15 Ways To Promote Facebook Business Pages

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Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

Promoting Facebook Business Pages is not tricky. You only need to know what to do and how to do it right. One thing you should understand is that building a successful business takes time. It also requires you to work on your business from time to time persistently. The 15 ways I am sharing with you in this article are easy. You can without difficulty grasp them and apply them gradually to promote your Facebook business pages.

How Can You Effectively Promote Your Facebook Business Pages?

If you want to successfully promote your Facebook business pages and build a strong team of followers, who will gradually convert into real customers, you should use the following promotional methods to drive traffic to your page.

1. Add a “Welcome” Page to Your Facebook Page

Though it sounds simple, it’s instrumental in persuading your Facebook page visitors to like your page. And all that you have to do is to create a “Welcome” tab. Customise it with a beautiful image and a great welcome message. In your tab tell your visitors, especially those visiting your page for the first time, about your page and your niche. Tell them what you wish them to do and how happy you feel by them visiting your page.

To create a “Welcome” tab, log into your Facebook account. Use Facebook search to look for “Static HTML: iframe tab”. Download the application and add it to your page. Write your customised message. Make sure it’s accessible to the public so that you don’t limit its visibility to only your real fans.

2. Put a Facebook Page Badge on Your Blog or Website

If you have a website, invite your website visitors to follow you on your Facebook page. You do it by inserting a Facebook icon on your site with a link to your page. If you already have enough traffic coming to your website, it’s more likely that they will visit your page and even like it.

3. Invite Friends to Your Facebook Business Pages

Invite your existing Facebook fans to like your pages. It’s a great way to promote your Facebook business pages. Since they are already people following you on your Facebook profile, it’s easy to attract them to become your Facebook page fans.

4. Use Your Facebook Page Address (or URL) on Your Business Cards and any Other Marketing Materials

To promote Facebook Business pages, make your Facebook address visible to all people you interact with through your formal communications. Put your Facebook URL on your all business cards, letters, invoices and any other material you use to communicate to people.

5. Advertise With Facebook Ads

Promote your Facebook Business pages with Facebook ads to reach your target market. The good thing is that with Facebook ads, you can select the demographics of people you want to see your advert through the settings provided on age, sex, location, etc. Select the keywords you want people to use to get to your advert. Advertising on Facebook is simple. Just log in to your Facebook account. Click on any of the advertising options provided like “Create An Ad” and “Promote Your Page”.

6. Send an Email to Your Customers and Friends

After creating your Facebook page, one of the first free marketing methods you should apply is to write an email. Send it to the people you have in your email contacts. Tell them about the pages you have created and ask them to like them. Alternatively, you can invite your email contacts by clicking on the link in the drop-down menu under “Build Audience” at the top of your pages when logged in to use the feature provided by Facebook.

7. Use your Facebook URL in Your Email Signature

Put your Facebook page address in your email signature so that whenever you send emails to the people you interact with, you also promote your page to them. It makes your Facebook page visible. The more people see your Facebook address, the more they are likely to visit it and even like it.

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Business Pages

8. Keep Your Page Interesting

To promote Facebook business pages successfully, you should keep them lively and exciting. Give people a sound reason to like your page and keep coming back.

9. Invite Friends of Your Favourite Marketers

If you already have fans that are in the same niche as you, you can search their Facebook profiles and befriend their friends. A good number of people will accept your friends’ requests and when they do, send them a “Thank you” message and invite them to visit your Facebook business page.

10. Feature Your Friends on Your Pages

Promote your Facebook business pages by featuring your big fans on them. It’s an effective method, especially if you have already attracted a sizeable number of visitors to your page. Make them aware that you have featured them on your pages. In many cases, they will feel good and proud of it. It will prompt them to talk about it and share it on their websites, blogs or Facebook pages. Do you see how it works?

11. Use Facebook Search to Look for Pages and Like Them

You can also promote your Facebook business pages by using the Search feature to look for pages that are related to your niche and like them. What you should do is enter keywords related to your niche in the search box. Select the pages that will show up and like them or subscribe to them. It will prompt others to like your page too.

12. Learn From Others What Works for Them

There are many tricks from A to Z that you can learn from successful pages. Learn how to create fantastic Facebook page cover images, profile pictures, videos and photos. Look for people with successful pages. Use their pages as a benchmark for good practices and tricks that lead to their success.

13. Blog About Your Facebook Pages

Write good content to market your Facebook business pages and post it on your blog. If your blog already has a good number of visitors, the articles you write and publish on it will act as a channel for driving traffic to your Facebook business pages.

14. Tag Your Friends in the Videos and Photos

Tagging is a useful feature on Facebook. You can tag your business photos and videos on your friends’ names to create a link to their timeline. The tagged photos or videos appear on your friends’ timelines and become visible to the friends of your tagged friends. Do you see how you can make people talk about your stuff and even like it?

15. Promote Facebook Business Pages on Other Media Social Networks

If you already belong to other networks, do not underrate their ability to drive traffic to your page. By doing so, you are indirectly inviting your followers on those networks to visit your page and like it.

As I conclude, use the above techniques to promote your Facebook business pages. It will help you to build your business to success.

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