Expert Material – Do you present yourself as an Expert in what you do?

Expert Material

Expert Material

I have been prompted to come up with this article and share it with you by the way Ugandans do things. Quite a good number of people don’t show their expert material in what they do. They know a lot, but they keep it to themselves, thinking that they will lose business if others learnt their skills and tricks. That’s a wrong mentality and not the right approach in life. It only keeps you stagnant and hinders your business growth.

What you should understand is that when you exhibit your expertise, you command respect in your niche. People listen to you, they pay attention to what you say and most of all they buy your products. Showing the expert material in you in your field of business is, therefore, a great way to success in your business enterprise.

You may be making millions in your field of business. But you can make hundreds of millions by teaching others what you have learnt in your business field. For example, we make money through the engraved products and engraving services we offer in our business. But if we start a laser engraving school, where we teach engraving and other related skills, we can more than double our business income.

We are not far from that. Already we do it through the articles we post on our website. The blog posts we write bring us business and continue to do so. Why? Because when people read them, they see us as experts in our work. They, therefore, bring business to us since they are not worried about being frustrated with mediocre work.

How Can You Benefit from your Expert Material?

Become Expert

Become Expert

I have partially hinted at it above. If you are running a business, think of ways you can pass on the skills to others to even make more money. Do not become complacent with the little money you earn through the products or services you sell directly. There is more money through teaching others the skills you have.

For instance, you can begin with having a simple website where you post useful information from which people can learn. It indirectly brings you business. You can also think about writing an e-book to sell online. There you target more people. You can start a school to teach the skills you know to others.

Think You Don’t Have the Expert Material? You’re Wrong!

You might already be an expert, but you have inside you a voice saying, “Who am I to teach others?” Oh! You are indeed special but don’t know it yet. You need to realise that what you know comes to you quickly because you have studied and practised it. But to other people, what you know seems like something difficult. They need your help.

For example, we have engraving skills, and we have received requests from people who want us to teach them. Those are only a few who have known about us. But if we make a school, many people would wish to learn the skills we have to make a living. And that’s where more money is.

This Aspect Is Also Important

If you want to benefit from the expert material in you, you need to know this. You are never going to become “The Expert” in a large field as laser engraving. But you need to niche it down to probably “Laser engraving for new business starters”.


If you are in business based on skill, think of people you can help with it. By focusing not on the money you will get, but instead focusing on helping others, you can build a successful business, about which you will feel great. That’s how you will benefit abundantly from the expert material in you.

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