Acrylic Award Bases Make Your Custom Accolades Look More Appealing

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acrylic award bases

We started by mounting our accolades on wooden stands when we ventured into the custom award-making business. Later, we realised that these wooden stands were not bringing out the quality of work we wanted. We then went back to our drawing board for improvement. Through our creative minds, we developed acrylic award bases.

We cut these custom award bases or stands from acrylic, a plastic-like material with outstanding strength and stiffness. It comes in sheets. There is transparent acrylic, which is glass-like. There is also coloured acrylic with either solid or translucent colours. Acrylic has different trade names. Sometimes people refer to it as Plexiglass, Perspex, Acrylite, Perclax, Crylux and Lucite.

We make our acrylic award bases from black Perspex. But we can also make them from any other coloured Flexglass. We prefer black because it contrasts with transparent Perspex, which we usually use for making the award shapes.

Why are Acrylic Award Bases Good?

acrylic award base

Custom Award With Built acrylic Base

As already said earlier, we made our first customs awards with wooden bases. These bases had some shortcomings. For example, getting dry timber from suppliers was not easy. Undried wood tends to shrink with time, making our work look unprofessional. Secondly, wooden bases could get damaged quickly on the edges. This aspect made them susceptible to unexpected damages. And finishing them to a point they could look appealing was time-consuming.

But when we developed acrylic award bases, we did away with the above problems which we used to encounter. They look appealing to our customers and make our accolades feelingly have some reasonable weight which many people want.

These awards bases are custom-made. But our standard size measures 12 cm by 5 cm by 5cm. These dimensions are suitable for an accolade of the A5 size, which most people prefer. It also fits in the budget of most of our clients. If you want an award bigger than the A5 size, we adjust the measurements accordingly to match its size.

Which Award Labels Do We Mount on the Acrylic Bases?

Coloured Acrylic Award

Coloured Acrylic Award

The options for labels are many. At Goleza Designers, we offer two types of award labels. We have metallic ones which we make from AlumaMark aluminium and those we make from wood. They all look excellent and professional.

AlumaMark award labels have a fine finish and are usually available in gold and silver colours. You can put graphics like logos, photos and texts on them. They’re so durable and scratch-proof. However, they are more expensive. But if you want something more corporate, the high cost is secondary.

Wooden award labels, on the other hand, are comparatively inexpensive. The good news is that they give the accolade a natural feel. Since most of the materials we use for making custom awards are artificial, adding wood pieces to them brings out the natural feeling. Secondly, we give wood a deep engraving to make it look pleasant.


The type of award bases we make from acrylic is an innovation of Goleza Designers. They give the accolades we create a pleasant appearance. Additionally, they add to the award some reasonable weight most people want. Are you looking for professionally crafted custom accolades? Get in touch with us to make your order!

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