Round Stamp Designs Are Good for Establishing your Business Brand with

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brother pre-inked stamps

Brother Pre-inked Stamps

One of the stamp designs we always recommend to our customers is the round stamp design. First, it produces elegant impressions with which most people cannot resist the temptation to fall in love. Secondly, there are many round stamp designs from which you can select one that makes your company recognisable.

However, most people in Uganda limit themselves to the usual simple designs. That’s okay, and there is no problem with it. But if you want a stamp to establish a strong brand identity and market your business with it, then it’s prudent to consider having a unique design. You need a design that stands out to leave an important message to people. That’s when you will outshine your competition.

We’re happy this time to share with you our ideas on some of the round stamp designs we have developed over time. They range from simple office designs to decorative stamp designs that could be your favourite choice for branding purposes. And next time you consider buying a stamp, we think our ideas will hopefully help you to make an informed choice on your stamp design.

Four Categories of Round Stamp Designs

We have categorised these designs into four groups from which you can choose. They include:

  • Simple border round stamp designs
  • Dotted border round stamp designs
  • Text-bordered round stamp designs
  • Decorated stamp designs

#1 – Simple Border Round Stamps

Simple Round Stamp Designs

Simple Round Rubber Stamp Designs

These are the most standard designs most people use in Uganda. These stamp designs primarily comprise circles with complete borderlines. There are variations in the number of spheres used, depending on the customers’ preferences and tastes.

#2 – Dotted Border Stamp Designs

Dotted Round Stamp Designs

Dotted Round Rubber Stamps

These stamps designs are almost the same as the ones in #1. The only difference is that their circles are made up of dotted borders. Sometimes, they can have both complete borderlines and dotted border lines. They look excellent and corporate indeed.

#3 – Text-Bordered Stamp Designs

Text Bordered Round Stamp Designs

Text Bordered Round Stamps

The main identifying feature of these stamps is that they have the stamp text outside the circles. You can vary the line thickness of the borders of the inner circles to add beauty and uniqueness. Though most people in Uganda don’t style their stamps this way, the designs themselves are attractive and unique.

#4 – Decorated Round Rubber Stamp Designs

Round Stamp Designs

Round Rubber Stamp Designs

Instead of having dotted or complete borderlines of the circles, we have different decorations all around the stamp impression. With such stamp designs, it’s possible to brand yourself entirely in a unique way to outshine your competition.

Ugandans do not use decorated stamp designs so much because of not having exposure to them. Secondly, Ugandans tend to opt for designs they commonly see around them. Not many have explored such decorative designs. But if you operate a business, you can have a unique design to establish your brand with it.


If you need a rubber stamp for your business, consider using a design that will make your business brand stand out from the competition. It should be unique and attractive. Rubber stamps from Goleza Designers are of a high quality, uniquely designed and in many cases difficult to forge.

To order for the stamp is as easy as sending us your stamp details and logo to us by email or WhatsApp (+256-772-327373). We shall make sample designs and share them with you. Once you approve, we make it and deliver it to you.

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