How Being an Information Seeker Will Help You in Business

Information Seeker

Information Seeker

One of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is being hungry for knowledge. You have to get new skills, knowledge and information to succeed in business. It doesn’t matter whether you are educated or uneducated. Although you may not have gone far in your studies, you can benefit significantly from the quality of being an information seeker in what you do.

One day, I was listening to one of the FM radio programmes in which the presenter hosted a wealthy young woman of about 38 years. This lady narrated her journey to riches which, according to her, was full of ups and downs. She started as a housegirl. As a housemaid, her boss attempted to abuse her sexually. She left the housekeeping job and started buying and selling secondhand clothes.  One day, highway robbers waylaid them and disappeared with everything they had.

She looked for a job and got one in a bank. In the bank, she was doing a cleaning job. She used to wake up so early and left late in the evening. Although she had a paying job, she wasn’t happy with it because it was so tiresome.

While at the bank, she used to see many rich men and women depositing and withdrawing money from the bank. There was a particularly wealthy woman she admired and wanted to contact her in vain. One day, the rich woman threw some papers in a dustbin. She went and picked them up. Luckily, she found her telephone contact. She spoke to the lady, and that was where her luck was.

Become an Information Seeker to Succeed in Business!

If you have never done business before you will find it hard to operate a business profitably if you don’t equip yourself with knowledge and skills. For example, to run a laser engraving business, you will need to learn certain things before you venture into it. And even after establishing it, you will continue to look for new information to succeed in it.

To be specific, you will need to learn the following:

  • Graphic designing
  • Marketing skills
  • Engraving skills
  • Business record keeping

Most people think they have to learn things in a formal setting. But we have seen successful business people who dropped out of school early. They managed to make it because they committed themselves to acquiring practical knowledge informally.  It, therefore, follows that if you want to become a winner, you have to always be an information seeker.

I have always mentioned that formal education can give you a living but informed education is what gives you a fortune. The things you learn in class with others are common knowledge for everyone. But what you pick by yourself is what makes you special. It becomes the secret to your success. Think about becoming an information seeker.

Have Strategies for Seeking Information

To become an effective information seeker, you need to have information sources that will help you to find a solution to your learning needs. These information sources are many and we cannot exhaust them all here. Just to help you, let us look at a few of them, which we’re also using to grow our business.

  • The Internet – this is an excellent source of information if you know how to use it. There is almost nothing you cannot get on the internet.
  • Exposure – getting ideas through exposure has helped me learn a lot of things. Make it a habit to look for learning situations that will present to you new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • Observation –  learn certain things by being mindful of your surroundings. What do they present to you? Take note of it and use it to consolidate your strengths or improve in your weak areas. I use this strategy quite often to discover what works and what doesn’t in our laser engraving business.
  • Books – There are books on every subject. You can always one on any subject of interest, read it and get the knowledge you need to improve your livelihood.


Success in life and business depends upon several aspects. Knowledge is power. Whether you’re educated or not. Do not limit yourself to what you learn in school in a formal setting. Outside the school setting, there is a lot to know to reengineer yourself. Learn to be an information seeker if you need to succeed in everything you do.

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