Facebook Fans: How To Build A Strong Lasting Relationship With Them

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Facebook Fans

Facebook Fans

Your Facebook fans are simply people or friends who like your Facebook page. Building a lasting relationship with them, after liking your page, is not easy. It’s easy to have fans, but keeping them engaged throughout is where most people have difficulties.

Once your Facebook fans discover that there is nothing beneficial on your page, they get disappointed. And when they do, they don’t return to it. You count numbers of fans, but in the real sense, those figures don’t reflect the actual number of people that follow you regularly. Most people have many friends, but very few manage to engage them effectively.

As soon as you set up your Facebook page and invite people, begin immediately to build a strong relationship with your Facebook fans. Keep them wanting to come back to your page by applying various strategies. You are on Facebook to have fun, and so do others. But you are also on Facebook to serve both your potential and existing customers. To successfully turn them into lifelong fans and customers, you should provide them with what they want. Know what makes them feel happy and what solves their problems.

Which Practical Ways Can You Use to Build a Healthy and Lasting Relationship with Your Facebook Fans?

In this blog post, let me share with you some of the useful strategies you should use to build a lasting relationship with your Facebook fans, both on your Facebook page and profile.

1. Have Fun!

Most people join Facebook to have fun and to socialise with others. Even if your intention of creating a Facebook page was to promote your business, you could never succeed in Facebook marketing unless you engage people with fun. Make your page enjoyable by coming up with various ways of providing them with the fun they want.

2. Give Free Information to Educate Them!

Free useful information acts as bait to attract your Facebook fans and customers to come back to your page. Educate them with free but valuable information by posting on your page quality content, videos and photos.

3. Update Your Page Regularly!

Giving a great experience to your Facebook fans and other people, who visit your page is very important. You can do this through the content and other materials you post on your page. However, too much of anything is always wrong. You should regulate your postings. You should neither post too much nor too little. The best practice is to schedule your posting. For instance, you can publish an article today, a photo tomorrow, another blog post the following day and a video once in a fortnight. Have a pattern of working on your page!

4. Recognise Your Facebook Fans!

People feel good when they are recognised. For instance, you can come up with a programme whereby you reward the best interactive person on your page once in a month by crowning him/her and tag the photo on their Facebook profile. When they wake up to this kind of surprise, they feel happy, and many times they share the information with their colleagues. Do you see how it works? You, too, can come up with your practical strategy and use it.

5. Keep to Your Niche!

Yes, you can have fun, write good content and upload good photos and videos, but if you deviate from your theme or your niche, you are likely to lose business. People will come to have fun and get educated, but they may not take the actions you expect them to take.

6. Connect With Your Facebook Fans!

Facebook has provided us with excellent tools such as the “Live Chat” and a Private Message feature. Use them to connect to your fans individually so that you become personable and they, too, get to feel that you are with them.

Facebook Fans

Facebook Fans

7. Share Meaningful Moments With Your Fans!

To build a lasting relationship with your fans and customers on your Facebook page, you have to learn to share happy moments and memorable experiences with them. Through pinned posts, milestones and starred stories, you can create beautiful memories for them.

Pinning a post enables you to post to the top of your timeline a photo or a video on a special occasion or activity in your business, and it remains there for one week. Highlighting starred stories and important milestones in your business by making your content, videos and photos occupy the two columns of your timeline helps you to attract the attention of your Facebook fans.

8. Organise a Contest!

Most people, by nature, like competing and winning. You can innovatively come up with a contest in which your fans will race, and you give the winner something.

9. Be Innovative!

Most of the activities you will perform to promote your Facebook page require innovativeness. You have to be innovative by coming up with various methods of keeping a lasting relationship with your customers as well as your fans.

10. Ask Your Fans!

Most people limit themselves to posting photos, videos and content on their page. But that’s not the only thing you can do to promote your page. Visit pages of others and make comments. Ask people questions to seek their opinion and to give them something to do on your page.

11. Inspire Them!

People like those who inspire them to achieve something in life. Everyone needs to become successful in whatever they do. As you work on your page, inspire your Facebook fans so that they can feel good about your contribution to their lives.

12. Understand Them!

Understanding Your Fans

Understanding Fans

You cannot build a lasting relationship with your Facebook fans unless you get to know them, and they also get to know you well. It means that you have to know what they like and dislike, what makes them happy, what satisfies their needs and their changing life.

13. Respect the Ideas of Your Facebook Fans!

Receive their ideas and opinions positively. Never become defensive. And never attack your fans or customers. Even when they present themselves in an attacking manner, play it calm and constructively. Listen to what they say, respect their views and respond to them assertively.

14. Visit Your Facebook Profile and Page Every Day!

It’s indeed hard to succeed in Facebook marketing if you do not visit your page every day. It’s a good practice to spend some few minutes every day interacting with your fans. Apart from working on the material you post to your page, have time to look at the news feed, friends’ requests, private messages, the activity and friends feed. Have time to interact with your fans accordingly. By so doing, you will build a strong, trusting and lasting relationship with your Facebook fans. Do you see how it works?

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