Make Quick Money – Why The Desire to Get Fast Cash Can Ruin your Life

Make Quick Money

Make Quick Money Syndrome

We all need money to survive in this world. It helps us to solve our problems. Without it, life becomes difficult and unpleasant. It’s the reason why we spend most of our lifetime working to earn it. Because we want to be happy, we have to do something to get it. However, many people nowadays, especially the young generation, get possessed by making quick money.

The burning desire to make quick money has led some people into committing criminal acts. It has made others lose even the little they had when they get convinced to join fast money-making schemes. It has also prevented many others from setting up sustainable sources of income. In the end, you find yourself possessed with the spirit of being greedy with money.

Is It Possible to Make Quick Money?

I will say YES because I have seen several people who have made money quickly. And I’ll say NO because most of the quick-money-making ventures you will hear are not sustainable. Some of them are based on luck while others are significantly risky. And people who use them to get big money quickly have ended up in prison if not dead.

Here Are Some Quick Money Making Ideas

One day, one of my friends won 50 million Uganda shillings (equivalent to USD 14,000) in a grand cash draw. Because he was already an established businessperson, he invested it into his business. It boosted him a lot, and he became a successful businessman.

I have also seen people making quick money through betting. Betting is becoming a big thing among lovers of football in Uganda. Young people spend most of their time and little money betting, hoping to get big cash quickly.

Thief Breaking House


Some people make money quickly through dubious means. These are people who get involved in the following acts.

  • Robbery – with a gun and a mask, you break a house, a store or a bank and move away with big money if you’re lucky. You can also use a hammer to hit a Boda Boda cyclist to steal his motorbike after killing him. This kind of vice is so rampant nowadays in Uganda.
  • Prostitution – there are men everywhere looking for part-time pleasures. Girls who satisfy them sexually can get big money from them.
  • Embezzlement – if you’re working in a public office, you can fraudulently take away money.
  • ATM card theft – stealing money from people through their debit cards.
  • Drug smuggling – selling drugs to people who, in turn, pay you a large sum of money.
  • Conning people – conmen deceive people into doing something and they part away with big sums of money. See how these religious confident tricksters once tried to make fall prey to their tricks.

The above examples are get-rich-quick ventures where people don’t make money the right way. But when you search the internet, you will come across many suggestions to make money fast. But these ideas can only satisfy your monthly financial obligations.

Why You Should Refrain from Thinking to Make Quick Money

Being Greedy With Money

Being Greedy with Money

While it’s possible to make money quickly, I wouldn’t advise people, especially the young ones, to preoccupy their minds with getting fast cash hoping to become rich. Quick money only acts as an answer, not a solution to your financial problems.

I am using two keywords: answer and solution. The answer is short-lived and only helps you to attend to your problem temporarily. For instance, when you don’t have money, thinking to break into a house to get it will help you in the short run. It will never solve your financial problem for a long time. Besides, it’s a criminal act that can lead you to get into prison or death.

The solution is a long-term answer to a problem. For example, if you don’t have money, looking for a job where you will earn a monthly income will help you out of the problem. It’s, therefore, beneficial to have a proper mindset about money. Fast money is surely something that shouldn’t preoccupy your mind.

Secondly, thinking to make quick money in a way breeds laziness. I am worried about the current trend of the way young people get into sports betting. While some people go into it as fun, the majority of them in Uganda think that they will find their fortune through it. As a result, they have made it a full-time job and cannot draw away their attention to other sustainable income sources. It’s because they want to make fast cash instead of considering working out a strategy to become financially secure.

Thirdly, building wealth is a gradual process. It’s not a sprint. If you want to get rich, you have to lay out strategies for walking your way to wealth. It involves changing your mindset to start investing as opposed to thinking about quick money.

Final Thought

It sounds good to be with money because it can help us to solve our financial obligations. However, getting fast cash shouldn’t be your priority. It’s advisable to consider laying out strategies that will lead you to have a long-term sustainable source of income. The earlier you do it the more you are likely to find success and to become financially secure.

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