Wooden Wall Decor – Add Visual Interest to your Home with 3D Effect Wall Art!

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Wooden Wall Decor

Wooden Wall Art

We are happy to have pioneered the production of laser-cut wooden wall decor onto the Ugandan market. These laser-cut art pieces are unique in design with a stunningly beautiful look because of their 3D effect. We cut them with a laser from either local hardwood or high-quality plywood. After cutting them, we add a personal touch to make them so appealing to everyone.

As you already know, a picture is worth a thousand words. The wooden wall decor pieces we make are genuinely worth more than a thousand words. And if you’re tired of looking at your rooms with empty spaces, we provide you with a solution to dress them up with our laser-cut wooden wall decor. Trust us because we have a wide range of wall art ideas from which you can make your selection.

Benefits of Using Goleza Wooden Wall Decor

There are four reasons why our wooden wall decor provides an excellent solution to your decorating needs. When you use it, you enjoy the following benefits:

#1 – Uniqueness

When we thought of venturing into making wooden wall decor, we wanted to bring to our clients something unique. Our ultimate aim was to make a difference in people’s lives with unique wall art. Admittedly, our wall art pieces are unique in design with a 3D effect. We design these art pieces to meet the varying decorating needs and tastes of our customers.

#2 – Bringing Life to Dead Spaces

If you have empty spaces in your home, office or business, and you need to add captivating art pieces, we have a perfect solution for your need.

#3 – Create a Welcoming Environment for Your Visitors

Indeed, our wooden wall decor provides a welcoming atmosphere for anybody. The artwork we make adds visual interest to your home, office or business. When visitors or clients look at them, they admire them for a while. They, therefore, keep the visitors’ eyes busy, thus making them feel happy.

#4 – Ability to Communicate your Values and Brand

We make these wall art pieces to meet the varying clients’ needs, values and brands. For instance, if you are a wildlife promoter or lover, pieces depicting images of animals, birds and plants can be of interest to you. Secondly, they are the ones that communicate your brand to your targeted customers.

Types of Wooden Wall Decor We Make

We offer a wide range of laser-cut wall hangings, categorised as animal, botanical, birds, patterned, religious and design wall decor.

#1 – Animal Wooden Wall Decor

Dog Wooden Wall Decor

Laser-cut Dog Wall Art

This category comprises wooden wall decor pieces that depict both domestic and wild animals. These are animals you will find in Uganda and other parts of the world as well. We can cut the animals while in action to communicate some messages to the viewer. There are numerous ideas related to animal wall decor, which we turn into real decorative objects.

Animal wall art is a good addition to your interior decorating needs. Additionally, it’s a great way to communicate your brand, values, interest and beliefs. For instance, in Uganda, some tribes use animals to represent their clan totems. Therefore, cutting an animal wall art with some text added can turn out to be a good way of communicating your totem or values to others.

#2 – Patterned Wooden Wall Decor

Patterned Wooden Wall Decor

Patterned Wooden Wall Decor

Making wooden wall art is one of the applications of our laser-cut patterns. Laser-cut patterned wall art is nice for your interior designing needs. We have a wide variety of intricate patterns, and we add new ones from time to time. You can bring a beautifully designed patterned wall art piece into your home to enhance and compliment your home interior.

#3 – Birds Wooden Wall Art

Guinea Fowl Wooden Wall Decor

Guinea Fowl Wooden Wall Decor

This category consists of unique wall art that depicts images of both domestic and wild birds. Birds are everywhere, but most people see them flying in the air or roosting on tree branches. But through our original engraving, you can bring the incredible beauty of these winged creatures into your home.

The beauty of these birds wooden wall decor delights many people. We have a wide selection of birds wall art like owls, guinea fowls, parrots, eagles, domestic birds and much more. Normally, such art pieces look communicative when they depict birds in some action.

#4 – Botanical Wooden Wall Decor

Laser-cut Oak Tree Wall Decor

In this category, we produce one-of-a-kind wooden wall art depicting images of plants like trees and flowers. This wall art is an excellent addition to your interior decor and one of our best-selling types of art pieces. Most people remain to wonder how on earth one can cut an intricate design of, for example, an oak tree. Such art pieces offer an eye-catching centre of attraction in your home, office or business.

#5 – Religious Wooden Wall Art

The majority of Ugandans are active Christians and Moslems. Ugandans are known the world over to be prayerful. It’s why we thought of creating wooden wall decor that depicts images relating to the different religious beliefs. We make art pieces for Catholics, Protestants, Moslems and Born-Again.

If you are a believer in any of those Faiths, adding an art piece relating to your Faith can serve to strengthen your relationship with God.

#6 – Design Wooden Wall Decor

This category consists of wood wall decor that doesn’t feature in any of the five other types mentioned above. Here we design anything and turn it into an art piece that appeals to people. These are unique art pieces we cut with unique and intricate designs that create a clean atmosphere in your home.


Goleza wooden wall decor is unique and beautifully designed to complement the interior of your home, office or business. Each wood wall art piece has a 3D effect and an individually unique design, making it a one-of-a-kind decorative art piece that creates an excellent atmosphere in any room. With our wall art, you can communicate your values and brands to others. Additionally, you can bring nature into your home, business or office.

If you need to make lovely art pieces of this kind, just come to our shop to make your order. Alternatively, you can contact us through our business contacts.

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