Learning Aids for Enhancing your Child’s learning both at Home and at School

Learning AidsLearning aids are tools you use to enhance learning and retention by the learner. They may include materials for visualisation, diagrams, charts or any other item. Good teachers in Uganda do their best to help their learners to comprehend knowledge and skills with the help of learning aids. And what about parents, how do they support their children to learn apart from paying school fees? It’s a concern we desire strongly to address.

I have been inspired to venture into developing and making learning aids by my lovely little daughter now in a nursery school. Having looked at her performance since she joined the school, I observed that she had good progress. However, there are some areas where she lacked confidence, according to her teachers. These areas included mostly numbers and reading. Her teachers asked for my contribution as a parent to support her.

Though I left teaching many years ago, I felt concerned. I thought of what I could do to support my daughter. Luckily, after thinking about it deeply, my mind directed me on some learning aids to help her. And these are learning aids any parent, whether educated or not, can use to support their kindergarten-going children to learn.

With my graphic and engraving skills, I have turned the idea into tangible learning aids. These learning aids are not only for my daughter, but they’re also for every responsible parent, teacher, school or organisation that wishes to support children’s learning in Uganda. And since my daughter is the one who inspired me to think and create these learning aids, I dedicate them to her.

Learning aids for counting numbers

Learning Aids Numbers

The learning aids for figures designed in such a way that both teachers and parents can use them to give learning support to the child. Each learning aid consists of a board with holes, small coloured buttons and 3D numbers fixed on a card. We cut the card in an image that depicts anything. It can be a butterfly, a cat and much more. You can even have your buttons depicting images of anything that is of interest to your child.

How do you use these learning aids for numbers? It’s simple. You place a card bearing any figure on the board. You then ask the child to put the buttons in the holes on the board to match the figure put. For instance, if you place Number 2 and the child puts two buttons, the kid gets it right. But if the child puts one or three buttons instead of two, then it means he/she hasn’t yet conceptualised those figures. You support her by putting the right number of buttons. Gradually, the child learns to count.

Benefits of using Goleza learning aids for counting numbers

#1 – They help the parents to participate in supporting their children to learn numbers.

#2 –  They enable children to learn quickly counting numbers because children learn faster with activities.

#3 – They help children to associate the written figures with the corresponding number of any objects. For instance, if you write the number “3” and the child can put three items, it means that child can match the figure “3” with its corresponding number of objects. They can, therefore, be three pens, three buttons, three boys and much more.

#4 – These learning aids for counting numbers can help the child to learn concepts like addition and subtraction indirectly.

For instance, if you put a card with number “3” and the child puts three similar items, the child gets it right. Not so? OK. Then remove the card with number “3” and replace it with a card having either numbers “4” or “2”. Watch the behaviour of the child. If the child adds one button for a “4”, he/she then understands the simple addition of 3+1=4. If the child removes one button for a “2”, he/she understands simple subtraction of 3-1=2.

The child who has not conceptualised simple addition or subtraction will remove all the buttons and places them back each time you change the card number.

#5 – The learning aids are useful for group learning. Two or more children can use one board. In such a situation, the one who understands helps the slow child to learn faster.

What else? I am waiting for you to make your comments after using it. I know there are other benefits that we haven’t yet discovered and it’s the users to tell us their experience.

Teaching aids for identifying/naming objects in English

Learning Aids Object Identification

We developed these learning aids primarily to support kindergarten children to name objects in English. But they have turned out to be beneficial materials for helping children to learn to speak, read and writ as well.

The learning aids for object identification are not so much different from the ones for numbers in design. The only difference is that the buttons, this time, consist of letters from A to Z. And the cards bear objects instead of figures.

We prepare the objects according to the learning level of the child. For instance, we have three-lettered word objects like “cat “ and “dog”, which are simple for a young child to say and write. We also have 4-lettered word objects and even more than that. Teachers/parents use them according to the learning ability of the child. If you see that your child has mastered all the 3-lettered word objects, for example, you then move to 4-lettered word objects or even beyond.

How do you use them to enhance learning?

It’s easy to use these learning aids. You place the object card on the board. Then ask the child what it is. If the child can identify it, you continue to ask the child to write it down with the help of the letters.

Alternatively, you can write a word like “DOG” on the board and ask the child to place on the board a corresponding object card.

Benefits of using Goleza learning aids for identifying/naming objects

#1 – These learning aids help parents to support their children at home.

#2 – Children learn naming of different objects with these simple learning aids quickly.

#3 – Children learn to spell words correctly.

#4 – Children learn to write words from simple to hard ones.

#5 – They’re like games where children learn while enjoying the learning.

#6 – They’re so suitable for group activities


Learning aids are an integral part of any formal learning process. Children learn faster and even enjoy learning. Both parents and teachers have to participate actively in their children’s education.

Goleza Designers are makers of learning aids in Uganda. We support schools, teachers and parents by creating and producing them. If you have any learning aids you want to make, you can partner with us to make your dream come true. Get in touch with us through our business contacts.


Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


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