the material cost and engraving time. So the more details you add to your card, the higher the price. 

How Do We Pack The Cards?

We pack all our laser-cut cards in our envelopes which we cut in different sizes and designs. These envelopes enhance the beauty and value of the cards.

In conclusion, our laser-cut Ringing Bells Christmas Cards can make the Christmas occasion special because of their elegance and uniqueness. They are valuable. Think about giving these unique and memorable cards to your family and friends! They will feel so excited and more connected to you.

Goleza Designers Limited also make other types of laser-cut cards like Wedding Invitations, Easter cards, birthday cards, Valentine’s cards, Congratulations cards, Thank You cards, Success Cards, Mother’s Day cards, Father’s Day cards, New Home cards, Pregnancy cards, Anniversary cards, Farewell cards and Sympathy cards.

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