How to Use Brother Rubber Stamps and Preserve Their Longevity

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Use Brother Rubber Stamps

Use Brother Rubber Stamps

Brother rubber stamps also referred to as pre-inked stamps, produce very clean fast-drying impressions. In Uganda, most of our clients who have used them have fallen in love with them. They’re simple, forge-proof and easy to use. They have a durable rubber surface and stunning ID labels.

Although they’re easy to use, we have some people who don’t handle them well to prolong their lifetime. It’s the reason why we’re coming up with this post to help our customers. In this post, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use brother rubber stamps and
  • Refill your Brother rubber stamps

How to Use Brother Rubber Stamps

Let’s begin by understanding the different parts of Brother rubber stamps to help you know their functions and use them. They include:

  1. The stamp holder – this is the top cover on which there is an ID label. It’s the one you hold when stamping on a document.
  2. ID label – this is a beautifully designed identification label that makes it easier to pick up the required stamp.
  3. Refill holes – these are holes where you power drops of the ink.
  4. Bottom cover – all brother rubber stamps have a protective bottom cover. It protects the rubber from being scratched or eaten by insects like cockroaches.
  5. Refill ink – this is the recommended ink you use to re-fill your Brother rubber stamp.

Brother Stamp Features

Brother Stamp Features

Using brother rubber stamps is simple. But to preserve their longevity, the user has to consider the following.

  1. Always use the stamp on an even surface

Why must you use Brother stamp on a flat surface? It’s because uneven surfaces may cause two things to happen. The first one is an inability to create a good impression on your document. The second one is creating a depression onto the stamp rubber surface. When this happens, some parts of the stamp cease to appear because they are sunken.

  1. Always put back the bottom cover after using it

Failure to keep your stamp with the bottom cover on may lead to the following issues:

  • Exposure to the risk of picking dirt like dust. Dust can block the letters through which ink passes. It spoils it.
  • The risk of getting the rubber scratched and damaged by insects and getting scratched. When insects damage the stamp, the ink will begin oozing out through the damaged area. As a result, you will get a poor impression.

How to Refill your Brother Rubber Stamps

When you see the stamp faint or incomplete, it means you have to re-ink it. To refill it, follow the three steps below:

  1. Remove the holder from the stamp.

Stamp Holder

Stamp Holder

When removing the holder, please make sure the bottom protective cover is on. If you don’t keep the bottom cover on, you risk pressing the stamp rubber to develop depression, which is terrible. With the lid on, hold the top holder firmly and pull it off the stamp unit.

  1. Use the ink bottle to add 5 to 7 drops of ink to each refill hole.
  • Be extremely careful when adding ink.

If by mistake ink drops outside the holes, use a soft tissue like toilet paper to clean it off before putting it back in the holder. If you don’t, you risk making the stamp dirty with ink.

Brother Refill Ink

Brother Refill Ink

Secondly, do not use any other ink other than the one recommended by Brother. And this is brother refill ink (sold separately at Goleza Designers at 12  US dollars which is UGX 45,000/=). If you use any other ink, you will damage the stamp.

Thirdly, if you add too much ink, it will start leaking from the stamp surface. If such a thing happens, make a test stamp on scrap paper to remove the excess ink.

  1. Put the holder back

After putting the holder back, keep the stamp facing down until the ink begins to flow through the letters. This step is essential, and it takes a while. And it’s advisable to add ink when you’re retiring home after your day’s work so that you give it enough time to settle overnight.

Remember that failure to keep the stamp facing down will result in ink coming out if by mistake you turn it upside down. And this will make your Brother stamp dirty.


Brother rubber stamps are so user-friendly and can last long if you use them properly. We have clients who bought them as far as 2009, and up to now, they’re still using them. You only have to add ink, and you continue using them for over 50,000 impressions.

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