Engraving Bare Metal – A Service We’re Soon Offering to Our Customers

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engraving bare metal

Engraving Bare Metal

Since we started our engraving business, we have not been engraving bare metal. But we do engrave coated metal and the commonest metal is aluminium. We have two different types of aluminium that we directly engrave onto graphics our customers want. And these are DuraBlack and AlumaMark aluminium. They are a special type of metal prepared for engraving. In Uganda, we are proud to be currently the only engraving business with these products.

Why Haven’t We Been Engraving Bare Metal?

We have taken a long time to venture into engraving bare metal because not many customers come to us for bare metal engraving jobs. This is one reason we didn’t focus much on offering that service. Secondly, we knew that several engravers in Uganda offer this service using manual engraving machines (pantographs) and computerized rotary machines.

But of recent, we are receiving many requests of engraving bare metal like steel, aluminium, brass, iron and copper. With our CO2 laser machine, we cannot directly engrave on different bare metal types without using a special spray to treat the metal before engraving. And because we know that laser engraving offers the best and most high-quality engraving as opposed to other forms of engraving, we’ve now decided to focus on it.

Our next step is now going to be offering bare metal engraving services. We are going to stock special sprays for the treatment of bare metal before engraving. This is when our CO2 laser machine will be able to bond the marking agent to the bare metal, resulting in a permanent mark.

Engraved Medical Kit

Engraved Medical Kit

Using this special metal treatment spray, we shall be able to engrave all types of bare metal. This means that our customers with needs of engraving items like spare parts, watches, tools, medical kits, kitchenware and much more will easily receive the service at affordable prices.

Quality Engraving Assured!

Because we shall be using a laser machine to offer the service, the quality of the engraving will undoubtedly be good. The advantage of metal marking with a CO2 laser is that the mark is produced on top of the metal, without removing material, so there is no impact on the metal’s tolerance or strength.

Engraved Spare Part

Engrave Spare Part

Secondly, our CO2 laser coupled with the pre-treatment given to the metal will produce a high-contrast smooth permanent mark. The marking will be smooth and clean. It will also be permanent. Thirdly, clients will be able to have graphics engraved on their parts with their preferred font type and size. No matter whether the item is small or big, we shall be able to engrave it to your satisfaction.


Although several engravers are offering bare metal engraving in Uganda. We are very sure that our service will supersede theirs because they use manual engraving machines. And manual engraving machines are limited in many ways. If you want clean, smooth, high-contrast and detailed engraving, we shall be your #1 choice. Watch out for more updates on our progress on bare metal engraving!

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