Being Greedy With Money Ruins You and Your Business

Being Greedy With Money

Being Greedy With Money

We all need money to survive. And everyone has personal financial obligations to meet. We want our businesses to be more profitable. And this can be achieved when we make more money. For us to live and for our businesses to survive, money is so necessary. However, being greedy with money is dangerous. Greed for money has led many people worldwide into problems. Not only that, it’s one of the causes of the collapse of some businesses.

In Uganda, I have seen and read about many people who are money greedy. These people are everywhere and in all walks of life. Young people commit crimes just because they want to amass a lot of money in a short time. Some businesses make money through fraudulent means. They know little that being greedy with money ruins them and their businesses.

What Does ‘Being Greedy with Money’ Mean?

When you’re greedy for money, you want more and more of it even if you have enough. It’s a desire for an excessive amount of money, and this desire has selfish tendencies.

At an individual level, most people may not know that they’re greedy. But there are indicators, of course. Being greedy with money exhibits itself in various forms, which include the following.

  1. Being unwilling to spend

It’s good to be careful with the way you spend your money. However, if you fail to acknowledge that some bit of fun is necessary for your life, then you’re greedy with money.

  1. Being too lose with money

It’s also good to spend wisely the money you make. But if you pay it lavishly trying to show people that you also have it, then you’re greedy for money. You’ll spend without thinking about the consequences. And you’ll need more and more money because you cannot stop consuming it.

  1. Have problems with the rest of your life

When you focus so much on the money when the rest of your life is falling apart, then you’re greedy with money. For instance, working too much, and you forget to have time for your family members makes your relationship with them suffer.

  1. Focusing so much on trying to make more and more money

It’s good to make money because it’s necessary for our survival, and being financially stable makes your life fantastic. However, spending most of your time focusing so much on making more money than you need is a sign of greed.

  1. No paying no attention to those you can help

If you ignore people you can afford to support then you’re greedy with money. Failing to support others when you are able is a selfish tendency coming from being greedy.

What is the Danger of Being Greedy with Money?

Save Money

Greed for money as already said is the excessive love for money or material wealth. It is a lust for more money and wealth as well. Avarice (greed) is never satisfied. It always hungers for more. As a result, it has detrimental consequences to a person as an individual and the business as well. Let me share with you the following dangers of being greedy with money.

Being Greedy with Money Leads to Failure to Enjoy Life

When you have a greedy spirit, you focus more on making money and forget that life is not all about money. Human problems fall into three categories: finance (money), health and relationship. You can have a lot of money, but if the money you long for makes you behave irresponsibly, then you will have problems with your health and relationship.

For instance, if you keep wanting more and more of what is around you, the things you own may end up owning you. Because you need the latest smartphone, the newer model of a car, a fantastic house, nice looking ladies, and much more, you won’t get contented. But all those expenses have to be paid. And this might lead you to too much borrowing. It further leads to other problems related to stress and paying back loans.

In another example, being greedy with money leads to health problems. When greed makes you eat and drink too much, you get health problems, and this makes you so unhappy that you don’t enjoy the money.

When you focus so much on money, and you pay little attention to your relationship with others, e.g. family members, your relationship with them suffers. I have seen many people whose marriages have broken up because money has so much blinded them that they fail to know that they need an excellent relationship to enjoy life.

Greed for Money Leads to Breaking the Law

Avarice has made many people commit unlawful acts. In Uganda, some have broken banks, robbed businesses and killed people in the process. Some don’t break banks or rob but see an opportunity of making a lot of money doing something they think is harmless. And they get caught and imprisoned.

For instance, if you try to avoid paying taxes for yourself and your business, the revenue authority can get you, and you face a prison sentence. Secondly, your business will close up.

In another example, if you’re in business and you fraudulently fail to pay your suppliers, this can lead you to the courts of law where the consequences may turn out bad for you and your business.

Not Minding About Others

As already said, being greedy with money makes you selfish. Greediness kills kindness. You fail to see others necessary. And if you don’t help the people around you, you become a good-for-nothing person. Remember that it’s not only having money that matters a lot in life. Also, you should know that situations change. Today you have it, and tomorrow you may not have it. And when you don’t have it; probably you will also seek support from others.

Greed Leads to Depletion of Natural Resources

Avarice is one of the reasons why people are depleting natural resources. In Uganda, people are turning forests and swamps into living places and business areas. The cutting of trees is on a high level because people are focusing on only getting money.

When people are doing all this, they focus on increasing their quality of life without thinking about how things would be for other people or future generations. Greed blinds them, and they’re not aware of the impending danger until everything is too late.

Greed Kills Business

If you’re in business, you may think that more clients equal more money. And the more money you make, the happier you become. But that’s wrong because you may take on more clients than you efficiently can manage. It may lead to a stressful workload for you and your employees, which eventually makes your clients unsatisfied with your work.

Secondly, being greedy with money makes you not consider your employees important. You make them work hard, but you stockpile all the money for yourself. And when they realise it, they start exiting your business. As they exit, they don’t do you any favours but instead, badmouth you wherever they go.

Thirdly, being greedy with money may lead to bad decision making because you’re all the time preoccupied with making money. For instance, one of your employees may be harassed sexually by a fellow workmate, but because you see that employee working so hard to bring you the money you want, you ignore it. That’s bad because it can ruin your business.

Fourthly, you spend your time thinking about making money instead of looking for ways to improve or to work on your business. But if you don’t help your customers, then you are not helping yourself and your business as well.


Being greedy with money is evil because greed itself is a sin and leads to committing other crimes. It does not help our communities to develop. Even as individuals, we don’t benefit from it. The onus is therefore upon us all to strive to guard ourselves to fall prey to this bad behaviour. What do you think?

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