Photo Rubber Stamps – You Can Now Make a Stamp with Your Photo in Uganda

Sep 25, 2016 | Engraving Services | 2 comments

photo stamp impression

Photo Stamp Impression

Photo rubber stamps are one of the most difficult stamps to make in the rubber stamp industry. Most stamp makers in Uganda, if not all, cannot make a stamp with the ability to produce a photo impression. It’s really a difficult task for them. Why? They do not have the technology and skill to turn digital photos into high-quality photo rubber stamps.

At Goleza Designers, you can now create custom photo rubber stamps in not more than 30 minutes. We have the ability to turn any digital photo in any format into a unique photo stamp. Our stamps leave a unique, nice and sharp looking impression you will ever see from rubber stamps in Uganda – up to 600 dpi, similar to a high-quality laser printer. No need for stamp pads. You only refill it with oil ink, after making about 100 impressions. Generally, stamps print with one colour. Our photo rubber stamps come in four different colours: blue, black, red and green. This means your photo impression will be black and white if you use a black stamp. But if you use a red stamp, it will appear as red and white. The same thing happens with other stamp colours.

How We Design Our Photo Rubber Stamps

Photo Rubber Stamps

Photo Rubber Stamp

First, we need a digital photo. But if you have a hard copy, we can still turn it into a digital photo. The photos we use must be of high quality. That’s important. They should preferably have a clear background and a good resolution. Remember that the clarity of the impression of the photo stamps we make depends largely on the quality of the photo. Secondly, we enclose your photo using our design software in nice-looking frames. We have several different frame designs from which you can choose one that best meets your needs. Are you looking for a stamp made with your photo? We are the source for real photo rubber stamps. Through our innovative technology, we are able to craft for you high-quality crystal clear photo stamps that will serve you for more than 50,000 impressions. Guaranteed!

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    What is the cost of a photo rubber stamp

    • Charles Kiyimba

      It depends on the stamp size on which you want to put the photo. But a standard stamp size is 65k



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