Logo Asset Tags Help to Associate Your Property With Your Company

Feb 24, 2019 | Engraving Services | 2 comments

logo asset tags

Logo asset tags are asset identification tags with a company logo and name. Engraving asset tags with your company’s logo is an excellent way of encouraging people to associate your property with your company.

Often, we receive orders from clients who limit themselves to putting identification numbers on their property tags. But at Goleza Designers, whether you include a logo or you do not, the price remains the same. We, therefore, advise our clients to take advantage of it. And we have come up with this post to throw more light on the benefit of using logo property tags.

Why Should You Use Logo Asset Tags?

There are various reasons why every company must put a logo on their asset tags. A mere identification number, barcode or QR code is not enough. Do you know why? Because you miss out on some of the benefits of having a logo included on your tags. These benefits include, and are not limited to, the following:

#1 – Promoting your Brand Image

Brand identity creation is one of the most reliable marketing tools. And by adding a logo to your asset tags, you promote the emotional attachment you want people to have with your business or organisation. It’s one of the ways of communicating your brand image to the public.

For instance, when you attach these tags to your business laptop computers, people who see them when you’re doing your work will associate them with your company. That’s very beneficial to your business.

# 2 – Making It Easy to Identify your Assets

logo property tags

Logo property tags make it easier to identify your property without going into other details. When you come across your asset somewhere, you can quickly tell. But if the tag doesn’t have your company logo, you may fail to know that it is your company’s property instantly.

#3 – Making Your Asset Tags Challenging to Copy

You make it challenging to replicate by adding a logo to your asset tags. Copying text is simple. So an asset tag without a logo is easy to copy. And one can reproduce an identical asset label that looks exactly like the one you have without your knowledge. And this is very risky because some scrupulous employees can easily exchange your assets with counterfeits. For instance, one can change a good laptop with a counterfeit laptop computer.

#4 – Giving a Professional Touch to Your Identification Asset Tags

Giving a professional feel to everything you do in your business is essential. If you make asset tags without a logo, you identify your company with others. Professionalism is vital in business. If you have a logo, why not use it on your tags?


Asset tags with logos are much better than those without them. Then why don’t you integrate your brand in the asset tags you want to attach to your valuable assets? Goleza Designers offers engraved logo property tags at no extra cost. We also use high-quality AlumaMark aluminium that produces high-quality, detailed engraving. Get in touch with us!

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