Why is it Hard for Most People to Make Big Money Online?

Make Big Money

Every online marketer aspires to make big money online. It’s everyone’s ambition. That’s one of the significant reasons for being in business. We want to see our monthly earnings growing substantially.  We want to progress in our activities. However, while thousands of people join online activities every day, a few of them can make a reasonable amount of money. The rest earn dwindling monthly incomes.

Why is it so hard for most people to make big money online?

I have asked this question to several online marketers. The answers I receive are not different from what people mention over the internet. Many times, people do not want to reveal the real secrets fully behind their success. Even when they do, they talk about it generally. Everyone has his or her own story. You also have your personal success stories.

During the time I have spent building our business, I have observed that one can earn income online. But many obstacles hinder people from making money and these include the following:

1. Stuffing web pages with affiliate products

The ardent desire to make quick money makes most people in the affiliate marketing business to stuff their web pages with many affiliate products that do not answer the needs of their visitors. Most visitors become adamant about the products. They lose focus and interest.  Online marketers, who make money online, do not display many affiliate products on their web pages.

2. Make-money websites attract online marketers most

Most money-making websites promote affiliate products to earn a commission. The content written to promote the products is almost the same. The internet is full of such money-making business websites. I have observed that owners of such websites are the same people who visit other money-making websites in search of information for their sites. These don’t buy if you market the same products they promote. If you want to make big money, market unique products! Have a specific group of people to target and for which your product will solve their problem!

3. Deceptive mindset on making money online  

Making big money online too quickly? Forget! Never be deceived that you can earn big money online so fast! Give it time! Take time to build your business gradually! Promote specific products that are on high demand! Target a particular group of customers! Market continuously! People who impatiently want to make money online tend to do too much without assessing their progress. As a result, they make little money and get finally frustrated.

4. Lack of burning desire and enthusiasm to succeed online

To make enough money online, you must have the desire to work on your business. You have to be with a strong passion and enthusiasm to succeed in your online business. A good number of people do not have these key ingredients to success in business.

5. Doubtful about online companies

Make Big MoneyMost would-be customers fear to do business online. Although the number of internet users is increasing drastically, few people are relatively convinced with the safety of conducting business online. And there are so many money-making websites competing for a small number of potential customers. It’s only those who have learnt the techniques of positioning themselves well that make good money online.

6. Lack of online marketing skills

Skills mean business. That’s one of the lessons I have learnt. I have spent time marketing our business online. Many times, I have made the same mistakes for over a long period. Not having enough skills to market a business online successfully is one of the primary reasons why most online business owners cannot make much money. Get the skills to market your business to drive customers to your business!

7. Failure to test products

Testing products is an excellent technique for knowing what works and what doesn’t. You cannot understand the good products before testing them. Test first the products you intend to market!

8. Depending on one marketing technique

To sell online, you must have buyers. Getting buyers requires a lot of marketing. It needs applying several marketing techniques and consistent marketing. Using one marketing method is like walking in the mud. You don’t move faster, and you cannot make big money.

9. Sell your products

Most entrepreneurs, who make money online, sell their products. It’s profitable to sell affiliate products. But it’s more beneficial to sell them alongside with your products. If you want to make enough money, come up with your product/service to sell!

10. Lack of credibility

Success in online business depends largely on your ability to build your credibility online. There are many established online entrepreneurs with sites that have all the information people want. Besides, their websites popular amongst search engines. They are ranked so high and stand greater chances of selling more to make good money. Concentrate on building your believability and credibility now to make big money in future!


Inability to make big money online bothers most online business marketers.  Why do you think they don’t?  Share your opinion with us!

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


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