Hippopotamus Engraved Key Chain Looks Great On Your Keys

hippopotamus engraved key chainThe hippopotamus engraved keychain depicts the image of a hippo (short name). The name hippopotamus means “river horse” and hippos are the third-largest animals after rhinos and elephants, found in Africa. In Uganda, you see them in all National Parks, near rivers.

This hippopotamus engraved keychain is unique and a perfect item for animal lovers. If you have ever seen hippos and loved them, this key chain helps you to have fresh memories about them. You can even customise it with the name of the place, i.e. National Park, where you saw them.

Hippos are only in Africa. But worryingly, their population is decreasing due to poaching. Poachers hunt them for meat and making a profit as well. Their meat is a pricey delicacy. In Uganda, I saw people selling this kind of meat at a small trading centre, just after crossing the bridge at Kafu River, on the way to Gulu. I, therefore, appeal to wildlife authorities to do something to stop their degeneration, caused by man’s activities.

How Valuable Is The Hippopotamus Engraved Key Chain?

hippopotamus engraved key chainIn Uganda, hippos are valued animals in some tribes. For instance, in Buganda specifically, there are people whose clan is Hippopotamus “Nvubu”. This hippopotamus engraved keychain could be a lovely gift idea. Just personalise it with someone’s name and words indicating that he/she belongs to that clan. That’s it. And it becomes a beautiful gift. Don’t you think so?

Our hippopotamus engraved keychain is round and measures 4 cm wide with a thickness of 6 mm. We cut it from Ugandan hardwood, which includes and not limited to Mahogany, Lusambya (Markhamia Lutea), Nkalati (Pachystela brevipes), Muvule (Milicia excelsa), Nkago (Funtumia Elastica) and Nzingu (Mitragyne Stipulosa.

As already said, this hippopotamus engraved keychain makes a perfect gift. It’s simple but unique and attractive. Secondly, it’s a significant present to a person of the hippo clan in Buganda. Thirdly, it’s a memorable gift. Though small, people perceive it with high value. We can customise it with your text, on request, to make it unique.

It consists of a metallic ring that holds your keys and a small four-chain link, which we attach to the engraved wood with an eye pin screw. The engraving is deep and accurate, with much detail.

In conclusion, using the hippopotamus engraved keychain to carry your precious keys, like your car key, is an excellent idea. With it, you stand out of the crowd. Secondly, remember that it makes a unique gift idea for your friends and relatives. Besides, small things maintain lasting relationships. Did you know?

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