Wooden Key Holders for Promotional Purposes

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wooden key holders

Wooden Keyholders

We all use key holders (or keychains) to keep our keys together. But very few people use wooden keyholders. Our local market gets circulated with imported keyholders made of metal or plastic.

The need for these keychains is ever there because we all use them. We use them at home, in institutions and in our businesses because they are inevitable. It’s like every man has one in his pockets and every woman has it in her handbag.

But do you mind about the kind of keyholder you hold? Observably, most people don’t. They only need a key holder to serve the purpose of holding keys together. Interestingly, some don’t even have a key holder but a mere ring.

At Goleza Designers, we mind about the kind of keyholder you handle. Does it blend with your class? You may look executive, learned and moneyed. But a small thing like a key holder can contradict your brand.

Our wooden keyholders are the answer because they look executive, trendy and attractive. Secondly, they are unique and durable. We cut them with a laser engraving machine from our local hardwood. You can customise them with texts or images. All our wooden keyholders are double-faced. Secondly, the engraving is deep, accurate and detailed.

We make them in sizes of 3x7cm, 4x4cm and 2×4.6cm from pieces of wood with a thickness of 3mm or 6mm and different designs that appeal to everyone. Available are oval, rectangular, round and square shapes.

Wooden Key Holders Are Great For Promoting Your Business

wooden key holders

Wooden Key Holders

If you’ve been looking for a way of promoting your business, wooden keyholders are suitable for that purpose. Whoever receives it, keeps it. Why? It’s because it looks attractive and unique to everyone. It’s an excellent marketing tool that can help you to penetrate the market quickly. Don’t you think so?

Making a few wooden keyholders for your clients helps you to keep them. They hardly forget you with your business. To promote your business effectively with these keyholders, you have to make them with the branding and contacts of your business. Give them to your valuable customers as gifts. They will appreciate and feel so connected to you.

Remember, they use them to keep their keys together. They see them every day and every time they open and close their houses and offices. You market to them continuously.

As I wind up, let me also say that I use quite often these wooden keyholders to promote our engraving company. They have brought good business. I give them out free to my potential clients. I also give them to customers as gifts. Sometimes, I customise them with the name of their businesses. They love it. Personalised wooden keyholders are such a fantastic marketing tool. Try them once. You will appreciate me later for giving you this effective promotional method.

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