Uganda Map Award is a Great Way to Increase your Country Recognition

Uganda Map Award

The Uganda Map Award is one of the extensive selections of custom award designs Goleza Designers offers. It’s one of the great ways to recognise your country while simultaneously rewarding your team, employees, clients and business partners as well. There is no doubt that when you build your award ideas around the Uganda Map Award design, you promote our country, Uganda. It, therefore, makes not only an outstanding award but also a grand prize and souvenir.

The Uganda Map Award design depicts the image of Uganda. We make this award from a combination of acrylic and wood. We design it in a way that acrylic forms the mainland while wood forms Lake Victoria, Uganda’s most significant water body. The base of the award comprises of wood and acrylic, the edges of which we bevel at 30 degrees to give it an attractive finish.

How can you use the Uganda Map Award?

This Uganda Map Award is suitable for honouring people with distinguished service in Uganda. These could be either civil servants or people employed in the private sector like organisations.  It makes an outstanding Service Appreciation Award. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind award to give to such people, consider building your ideas around this beautiful and appealing Uganda Map Award.

Apart from using it as an award, it is also a perfect gift idea. You can give it as a present to expatriates or foreigners who have worked in Uganda. Most people would appreciate it because it doubles as a gift and a souvenir as well. It keeps their memories about Uganda alive whenever they look at it wherever they are.


Are you looking for an award that would also act as a special gift to someone? Consider making The Uganda Map Award from Goleza Designers Limited. We craft it for you at relatively low prices in any size you want. It makes a fantastic Service Appreciation Award and an excellent gift idea. Besides, it promotes the recognition of our country.

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