Guinea Fowl Key Chain – A Unique Item For Holding Your Keys

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guinea fowl key chain

Guinea Fowl Key Chain

We engrave the Guinea Fowl Key chain with the image of a guinea fowl, a wild bird native to the continent of Africa. Guinea fowls are medium-sized ground-feeding wild birds, so common in most parts of Uganda. They are grey and have small white spots all over the body. Guinea Fowls are a valuable source of meat, eggs and feathers since the olden days. They are social, monogamous and can live up to 20 years.

This engraved guinea fowl key chain is unique and an excellent item for people who love birds. Its engraving is deep, detailed and very accurate, making it appealing to everyone.

Discover My Secret Behind The Guinea Fowl Key Chain

Most people would wonder why I chose to make the Guinea fowl key chain. First of all, the appearance of this wild bird is so attractive to me. It’s one of the undomesticated birds anybody would love to see. Even if you are not a bird lover, the appearance of a guinea fowl appeals to your eyes.

Secondly, I respect them for their intelligence. It is quite ridiculous. And most people would not agree with me. Most people know guinea fowls as the stupidest birds. When scared, they have no sense of self-preservation. It’s so especially with the domestic ones. But from my personal experience, they are intelligent. Why? Read the story!

When I was growing up in the village, I enjoyed trapping animals and birds. It was my pastime and a hobby. Besides, I derived a lot of excitement when I succeeded in catching something. Additionally, it awakened my creativity in me. Believe me or not, trapping something and you get it requires creativity, or else you don’t get anything at all.

Guinea fowls are among the birds that gave me a lot of headaches to trap. In fact, throughout my trapping life, I only succeeded in getting only one. Because of that, I grew up knowing they are bright birds. And it’s one reason why I chose to come up with a guinea fowl key chain.

Materials From Which We Make The Guinea Fowl Keychain

guinea fowl key chain

Guinea Fowl Car Keychain

We cut the guinea fowl key chain from Ugandan wood, which includes and is not limited to Mahogany, Lusambya (Markhamia Lutea), Nkalati (Pachystela brevipes), Muvule (Milicia excelsa), Nkago (Funtumia Elastica) and Nzingu (Mitragyne Stipulosa. All these wood species are hardwood. Each type has its appearance, and the engraving looks attractive.

Every guinea fowl key chain we make consists of a metallic ring where you can put your key(s) and a small four-chain link attached to the engraved wood with an eye pin screw. It is round and measures 4 cm wide with a thickness of 6 mm.

What Purposes Can The Engraved Guinea Fowl Key Holder Serve?

Understandably, people use keychains (keyholders as some people refer to them) to hold keys together. People use them every day. Almost every person has one. But apart from that, they are lovely promotional aids. This guinea fowl key chain can be used to promote wildlife preservation – like preserving the guinea fowl.

Secondly, this guinea fowl key chain can make a wonderful gift to your friends and relatives. Guinea fowls are only in Africa. People who come to Africa and see them would love to share their experiences with others back home. And giving out a small memorial gift to someone is indeed lovely. It’s a little gift, but with a high perceived value. Do you have any questions? Please share it with us!

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