Rising Star Awards – Recognize Ugandans for Outstanding Achievements!

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Rising Star Awards

Rising star awards, also known as Shooting Star Awards, are used to recognise worldwide people for their distinguished achievements in all walks of life. In Uganda, there are young people with a capacity for accomplishment. For instance, some people contribute exceptionally to achieving your goals at your workplace. In schools, there are also students with an outstanding contribution to the success of schools in various areas. Do you ever reward them? If so, how do you do it?

Indeed, most employers in Uganda don’t have programmes for recognising their employees for their exceptional contributions. Those who do it limit themselves to simple, tangible prizes that do not live to the test of time. For instance, in an organisation where I worked for some time, there was a Ring Award programme for recognising long-serving employees. That was good. However, the ring does not stand the test of time to inspire others.

Our Rising Star Awards stand the test of time from generation to generation. That’s an excellent thing because it brings pride to the family of the receiver of the award. Secondly, it inspires people from that family to work towards excellence. Thirdly, recognising employees with Rising Star Awards in your organisation for their exceptional achievements inspires others to contribute to your organisation.

We have several designs for the Rising Star Accolades. And we add new designs from time to time to meet our customers’ varying tastes and preferences. All our Rising Star Awards are custom-made from Perspex which we accentuate with wood pieces to make them look appealing.

Shooting Star Award

Shooting Star Award

Who Uses the Goleza Rising Star Awards?

  • Anybody can use them. Even parents can consider giving them to their children with outstanding achievements as a way of inspiring them and other family members to work towards excellence.
  • Schools. They can initiate programmes where they recognise students and teachers for their inspirational contribution towards achieving their goals.
  • Organisations. These have employees with outstanding contributions to their organisations. Such employees need recognition and inspiration.
  • Private businesses, too, have employees with excellent performance and can initiate programmes like Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year Awards.
  • Sports teams have players with exceptional performances that deserve recognition. We can always design custom Rising Star Awards depicting their game like golf, soccer, basketball and much more.
  • Government institutions. Government has a great responsibility to support young Ugandans who will eventually become role models, opinion leaders and the inspiration of future Ugandan talent. Public institutions can, therefore, organise Rising Star Award Programmes at various levels to inspire young people countrywide.


As I conclude, I want to remind you that Goleza Designers design and create Rising Star Awards with which you can recognise people for their excellent work. Our award prices are competitively low without compromising on quality. We make valuable custom awards in all sizes that are unique in design and beauty. Visit us to order your dream Rising Star Accolades.



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