Laser-cut Palm Tree Christmas Cards Please Everyone. No Doubt!

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Laser-Cut Palm Tree Christmas Card

Laser-cut Palm Tree Christmas Cards are one of the best cards for sending Christmas wishes to relatives, friends and colleagues. They make the Christmas occasion much unique for whoever receives them. Goleza Designers is proud to bring you these beautiful cards this festive season. We engrave and cut them from high-quality paper.

With our beautifully designed Palm Tree Christmas cards, you can surprise everyone you give them to. Why? It’s because they have a high perceived value. Besides, you do not need to speak a thousand words. They talk for you. Their uniqueness, beauty and design leave whoever receives them so excited. They are ideal for sending your Christmas greetings and wishes to friends you value.

These book-like laser-cut Palm Tree Christmas cards measure 14cm by 20cm. Each card is composed of two layers. The first layer has a laser-cut design depicting the image of a palm tree with its fruits. It also has the words “Seasonal Greetings” perfectly engraved to give it a unique finish. We design the inner layer personalised with text and images according to individual customer needs.

Furthermore, you can combine papers of any colour to personalise further your Palm Tree Christmas cards. Every client has their preference as far as colour is concerned. We have card papers in various colours from which you can choose.

Which Messages Can You Put on These Laser-Cut Palm Tree Christmas Cards?

When people need a card, they look for one with appealing messages. They need those messages that say it all. However, not everyone has the time to compose messages that connect well with the people they want to give the cards. Fortunately, we have for some years come up with those thrilling messages. With our Christmas messages, you only need to edit them a bit to suit your occasion.

We have a comprehensive collection of good messages you can use on your laser-cut Palm Tree Christmas cards. These messages include:

  • Christmas wishes to customers
  • Messages for employees
  • Nice words for children
  • Christmas love messages
  • Good Christmas messages for parents
  • Christmas messages for friends, etc.



Are you tired of the printed cards? Do you want to convey your Christmas messages on a card that will please everyone? Our laser-cut Palm Tree Christmas cards are comparable to none. Break the routine of giving out digitally printed cards this festive season! Make your order early enough to allow enough time for doing a quality job.

Goleza Designers Limited also make other types of laser-cut cards like Wedding Invitations, Easter cards, birthday cards, Valentine’s cards, Congratulations cards, Thank You cards, Success Cards, Mother’s Day cards, Father’s Day cards, New Home cards, Pregnancy cards, Anniversary cards, Farewell cards and Sympathy cards.

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