Web Hosting Quality Services, A Key To Success In Your Online Business

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web hosting

Hostgator Web Hosting

Web hosting is one of the most prevalent online services provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP). It is the process of storing your website on a public server. Your website is composed of web pages. Web pages are files containing your website information. For other people to view your website, you have to publish it by copying your data to a web server. Web servers are computers generally maintained by ISPs. You can also use your computer as a web server if it’s connected to a network.

Though you can host your website on your server (computer), it’s so difficult for individuals and small businesses. It involves enormous expenses on hardware, labour and software. It’s the reason why people prefer hosting their websites on servers owned by ISPs.

Hostgator is the best web hosting company. The quality of their services is so good that all their customers worldwide are proud of them. Hostgator hosts over 8 million domains. Their services are comparatively cheap and affordable to most people.

Why Does Hostgator Rank So High Amongst Other Web Hosting Service Providers?

Not all hosting companies provide reliable services. You need to host your business website with a good company. The following are some of the reasons for recommending Hostgator to you as your number one website hosting service provider:

Provides Feature-Rich Web Hosting Services

They have all the features most people look for in a quality website hosting company. Secondly, they have features like unlimited bandwidth and disk space and unlimited domain names (you can host as many websites as you wish under your account). Thirdly, they also have a site builder and shopping carts for eCommerce websites. Their email capabilities include unlimited POP mails accounts, unlimited autoresponders, mailing lists and mail forwarding. You can also have easy access to your log files, unrestricted CGI-bin, access to SSL encryption for secure transactions, statistics on your visits, MySQL database, Perl, PHP and many others.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Connection Speed

They have the fastest connection speed to the internet. It’s so good for business. Low connection speed leads to poor no business at all.

24-hour Support

Their online customer support program is incomparable to none. They have over 850 dedicated workers who provide 24-hour support. You can seek assistance via their toll-free telephone line, email or live chat.  I have always felt happy with the help I receive through their live chat program.

Powerful Hardware

Hostgator is a web hosting company with potent equipment that never disappoints its clients. They have web servers that are shared by several companies. They have capable load balancing and backup servers. Most importantly, they run daily backup routines. As a result, you remain assured of not losing your valuable data.

Security and Stability

Hostgator are specialists in web hosting. They have the latest software patches and the best virus protection. Their servers have more than 99% uptime.

Email Capabilities

Hostgator supports all the email capabilities you may need. You will never get stranded on this aspect.

Content Restriction

You can publish pictures, broadcast videos or sounds on your website.

Affordable Services

Hostgator offers quality services at very affordable prices. At a monthly subscription fee of $3.96 for a three-year package, you host your website. If you have a coupon from an existing customer, you get a discount of 25%.

Easy to Use

Hostgator is a web hosting service that is easy to use. You have to take a few minutes navigating its interface to learn how it works. If you encounter some difficulties, you can read the frequently asked questions. You can also visit the user forum to learn from others. You can watch video tutorials for easy learning.

Variety of Web Hosting Packages

Hostgator offers three different packages, namely Hatching, Baby and Business plans. You can select the package that best suits your website hosting needs.

Finally, if you are a serious business person, it’s crucial for you to select a high-quality web hosting service provider. As a caution, never go for free web hosting services!

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