Educate Customers: 11 Ways Of Educating Clients In Your Business

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Educate Customers 

Educate customers to increase sales and profits in your business! Always bear that in your mind! And give it a priority when you start a business! In my previous article, “Customer Education, A Prerequisite To Your Home Business Success”, I emphasised the importance of customer education. To effectively educate your customers, research what they need to know first. Secondly, use the information you get to select the most effective ways of conveying it to your targeted customers.

How Do You Educate Customers?

There are several methods by which you can educate your customers. Some cost money while others don’t. Let me share the 11 most effective ways of educating your clients.

♦ Write articles

Article writing is one of the most effective ways of informing customers. If you have a website, posting educative articles does wonder. If you don’t have a website, you can still write articles and post them in local newspapers. This medium helps your potential customers to learn about your products or services.

♦ Offer samples

Samples offer a chance for your potential customers to learn more about your product/service. For instance, giving a free trial of a product you sell online is one way through which you can educate customers.

♦ Share information on a CD

Prepare your information on CDs. It is easy and a method used by many people. You have to look for your targeted customers and give out CDs to them.

♦ Write a book

Educate customers through writing a book about your products or services. Most successful entrepreneurs have written books on the products they offer.

♦ Run talks

Educate customers through lectures. You can organise these talks in your own business. You can also hold them on a special occasion. Look for opportunities where you can talk to your targeted customers.

♦ Participate in exhibitions to educate customers

Exhibiting at conferences and shows is an effective method to meet decision-makers in organisations and businesses. Usually, such exhibitions attract people who are hungry for information. Take advantage and use them to educate your clients!

What Else Can You Do to Educate Them?

♦ Give online demonstrations/presentations

Do you have a website? You can educate clients by sharing information on your website, e.g. presentations. Customers can quickly learn about your products/services when they visit your site.

Don’t you have a website? Don’t worry! Join social networks, e.g. Facebook, to create a Facebook page. Ask your customers to like it. Post educative information regularly! Videos are good indeed for this kind of task. Don’t like Facebook? No problem. Other social networks like Linkedin and Twitter can serve the same purpose. Join one of your preferences!

♦ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The FAQ is a very effective way of educating customers if you have a website. Most businesses with an online presence use this method.

♦ Offer training

Training is so much used to educate customers. For instance, if you promote health products, you can organise a training at your own business to train people on the products.

♦ Give demonstrations.

Use demonstrations to educate customers about your business. There are various ways of doing this. Your challenge is to look for the most effective ways to deliver your message. Be creative! You will win!

♦ Use teleconferences.

Teleconferences are meetings with two or more participants using more sophisticated technology than a two-way phone connection. It can be an audio conference or a video conference. Teleconferences are a modern method used by many businesses to educate customers.

Finally, as you educate customers in your business, you should be creative with your approaches. Find out what your customers already know about your business! Find out what more they need to know! Select the best ways to deliver information. Deliver it continuously and make a follow-up on the effectiveness of your customer education!

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