Look Forward to Achieve in 2018 – Forget 2017 for it has gone Forever!

New Year Wishes 2018

New Year Wishes 2018

Today 31st December 2017, we are ending the year. Yeah! Whether it has been good or bad for you, we are saying goodbye to it and welcoming 2018.  We need to look forward to achievements in 2018. At this time, people are rejoicing over what they have been able to accomplish during 2017. There are also those who are lamenting about it, referring to it as a terrible year. They want it to go, hoping for a better life in 2018.

The death of loved ones is one of the many happenings that make people refer to a year as a bad year. I know 2017 took away many people that contributed significantly to our lives. Death is natural. We cannot help it because we don’t have much control over it. It’s the reason why we always leave it to the Almighty, and we always pray that He keeps us alive for some more years.

However, there are certain happenings in our lives we can always have control over to achieve whatever we need to accomplish during the year. Living your destiny requires you to do meaningful things and have a purpose in life. You cannot do useful things without focusing on them. Likewise, it’s hard to concentrate on something without a goal. I, therefore, appeal to you in this article to endeavour to achieve something tangible in 2018 as part of your personal development.

Look Forward

Look Forward

Why Should You Look Forward and Forget 2017?

It doesn’t matter what the past year has been like for you. What matters is that you have been able to push through it alive. You, therefore have a reason to rejoice when ending 2017. Life is a great gift from God. He has kept you alive through all the difficulties you encountered. Because you are still living, you can look forward to accomplishing so many things.

Now is time for you to look forward to achieving your plans in 2018. If you don’t do it, you may continue lamenting at the end of 2018. To look ahead, you have to be with a purpose. What are you aiming at achieving in 2018? Is it buying a car? Are you building a house, starting a business or growing it? What is it?

As a business person, let me use a business-related example to explain this further. Let’s assume that you are already in business and 2017 was a bad year because your turnover was below your expectations. This scenario worries you so much. You want 2018 to be your year of improvement in your business. Can you achieve business success when you don’t look forward to it? It’s doubtable.

Actionable Plan

Actionable Plan

How Do You Then Look Forward to Achievement in 2018?

First, you set your purpose. Using the example above, if you want to improve your turnover, you need to do the following:

  • Determine where you are now – what was your turnover by the end of 2017?
  • Identify the problem that you should address – not selling enough because you don’t have customers (the problem is not having customers).
  • Determine what you need to do to solve the problem – curry out sustainable marketing methods to bring clients to your business, hence increased turnover.
  • Consider the possible barriers to your proposed solutions – insufficient budget.
  • Take action – daily actions to perform.

From the above analysis, you can determine that you want to increase your turnover. To increase your turnover in 2018, you must set a measurable objective towards which you will work to achieve. You can, therefore, set your goal like this:

“To increase our business turnover by 30% from 40 million to over 50 million through sustainable marketing methods by the end of 2018.”

Having set your objective, then you have to consider small achievable daily, weekly or monthly actions you will perform to achieve your purpose. For instance, your performable actions can be, amongst others, the following:

  • Advertise our business through the classified adverts in the New Vision everyday effective March 2018
  • Issue a business card to every new contact with over 1500 contacts expected and effective January 2018.
  • To print 500 door hangars with company name, contact information and a list of products and services offered for hanging doors in industrial parks, businesses and offices after working hours, effective January 2018.

You can think of as many actions as you can afford to work with during the year.

Take Actions

Note! No Achievement Without Taking Action!

The most crucial aspect on the road to any success is taking action. Without taking action, you will never achieve any objective. You will continue to lament without seeing any progress in your business, endeavours and your life. It’s therefore vital to make it a practice to work on the actions you set every day, every week and every month. That’s when you will rejoice over what you will have accomplished throughout 2018.


Now is time to look forward as we end 2017. The journey to success in whatever you do has never stopped. You may have made some achievements in 2017, but that should not blindfold you.

Look forward to achieving more and more!

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