Facebook Cover Photos: How To Design Effective Facebook Cover Images

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Facebook Cover Images

Facebook Cover Images

Designing quality Facebook cover photos is a skill needed for creating successful Facebook pages for your businesses. In this blog post, let me share with you some of the essential aspects you should know before you design your Facebook cover photos.
Let’s understand what Facebook cover photos are. These are large pictures you upload on top of your Facebook pages, measuring 851 pixels long and 315 pixels wide. Pixels are the smallest units of an image. They are dots used to display an image on a screen or printed matter.

Which Key Aspects Should You Consider When Designing Your Facebook Cover Photos?

If you want to design compelling photos for your Facebook pages, there are important considerations to make, which include the following:

1. Positive branding of your business
2. The design of your Facebook cover photos
3. The size of your cover photos
4. The Facebook cover image“Don’ts.”

1. Positive Branding of Your Business

Sample Facebook Cover Image

Sample Facebook Cover Image

Your Facebook cover photos represent the brand image of your business. They have to communicate the identity of your companies to the people who visit your pages. It means that they have to be relevant to your niche and your target market as well.

For instance, while a photo of beautiful young ladies might look attractive to some people and draw their attention if you are selling office stamps, it does not relate to your business and target market. Hence, it will not effectively communicate the image of your business. Besides, you are likely to lose your targeted customers.

2. The Design of Your Facebook Cover Photos

The design of your Facebook cover images matters a lot. They should be well-designed images and attractive enough to persuade people to return to your Facebook pages. They should be able to turn visitors into real fans or customers. Remember, they have to relate to your business.

You should take the design of your Facebook cover photos to be so crucial because they are the perfect space to tell your visitors more about your brand, products, services or drive home a call to action. Think of creative ways that could, therefore, bring out one or two of the following:

  • Speak to a niche audience
  • Appeal to the senses
  • Inspire creativity
  • Inspire a purchase

Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook Cover Photos


  • Share your value proposition
  • Express your personality
  • Celebrate memories
  • Sell the experience

3. The Size of Your Cover Photos

As already mentioned, useful Facebook cover photos should measure 851 pixels by 315 pixels. It’s essential to design your images with that resolution before uploading them. It makes them display correctly on your page. If you use small icons, they will stretch to larger sizes, which eventually causes them to display unclearly. Using overstretched images as your Facebook cover photos makes you look unprofessional. It doesn’t bring you good business.

On the other hand, if you use big images, some of their parts will be hidden. It again does not show professionalism. If you lack excellent graphic designing skills, you must get someone knowledgeable to design your quality and professional images. Alternatively, get someone who has mastered the skill of creating quality Facebook pages to set up your pages.

4. The Facebook Cover Image “Don’ts”

There are restrictions put in place by Facebook on the information put on cover photos. You have to abide by them if you do not want Facebook to penalise you. You are not supposed to use your cover photos for promotional purposes. Never do that! It can land you into trouble. You have to avoid putting on your cover images promotional information depicting prices and contact information such as your email address, telephone contacts, web address and physical address.

You should avoid making calls to action. For example, do not persuade your users to like or to share your page. Such information should only be limited to places like your “About page” and on your customised tabs. Read more useful information on Facebook cover photo best practices.


As I wind up, let me ask you: “Is your Facebook cover image conforming to these quality standards?” If so, then you’re on the right track. But if not, you have to consider changing your cover image for better results immediately. And if you intend to create pages for your businesses, use this information to set up useful pages for your business.

Finally, if you need to set up a professional Facebook page, and you don’t have the expertise, use someone professional to do it for you. Goleza Designers Ltd offers professional Facebook Setup Services at affordable prices

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