Name Tag Shape – Select a Shape That Blends With Your Brand!

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Name Tag Shape

Name Tag Shapes

You cannot overlook the importance of company name tags in customer service businesses. When ordering name badges, it’s good to focus on a name tag shape that will draw your customers’ attention to your company. Did you know that?

From our observation, most of the clients we receive, prefer the rectangle name tag shape with rounded corners. Yes, this shape looks cute and good for the corporate world. But there are many other nice-looking name tag shapes worth exploring. In this post, I would like to share them with you to help you make an informed decision.

Choose a Name Tag Shape That Blends With Your Brand!

Here we are going to highlight both simple and intricate shapes. Whichever shape you select, it should be a shape that blends well with your company brand. There are many different shapes about which one can think. It’s only your imagination that can limit you.

With some bit of creativity, you can also think of a custom name tag for which your customers will remember your business. Let us dive in to see a few shapes from which you can make your selection.

Simple Name Tag Shapes

Simple Name Tag Shapes

Circle name tag shape – This is a simple closed shape.

Sharp corner rectangle shape – This is a standard rectangular shape with sharp corners. Sharp corners may sometimes be dangerous, especially if you select a material like metal for your tags.

Rounded rectangle name tag shape – This is a rectangular shape with rounded corners. Most clients prefer this shape not only because of its appearance but also because it’s user-friendly and more corporate.

Reverse corner rectangle shape – This is a rectangular shape with notched corners. The rectangle corners are cut off and curved towards the interior of the format.

Scalloped shape – This is a shape whose edge is composed of a series of curved projections that form an ornamental border.

Rectangle shape with chamfer corners – This is a name tag shape whose corners are cut off.

Bone shape – This is a name tag in the form of a bone. Usually, people use bone name tags with dogs.

Star shape – As the name says, it’s a star-like name tag

Bulged rectangle name tag – This is a name tag with two opposite sides curving outwardly.

What else….?

Name Tag Shape

Name Tag Shapes

Oval shape – This is a name tag in the egg-like design.

Square name tag – This is an ordinary square with sharp corners.

Two rounded corner name tag – This shape has two rounded corners and two sharp corners.

Side circle name tag – This is a name tag composed of a circle on one side and a rectangle on the other. The side circle shape provides ample space for fixing your company logo.

Heart name tag – This shape depicts the heart image.

Chat bubble name tag – The chat bubble, also known as a speech bubble, usually represents a speech or thoughts of someone.

Which Other Shapes Can You Have?

As already said, with some bit of creativity, you can also come up with your unique shape. There is no limit on the kind of shape you can have for your name tags. It’s only your imagination that is your limiting factor. But to help you think faster, let us share with you the following thoughts.

Think along the lines of the products or services you offer!

For instance, if you are in the real estate business, why not think of having a name tag in the shape of a house for your employees? What’s wrong with making name tags in the form of a fish if you’re in the fish business? By thinking along your product or service line, you can quickly come up with a unique custom name tag shape.

Being unique is so beneficial in business. And when you use unique shapes for your employees’ name tags, you make it possible for your customers to remember you. Secondly, you make your brand identity secure.

Think along the lines of your surroundings!

We live in a world of adversity. There is a lot we can borrow from our surroundings, both living and non-living things.

For instance, you can have your name tag shapes designed in images depicting animals, plants, and birds, creatures underwater, faith, insects and geometric designs. If you go about it using this criterion, the options are overwhelming. I’m sure you will not fail to come up with a shape that is commensurate with your brand image.

Final Thoughts

Name tags are excellent in creating a strong brand for your business. The shape you select should resonate with the brand and theme of your business. Secondly, uniqueness is important because customers will always remember you when you stand out of the crowd. Are you looking for professionally designed, unique name tags? Get in touch with us!

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