Snipping Tool – How To Create Quality Images For Your Site With The Snipping Tool

snipping tool

Snipping Tool

A snipping tool, what is it? The word “Snipping” comes from the verb “to snip”. To snip something is to cut it or to cut through it quickly using sharp scissors. A snipping tool is a tool (software) used to cut images on your screen and use them in various ways. With this tool, you can capture any images or material on your screen using your mouse. After snipping it, you can add notes on it, edit it, save it, share it and use it on your website.

Where Is the Snipping Tool on your Computer?

Modern computers come with a free built-in snipping tool. To use it, click on the “START” button at the bottom left corner, and then click on “All Programs”. Under “Accessories”, look for “Snipping Tool”. You should be able to find it. But if you cannot see it with this method, the easiest way of getting to it is by using the search box, located below “All Programs”, to enter the words “Snipping Tool”. If it’s on your computer, it will show up immediately.

Snipping Tool Location

Snipping Tool Location

What if you don’t have it installed on your computer? Don’t worry! If you discover that you don’t have it on your computer! You could still fix it. What you should do is download it and install it on your computer. There are several websites from which you can download it free of charge. Just search for “free snipping tool download” and download it. Remember to select a download that is compatible with your Windows Operating System!

An image accompanies almost every written piece of work you produce and upload on your site. Pictures speak a thousand words and spice up your website.

A snipping tool is a useful tool in web development. When used correctly, it enhances your ability to create quality images for your site. As you already may have known, web development requires quality images. Images created with a snipping tool are usually in formats like PNG (Portable Network Graphics), JPEG and GIF. I recommend formatting your images in PNG because they’re crystal clear and load faster.

It would be hard to capture screen images and use them for your web development without the snipping tool. It’s, therefore, essential to know how to use it. It’s a simple tool to use. It doesn’t need much expertise but just knowing a few basics.

How Do You then Create Images With It?

Snipping Tool Menu

Snipping Tool Menu

First, you should know that this tool provides you with four types of snips, and they include:

1. Free-form snip – used to draw freehand shapes (e.g. circles, triangles, etc…) around any objects.
2. Rectangular snip – used to drag the cursor around the object to produce a rectangular or square image.
3. Window snip – used to capture a browser window or dialogue box you have selected.
4. Full-screen snip – used to obtain a full screen.

Steps to Follow When Creating Images With the Snipping Tool

1. Capture the image.

To capture a screenshot of an object, open the snipping tool and click on “New”. Click on the arrow next to the “New” button. In the drop-down menu, select the snip type you want to use to capture the object.

2. Edit your image.

Edit Image

Edit Image

After capturing the object, you may edit it to suit your needs. You can add notes by using the customizable pen. As you add notes, use the “Eraser” to remove any mistakes. You can also use it to remove unwanted parts of your image. Use the “Highlighter” if there are any parts of your pictures you want to highlight!

3. Save the image in order not to lose your work.

Click on “File” and in the “Save As” dialogue box, enter the file name and choose a location where you prefer saving your snap. It’s advisable to select a name related to the main keywords of your content for optimisation purposes (will discuss that later).

4. Finally, upload the image to your website and integrate it into your content.

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