Discover Laser-Cut Christmas Tree Cards, Created at Goleza Designers in Uganda

Laser-cut Christmas Tree CardsLaser-cut Christmas Tree Cards are the newest addition to our card collection. With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve created holiday laser-cut Christmas tree cards, which you can customise with your own words. These cards are engraved. There is no digital printing. They are beautifully designed to enhance happiness in the festive holiday.

How do we make these laser-cut Christmas tree Cards?

Here at Goleza Designers, we promote mainly laser engraved products. Created with unique designs, we cut all our cards from paper, using modern technology. We etch and laser-cut all the graphics and text. We do not use digital printing that is so common everywhere you go. It’s one of the aspects that make our Christmas tree cards unique and valuable. They have a high perceived value compared to the digitally created ones.


These laser-cut Christmas tree cards measure 14cm by 20cm. We make them from the paper of different colours to bring out the contrast. In the image above, we used paper materials with orange and red colours. But if you want, you can select a different colour according to your tastes and preferences. What is essential is that the paper colours you choose must reveal a white background (or any other contrasting colour) when we engrave on it your graphics and texts. It’s so with the two colours we used in our sample in the picture above.

To create these laser-cut Christmas tree cards, we first engrave everything we want to appear on the cards. In our sample, we first etch the words “joy, love, peace, believe, Christmas and faith”. After engraving the messages, we then cut the designs and text to create a lovely Christmas tree image you see. We did the same to the inside card, reserved for your messages, which you can personalise accordingly to match your individual needs.

After engraving and cutting the two papers, we then apply glue thinly to the back of the inner paper and glue it to the first paper (orange paper in the sample). And there you are with a beautiful product that appeals to everyone. It’s charming, unique, and so appealing.

Personalise your Christmas tree card with your graphics and texts!

The uniqueness of these laser-cut Christmas tree cards lies in the design. Secondly, it also lies in our ability to engrave on the cards what our customers need. When we receive your order, we ask you to give us your text if you don’t want ours. Besides, we print every card with the names of the person to whom you want to give it. Also necessary, we provide a chance for our clients to use their images. It’s because we always want to deliver something unique to our customers.

How to order for your holiday laser-cut Christmas cards

Laser-cut Christmas Tree Cards

Laser-cut cards have a slow turnaround time to produce.  We, therefore, encourage all our clients in Uganda to book early. It’s is because we work on every card manually after engraving and cutting it with the machine. To produce quality work, which we always emphasise, we need ample time.  So the earlier you book, the better.

If you want to order for these laser-cut Christmas tree cards for the coming festive season, visit our shop. Alternatively, get in touch with us through our Contacts. We shall craft for you cute cards to give to your valued friends and family members. We serve individuals, private businesses, organisations and institutions.

Finally, surprise this time your family, friends and the people you value with laser-cut Christmas tree cards obtainable only at Goleza Designers in Kampala – Uganda. Our Christmas cards are made to order. You have to book in advance so that we prepare beautiful cards that everyone will love. Big orders attract good discounts.

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  1. okwonga alfred

    l need to order for Christmas cards. may you give me cost of 500 copies.
    thank you.

    • Goleza

      Thanks Alfred for your inquiry and interest in the laser-cut Christmas cards. The card in this article costs UG Shs 4,000/= when fully customized. You select the papers you need and the wordings you want to appear on it. But the front design remains the same. If you really need them, please get in touch with me through this email address: We can negotiate further upon your commitment. Thanks once again.



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