Who Are The Top Internet Marketing Gurus In Your Country?

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Top Internet Gurus

Top Internet Gurus

I have done some simple homework. And this homework has been searching for top internet marketing gurus around the world. My observation is that most of the successful internet marketing gurus are in developed countries. Over 80% of them are in the USA. Why? One of the reasons is that computer literacy levels are higher in the USA than elsewhere in the world.

top internet marketing gurus

Top Internet Marketing Gurus

According to CIA World Factbook, the USA had 498 million internet hosts by 2012. China and USA toppled the list of the highest number of internet users with 389 million and 245 million by 2012. This means that the higher the computer literacy levels in a country the bigger the number of online marketing gurus. Secondly, the USA invested in the internet a long time ago. Over the years, they have continued to do so. This has created a strong foundation for every American to access the internet. Over 76% of Americans have a computer at home. Their accessibility to computers is so conducive to the production of top internet marketing gurus in the world.

Forbes Magazine listed 10 top internet marketing gurus in 2014. They included Brian Clark, Belle Beth Cooper, Matt Cutts, Rand Fishkin, Michael Hyatt, Avinash Kaushik, Wil Reynolds, Danny Sullivan and Gary Vaynerchuk. There are many other top internet marketing gurus that Forbes didn’t mention. For instance, experts like Darren Rowse, Seth Godin, John Show, Yaro Starak, Pat Flynn, Neil Patel and many more are all top internet marketing gurus. Most of them are American entrepreneurs.

Are There Top Internet Marketing Gurus in Uganda?

One of the questions that came to my mind was: “Does Uganda also have top internet marketing gurus?” I tried to search around. I discovered that Uganda does not have outstanding online marketing gurus. When I researched Uganda’s computer literacy levels, I discovered that computer literacy is very minimal. Up to 12% of the population (34,758,809 – July 2013 estimate) had access to the internet. Most people are not able to acquire computer skills due to the high cost of computers. For instance, in the budget for the financial year 2014/15, the government increased tax on computers. This makes it harder for people to buy them.

Despite the low levels of computer literacy, statistics indicate that there is a big improvement. According to CIA World Factbook, Uganda had 33,082 internet hosts by 2010. This was a big increase of 92% from 2,692 internet hosts in 2004. With these figures, Uganda was ranked 103rd in the world. CIA World Factbook further reveals that Uganda had 3.2 million internet users in 2009. This was an increase of 99% from 25,000 internet users in 2000. With these figures, Uganda was ranked 66th among the countries with the highest internet users.

Although Uganda doesn’t have currently top internet marketing gurus, statistics indicate that the number of people able to use computers and related technology is increasing steadily. The number of people with a range of skills covering levels of elementary use to programming and advanced problem solving is increasing. Ugandans can now venture into the internet business to exploit the opportunities offered in the online marketing industry.

Why is Online Marketing too Limited to Produce Experts?

The truth is that online marketing is still in its rudimentary form. People lack the essentials of online business. Although computer accessibility is on the increase, most internet users have elementary knowledge and skills. Most people who venture into online business lack the expertise.


If you’ve read this article to this point, I would like to throw the same question to you. Who are the promising top internet marketing gurus in your country? Who are they? I mean those who make big money from internet marketing? Those who make a living entirely on internet marketing? Leave your comment below to share with us!

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