Trophy Awards – What You Didn’t Know About Goleza Trophy Awards

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Trophy Awards

Trophy awards are one of the types of custom awards Goleza Designers makes. Since we started making awards, we have enjoyed receiving good comments about them. We realised that most people in Uganda have limited budgets and cannot afford those imported because they are expensive. It’s one of the reasons we ventured into making awards for providing our customers with quality awards at affordable prices.

We have created a reasonable number of trophy awards, and our customers have always appreciated them. Our awards look unique. They have a very high perceived value, yet they are comparatively cheaper than what other award makers around Kampala charge. We can always make something valuable that fits your budget if you need quality trophy awards with a limited budget.

Which Materials Do We Use for Making Trophy Awards?

Like all the other types of awards we make, we use acrylic (or Perspex), wood, aluminium and colour stickers to fabricate the trophy awards. We cut the award shapes from thick clear acrylic (between 5mm and 15mm). We primarily use wood to make the award bases. And we use high-quality AlumaMark aluminium for your writings, which we attach to the bottom. We can add colour directly to your award or use colour stickers to spice it up.

Why Choose Goleza Designers to Make your Trophy Awards?

Custom Trophy Awards

Custom Trophy Awards

#1 – Our Awards Are Custom-Made

We start with your idea and build your trophy awards around it. With our graphic designing skills, we transform your concept into something that meets your goal. Once you approve, then we begin making them. We assemble the shapes we cut in our workshop. To ensure quality, we control every step of production so that we meet your goals.

#2 – We Make Unique Awards

Uniqueness is one of the values we emphasise in our business. We don’t want to make you something that you will find everywhere. It loses value. Though we build all the awards on the customers’ ideas, how we design them and use the materials makes them look unique. If you also embrace uniqueness, Goleza Designers can do you a satisfactory job.

#3 – Quality Awards

We don’t make awards for the sake of earning money. It’s why we mind so much about the quality of the awards we give to our customers. Therefore, we check every step in the production process to ensure that we meet our quality standards and avoid mistakes.

Colour Sticker Awards

Colour Sticker Awards

#4 – Timely Deliveries

Most customers give a short time, like three days, to make their awards. It’s ok if you are making, say, five awards. But sometimes we get orders of more than 20 trophy awards, which we have to make in a short time. But we’ve always been able to deliver on time to avoid disappointing our clients because we know that awards have deadlines for giving them out.

#5 – Durability Is Assured

We focus on making durable trophy awards for all our customers. Awards must live to the test of time because they mean a lot to the people who receive them and their descendants.

#6 – Reasonable Prices

Our prices are comparatively lower than those charged by other award makers without compromising the quality. Even if your budget is small, we can always work with you to get what you want.


Partner with Goleza Designers to craft your custom trophy awards with high perceived value if you want to recognise achievement and inspire continued success. They are unique in design and style, durable, and pocket-friendly. Besides, we always deliver to our clients on time.

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