Brother Rubber Stamps Are The Best For Crystal Clear Impressions

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Brother Rubber Stamps

Goleza Designers offer two brands of rubber stamps to their customers: Brother rubber stamps and Shiny Self-inking stamps. The two brands use different mechanisms to produce an impression on the paper. While Brother rubber stamps are pre-inked stamps, Shiny rubber stamps are self-inking stamps.  If you need to know this distinction between them, read further the article we wrote on the difference between pre-inked stamps and self-inking stamps.

But in this article, let us throw more light on the Brother rubber stamps, which most of our customers don’t know. And because they don’t know them well, it’s difficult for them to appreciate them. But they have an untold secret that we would like to reveal to you.

Discover the Untold Secret About Brother Rubber Stamps

These stamps, which come in four different colours of blue, red, green and black, are the only stamps that can produce very crystal clear and fast-drying impressions. There are two good things with them: having bright prints and having fast-drying oil ink.

Let’s put it this way, when it comes to the clarity of the impressions they produce on the paper, they are unbeatable. In Uganda, there is no other brand that delivers prints that are clearer than that of the Brother rubber stamps. Even the tiniest graphics or tiny characters come out clearly.

When it comes to printing company logos, Brother rubber stamps beat all other brands. Any logo you want to put on your rubber stamp, whether simple or so detailed, will come out clearly. It shades the logo that you have in colours the way you would see a photo in black and white. That’s great. Even if you need a photo stamp, it will produce your picture as clearly as you would see it delivered with a camera. The clarity of the stamp impression is so crucial for branding purposes.

Secondly, because Brother rubber stamps use oil ink, their impressions dry so fast. A fast-drying print is another reason why they are clear. When you stamp on a paper, the ink will not move at all. As you remove the stamp from the document after making the impression, the ink is already dry.

What Are the Benefits of Using Brother Stamps?

brother pre-inked stamps

Brother Pre-inked Stamps

In addition to the hidden secrets mentioned above, Brother rubber stamps have the following benefits to the user.

  • They are a soft touch. You press it slightly to produce an excellent stamp impression.
  • You can choose from a range of stamp designs, ranging from round stamp designs to rectangular, oval, square and triangular designs. You can virtually use freely any design you want for your stamp to produce.
  • They are portable and easy to use. These stamps are comparatively small with the ability to accommodate more information.
  • Impressions produced by Brother stamps are difficult to forge. They are forge-proof because of their ability to add effects like watermarks and several others.
  • You can design your stamp with any stamp font type and size of your preference. Any font type you want, you can print it on the rubber stamp. Secondly, you can have even the smallest character appear clearly.
  • Ink dries out as soon as you lift the stamp from the stamped document, keeping your work always clean.
  • There are 11 different stamp sizes. It gives you a wide range of selection that fits your budget and tastes.
  • The stamp gives you a guaranteed number of impressions of over 50,000 with proper re-inking, giving you a long time.
  • The stamps produce evenly spread out stamp impressions throughout their lifetime.
  • Lastly but not least, the stamp quality will significantly improve the brand of your business, organisation, company or institution.


Most people in Uganda, when they need a stamp, they want one with an adjustable date. Unfortunately, Brother rubber stamps do not come with a factory changeable date. But because you need a crystal clear impression of all the benefits mentioned above, there is a reason to opt for Brother rubber stamps. We offer them at customer-friendly prices.

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