Facebook Page: How To Drive Your Facebook Page Fans To Your Website

Nov 19, 2017 | Business Marketing | 0 comments

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook page is a good source of the traffic to your website. If you have a good number of fans, you should attract them to your site. Remember that these are also some of your targeted potential customers. You shouldn’t neglect them. Since they already know you, it’s easier to turn them into real customers.
Most people concentrate on driving visitors to their Facebook page. They forget that it’s a two-way affair. As you work towards getting more Facebook fans to like your page, you should also focus on driving them to your website.

How Do You Drive Your Facebook Page Fans to Your Website?

In this article, I would like to share with you five ways of persuading your Facebook fans to visit your website. They include the following:

1. Offering a Special Discount

Use your page to provide an attractive discount on the product you are selling on your site. Tell your fans that if they visit your page to buy the product, they will be given a discount. It will eventually persuade them to visit your site and even buy your product at a discounted price.

Facebook page

Facebook page

2. Using a Social RSS

Adding a Social RSS application to your page enables you to share your content with your fans. Whenever you post a new article, it automatically appears on your Facebook page. Secondly, when your Facebook visitors visit your Social RSS page, they can see excerpts of your recent posts with links to your website. When they click on the links, they are redirected to your site to read the entire blog post of their preference. Thirdly, they also have a chance to subscribe to your website articles and to continue receiving your information.

3. Running a Contest on Your Website

One effective way of engaging your fans on your Facebook page is by running contests. You can also run it on your website. Inform your fans about it and provide them with a link to the page where you have it. They will get attracted by the contest and end up visiting your page.

4. Offering a Free E-Book

Many people surf the internet in search of information. Offering a free e-book about a topic related to the niche you are promoting can smoothly drive traffic to your website. All that you need to do is to tell your Facebook fans about the free offer with a link to your site.

5. Providing Engaging Content on your Website

Content is a king in online businesses. It’s a very effective marketing method that most online marketers use to market their businesses. But to benefit from the content you post on your site, it has to be of high quality, unique and compelling your visitors to read. Sharing your website content on your Facebook page drives your fans to visit your site, provided it answers their needs.

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