Do You Have a Business Activity Plan in your Business?

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Creating Business Activity Plan

Creating Business Activity Plan

As we begin the New Year, it’s essential to plan for your business ahead of time. However, most Ugandans business startups neither develop a marketing plan nor a business activity plan. Either they don’t know, or they know but are just hesitant to do it.

But if you’re a success-conscious businessperson, you need to change your ways of doing business. The days of running a business haphazardly are gone. These days, you have to be smart in everything you do to succeed in business.  That’s when you will continue surviving in business even during hard times.

We all want to succeed in business. Most Ugandans will tell you that business success is when you can make a lot of money in business. Although it’s true that we are in business to make money, business success in itself is not only measured by monetary rewards. It’s more than the money you make.

Business success comes in different forms. It entails achieving or accomplishing your business goals. For example, if your business goal is to get 500 new customers each spending at least $30 (UGX 112,500/=) to reach the total revenue of $15,000 (UGX 56,250,000/=) by the end of the year, you need to be proactive. You don’t just say it or think about it in your mind. You have to take action by doing a few things.

Develop a Business Activity Plan

One of the most important activities you will do is to create a business activity plan. A business activity plan is just a set of activities you will carry out to achieve your goals. Using the example above, you have to identify result-oriented activities that you will do to get 500 new customers, who will eventually bring you a turnover of $15,000.

Marketing Plan Format

Marketing Plan Format

So you have to sit with your team to plan. The source of the activities you include in your business activity plan is your marketing plan. You derive your activity plan from your marketing plan. Your marketing plan features aspects like your business goals, specific objectives, timeframe, indicators and budget. But your business activity plan focuses more on the activities and their accomplishment spread over 12 months. It’s, therefore, a detailed work plan.

Business Activity Plan

Business Activity Plan

Your business activity plan goes through two processes:

  1. Defining the activities and
  2. Sequencing the events

Your first task, as you plan, is to identify the various activities that will lead to achieving your specific objectives, hence your business goal. If you’re a team, you can best do this through brainstorming. The second task is to organise your activities in order of doing them.

What Do You Do After Creating Your Activity

It does not help to have a business activity plan that you will not follow. Failure to do your work as per your activity plan leads to failure to succeed in your planned goals.  As you create your activity plan, it’s therefore essential to make everyone on your teamwork towards its fulfilment. That’s when you will count yourself successful by the end of the day.


As I conclude, I would like to appeal to you to plan your way in business. Avoid doing things haphazardly without any proper direction. And if you have a team under you, you won’t be able to measure their contribution to your business. By taking the time to develop a business activity plan, you will be able to measure your success in business. Do you have any contributions to this post? Please use the comment section below to share it with us.

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