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Industrial Nameplates

Usually, manufacturers attach custom industrial nameplates to their products to identify their brand and provide helpful information to product users. Uganda has many industries, and more get established from time to time. However, these industrialists do not know where to get custom industrial labels for their products.

On several occasions, we have received inquiries about these nameplates. And many times, our customers get surprised to see that we can produce excellent industrial labels. So you do not need to spend time and money ordering them from abroad. Goleza Designers has the potential to make these data plates for any industrial application.

 What Are Industrial Nameplates?

Durablack Aluminium Industrial Nameplate

Durablack Aluminium Industrial Nameplate

You may be wondering what industrial nameplates are. In short, these are labels mounted on products to display helpful information. The products on which industrialists tag them are machinery and heavy equipment because ordinary stickers cannot serve for a long time. People with industries that make such items require long-term product marking to identify their products, brand their businesses, provide instructions and market their goods.

Usually, the materials from which people make industrial nameplates include aluminium, stainless steel and plastic. These materials have to be durable to withstand harsh conditions and vigorous handling. At Goleza Designers, we use Durablack aluminium to produce high-quality identification plates, which we engrave using a modern laser engraving system. But we also make them from the ordinary uncoated aluminium materials commonly found on our local market. However, we apply a special spray on the bare metal to create a permanent long-term marking.

When we engrave Durablack aluminium, the laser etches out the black coating to reveal a shiny silver-white colour. This engraving makes the final product look outstanding. Because the engraving is so precise that even the tiniest characters are visible with a naked eye.

Industrial nameplates usually have a rectangular shape. But we can also produce them in other custom shapes to meet the tastes and preferences of our customers. We also make them in various sizes, but usually not exceeding 10cm by 15cm because of the cost involved.

Since these custom industrial nameplates are strong, it is recommendable to use rivets or screws to attach them to the equipment. But you can also use other mounting options like superglue. When you opt to mount them with glue, make sure you put a thin layer evenly spread on the plate before placing it on the product.

Applications of Industrial Nameplates

durablack aluminium borehole labels

Durablack Aluminium Borehole Label


In Uganda, currently, we receive inquiries and orders from people who make metallic cooking stoves. We also get orders from construction companies that need borehole labels. Occasionally, some customers need industrial labels to put on equipment like transformers. But these are not the only applications for such plates. As more industries get established, the demand for them will increase.

Final Thought

Are you a manufacturer and don’t know where to get custom industrial nameplates for your products? Goleza Designers is the right resource for your needs. We can make high-quality branded product plates that withstand a harsh environment. From the precision of our engraving to the quality of our service delivery, we beat most of our competitors.

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