Reusable Name Tags Are Perfect in High Staff Turnover Environments

Reusable Name Tags

Many times, we’ve received clients looking for name tags with a reusable option. These are mostly companies with high employee turnover and are tired of spending vast amounts of money on buying name tags every year. Through our creative mind, we came up with different reusable name tags to solve the problem.

Our reusable name tags are indeed a perfect solution for companies in environments with high staff turnover. In businesses like hotels, wearing name badges is a norm because of the need for employee identification and brand identity. However, such companies many times experience high staff turnover. As a result, they frequently spend money on tags each time they recruit new employees. But with our reusable name tags, such unnecessary expenditure is ironed out.

These reusable name tags come with engraved double line name card inserts, which you slide in and out. You can put the employees’ names on the first line and their positions on the second line. They also come with either a pin fastener or magnetic fastener, depending on your budget and preference. Currently, we make them in two colours: gold and silver. The standard measurements are 7.5 cm wide by 3 cm high.

What Are The Benefits of the Goleza Reusable Name Tags?

Name Card InsertWhen you choose to use these reusable name tags, you will enjoy the following benefits.

Cost Effectiveness

The most significant benefit you will get is that these reusable name tags are affordable and convenient. They’re inexpensive given that you use them over and over with different employees. Secondly, they’re also easy to use.

Saving Time and Money

When you use these name badges, you will no longer spend money on buying tags each time you recruit new staff. You can use them again and again by simply removing the name card insert with the old name and replace it with another one. You can easily make your name card inserts buy printing the names with your office printer whenever the need for replacement arises.

For you to be able to reuse these name tags with other employees, you must put a system in place. You have to make the reusable name tags part of the handover process for employees exiting your company. If you don’t do this, employees will go away with them.

Secondly, when you use these name badges, you save time. You will no longer waste your valuable time going through again the ordering process.

Ability to Change the Name Insert Color

Change Name Card Insert ColorThe third benefit is the ability to change the colour of the name card inserts. Initially, you get the reusable name tags in one colour, either gold or silver. But if at any given time, you want to be a little bit creative for some reasons, you use a name card insert of a different colour.

As a tip, for example, when you create a name card insert on a reflective sticker, it works so well at night. People will be able to read the employees names even at night.

Silver Reusable Name CardAbility to Customize them with your Company Logo and Name

You’ve got the option of having your name tags engraved with your company logo and name. It is an excellent way of promoting your business brand image.


If you’re tired of spending your money and time on name badges each time you recruit new staff, consider buying the Goleza reusable name tags. They’re durable, precisely made and a perfect solution to companies with environments of high employee turnover. Make your order today!

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